A Girl Adrift Mod Apk 1.372 Unlimited Money for Android Users

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GenresRole Playing
Requires4.0.3 and Up
Size83.64 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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A Girl Adrift is a simple role-playing game which is set in a world that has been flooded, with humanity reduced to a few survivors on small, isolated islands. The game’s mechanics are simple: tap the screen to release the fishing rod. After catching a fish, you must swiftly tap to battle it. A Girl Adrift is a mobile game available on iOS and Android. 


The globe is plagued by various natural disasters when the game begins. You will begin your mission to conquer the sea with a modest fishing pole.


Aid/Relief Bags

The yellow piece on the left is a kind of assistance. These are commonly seen as relief or help bags flying across your screen. 


The backpack is the item that displays the quantity of sea animals you can catch. You can sell or smuggle rare monsters or bosses after defeating them. You can grab animal parts, and take rubbish that you accidently catch. 

Bars for Level and Experience

We’ll move on to the level and experience after we’ve finished with the bottom line. The green bar represents the experience you get when fishing or doing other activities. And to level up, that bar must reach 100%.


Pressing the rank button and then selecting the choice with a star and a fish will take you to a specific view, which is divided into three types: standard, rare, and boss. Each kind has a wide range of monsters, with bosses being the hardest to hunt. When their HP bar is purple, it usually indicates that they are too difficult for your level. And if they’re wearing red, you won’t be able to hunt it at that time. 

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The Rank button refers to the upper limit and the prizes or rewards available once you reach a given level.

It’s also important to note that the level and range are not the same things. When the experience bar reaches 100%, the level increases, on the other hand, the field does not work in the same way as the level.

It’s an entirely different situation because it takes time to rise. We honestly don’t know if there is a specific level for moving up each rank. The class limit is 45, as is the usual limit, around +4000.


By pressing the ship inside a bottle and saying “Skin,” you can get the items you need to modify your character and platform/raft (at the top). The cane, head accessories, hair, garments, trimming, the ruffle’s border, and lamp are the seven components that can be customized.

These items are available for purchase in ports. Each port will provide a different selection of goods. Furthermore, not all products will be priced the same. More so, you can typically get items with the pearls. As you progress through the levels, you will be given more options or weapons to personalize, such as the cannon, machine gun, etc.


By pressing the piece of paper at the top of the screen and in the center, you can get the map. It is a large map that allows you to see where different places are located. Some objects can speed up travel or complete tasks in a hurry. You press the desired location, and a shell with yellow arrow and wings emerge beneath the map. 

The map will show you all the symbols that can occur. The anchor symbol indicates that it is a port. The red dot is a region where specific fish can be caught. Typically, you can discover a variety of fish. This sign with an exclamation mark indicates that you must go there, and it’s for a previously completed order or something required on a port.

Dove: a golden version of the popcorn symbol, indicating that a location is ready to be revisited. 

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Fish signal: a yellow sign depicting a fish indicates the presence of a rare organism. You can see animals you’ve already seen and catch new ones from time to time. The skull denotes the presence of a boss-like creature. However, you will first encounter a boss type that will emerge with the skull and then with the fish signal afterward.

Little head: the character’s head represents your current location.

Overall Assessment


In terms of characters, we only have one to utilize for the game’s duration. Although their clothes, including hair, head ornaments, and clothing, can be customized. There are three main objects, which uniquely affects each person. Pearls and fish food are two of the most commonly used items.

Fish food: Fish food is the most important and necessary food and the easiest to obtain.

Pearls: Pearls are already a form of currency. These things can be gained by selling specific sports products, earning money in games, or doing tasks. Pearls aid in the customization of items. You can use them to purchase accessories for your character, which will help you enhance some of your weapons.

Dark plates: Obtaining this type of money is more challenging. However, you can claim them by completing quests or visiting a particular location. Pick whether to upgrade your character with black plates or pearls in this scenario.


The first thing you should do is wake up the little sleeping child. After that, you can go fishing; by pressing and holding the screen, you can release the bait. The longer it holds, the longer the bait sinks, and the more likely it is to attract a large fish. 

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After fishing, you’ll head to another place where some characters will assign you a duty. The quests will give you extra money and resources, allowing you to upgrade or purchase critical things. Your female will be dressed in an out-of-date gown. 

Sound Effects and Graphics

Understandably, the graphics aren’t distinctive. Everything in the game was developed in an adorable Chibi style. The sound quality is excellent, and the music is enjoyable. 

Gamer Opinions

A Girl Adrift is a delightful and engaging game. For a short time, it can make you feel overwhelmed when you first start playing. This fishing game can provide you with a desire to learn more about what it offers. 

This game offers a lot of wonderful aspects, such as graphics, difficulty levels, and a compelling plot. It does not require Internet access, allowing you to play it wherever and whenever you choose.

While playing, be prepared to wait for the monsters, who will not release at times and will cause you a lot of agony at your fingertips. You may find yourself squeezing the screen repeatedly and quickly. If you’ve never played a fishing game, this one is a great choice to start off. 


A Girl Adrift Mod Apk is a simple game in which you play as a fisherman on a raft, moving around open waters to catch fish. To catch fish, drop the fishing line and wait for it to bite. Catching fish will reward you with a fishball, which you can use to enhance your goods. You must also complete tasks to obtain gems, which are used to purchase skins that enhance stats and obtain experience. Download the game now and enjoy.

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