Idle Human MOD APK 1.13 for Android Users (Unlimited Crystal)

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DeveloperGreen Panda Games
Requires4.4 and Up
Size129 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Crystal
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Idle Human is a game that allows users to explore and develop human body parts. It teaches you about various organs, such as heart, brain, spleen, liver and kidneys. In the game, you can touch the screen to cause cells to multiply and form various body parts. Don’t forget to tap into the DNA to generate genes. 

Idle Human is a game that offers fascinating facts and features about the human body. For instance, you will learn how the human brain can memorize data upto 4TB of space, how kids as young as seven months old can swallow and breathe the nerves of communication information from the brain at a speed of 274 km/h, and how women’s hearts beat faster than men’s. Idle Human as a fun game that serves as an educational tool for learning about the human body. It’s an excellent option for medical students or anyone interested in biology. 

General Information

Idle Human entails attractive game graphics and strict preconditions for various organs to act as a skill tree, allowing players to learn more about the human body. Download Idle Human on your device to play and study whether you are a medical student or have a specific interest in the beautiful world of biological knowledge.

What Is the Best Way to Play Idle Human Mod Apk?

To play the game, you can build a complete human body from bone structure to organs and skin by selecting ‘Create DNA’. You can also learn to build a body through a series of tips and tactics in the tutorial. 

Sequentially Constructing the Human Body Structure

It was easier for us to concentrate on creating the parts, beginning with the skeleton structure and progressing to the organs, control center, and protection. We start with the cheapest option in each area and work our way up to the second cheapest option.

Increase the Quality of the Parts

If you’re making leg bones, make an effort to enhance and maximize them as much as possible. This will increase the amount of DNA extracted from your leg bones, eventually speeding up the process. Upgrades are also relatively inexpensive when compared to new leg bone pieces. 

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Create Stuff at a Rate of 200x

We propose setting the number of pieces you produce to 200x to reduce the number of clicks. This strategy makes sense since you become more of a process manager rather than repeatedly getting into difficulty. The game offers you the time you need to prepare for the next prompt.

Look For Boosters in Advertisements

We recommend watching time travel adverts or getting a speed boost whenever you can’t afford the next 200 upgrades. Time travel is more profitable for free boosters, but it is not always possible. If you can’t improve your time travel by watching advertisements, you can increase your speed by watching ads.

Spend Gems on Time Travel and Speed Boosters

You will receive free diamonds as you progress. We suggest putting them on a speed booster to save money. While you’ll have to wait longer, you can accumulate gems for more expensive time travel choices. 


Green Panda Games has released Idle Human, a casual smartphone game with an idle theme. Players will learn how to divide, grow, and develop into a human body from the first cell. Also, players will be able to see a range of astonishing evolutionary processes, thanks to the superb graphics and precise collocation of bones, nerves, muscles, and other systems.

Plot With a Difference

Idle Human has a unique point of view, and has grown stronger as a result of the usual mix of placement and simulation management. The game shifts from developing an economic empire to encouraging the evolution of the human body, thanks to the placement and simulation model.

Everything is offered in the game so that players can gain a better grasp of the human body. Many nodes’ growth circumstances are difficult during the game’s procedure. The development of additional components and associations will help players grasp many aspects of the human body’s operation, allowing them to delve further into the self-regulation of the human body.

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Intriguing Gameplay

Idle Human offers game material via imitating human growth. When nurturing each part, players will have to deal with pre-generation. Allowing the foot bones and leg bones to develop in advance is required for some disorders, such as unlocking the growth of the pelvic bones. After achieving basic supportability, you can go on to the next step. There are many demanding environments, and it is extremely beneficial for gaining a thorough understanding of the human body’s working activities.

Operation Systems

Idle Human’s gaming screen is likewise quite beautifully crafted. The game’s overall style is straightforward, and the numerous icon settings are also quite attentive and exact. Aside from the precise and realistic portrayal of numerous components of the human body, such as bones, internal organs, muscles, and nerves, The details of human tissues are likewise beautiful, giving you the impression of being in a horror film while also giving you the feeling of being a medical student. In terms of gameplay, Idle Human appears to be an instructional game about the human body’s growth and development. Enjoy the game for hours on end. 

How Can You Create a Casual, Idle Game With a 40% Retention Rate in Three Days?

Green Panda Games was founded in 2013. They initially concentrated on creating some cards and quiz games, together with improving the strategic layout of traditional games. They later benefited from their market experience, which included the ultra-casual style. They began by experimenting with various arcade games, all of which were a huge hit. However, they discovered that the arcade business was becoming increasingly congested when operating games and testing concepts. Internal game designers experimented with the materials and discovered that they have a better understanding for Idle Games.

Our two main products, Idle Roller Coaster and Idle Humans have been pushed to the top of the US overall list and the free list due to this expertise. The game “Idle Roller Coaster” was developed in collaboration with Xiamen R&D. This game contributes to the 3D trend of idle games and the ultra-casual 3D game trend.

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Let’s take a peek at the Idle Roller Coaster’s final statistics. There have been 100 million downloads all across the world. These numbers are stunning, and they are significant milestones for R&D and us. It’s also their first game to be ranked number one in the United States. This game also features a 3D model and a new 45-degree above view. 

Idle games that are ultra-casual have a high capacity to absorb volume. Many people believe that idle products are clogged, and however, they are unfamiliar with the product. The substance employed in Idle Human’s purchase offers players a strong sense of visual impact and enjoyment.

Other games have a high level of repetition in material manufacturing, which contrasts with idle games’ satisfaction. We’ll also tell players that there’s always something fresh to uncover in the game in the materials we utilize. They can unlock other portions of their body after unlocking one, including in other games. The idle game can also be customized with a variety of designs. 

Alternatives to Consider

Human Evolution Clicker Game Is a Good Alternative

The game is intriguing (tap continually on the touch screen). From a single-celled creature to a living entity in modern times, you will see the evolution on Earth. Experiment with different combinations to learn more about humanity’s evolutionary origins. The Human Evolution Clicker Game, unlike other games, does not involve the crossbreeding of fictional animals. Your goal is to evolve germs, crabs, lizards, seals, dogs, monkeys, prehistoric humans, and ancient humans into cyborgs, sentient robots.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a regular participant in placement games, you’ll want one app that can help you better comprehend the relationships between various sections of the human body. So, don’t miss out on this Idle Human game. With over one million installations, 9,800 reviews, and 4.2, Idle Human Mod Apk is now rated 10th in the Google Play Store’s official Google program rankings. It is available for free download and use. 

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