Angry Birds Match 3 Mod Apk 6.0.0 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
Requires5.0 & Up
Size120 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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It’s been ten years since the first Angry Birds game was released. Rovio Entertainment and Angry Birds are probably familiar to anyone with a smartphone. It is widely regarded as one of the most popular mobile games. A drawing of stylized wingless birds inspires the game. In December 2009, the app was originally released on the iOS platform. The game has sold 12 million copies in a year. Later versions of Angry Birds were released for Android, Symbian, and Windows. The irritable birds are now available on PC and Consoles too. Angry Birds Evolution, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Angry Birds Epic are some of the titles that you might have played. However, Angry Birds Match 3 is one of the standout items. 

With our evaluations, you’ll learn more about the game.


You must have played at least one game if you have constantly been addicted to your smartphone. All players know that the game is about killing pigs, from the original board game to the role-playing genre to the Star Wars-themed variations. Sweet candies come to mind when you think of match-3 games on the App Store and Google Play. But if you want to enjoy more, then try playing Angry Birds Match 3. The gameplay is simple and offers high levels of fun and entertainment. 


Publisher: Rovio Entertainment

Released on: November 11, 2016 

Length: 120m

Latest Version: 4.4.0

Android version: 5.0 or higher

Age: 13+ 


Angry Birds Match 3 blends real-time fighting, role-playing, and puzzle components. You will play the famous birds vs. pigs scenario when you join the realm of Angry Birds. The game maintains the original colored background while adding more characters. Your main objective is to save over fifty fledgling birds from the nasty pigs. Lastly, you will be accompanied by Bomb, Red, and Chuck while playing.

To activate attack mode, you must first collect energy by matching birds of the same type. The player must group four or more birds to trigger a certain skill. Each encounter will last a set period, after which the birds will fight one another based on the attack and defensive stats you acquire. Players can see great accumulation points and combo effects during the match, which were never seen in the previous series. Your combos frequently cause your opponent to dance joyfully, generate bubbles to block your score, and shorten your game duration. You will be compelled to watch the first battle and wait for the birds to fight each other without controlling the match like a genuine RPG.

Each item has its own set of characteristics that improve with rarity. You can look for new equipment in the shop or awards after a match. You can also gradually unlock characters with varied abilities based on the story missions. The game gets more appealing and challenging as it moves on.


Exciting and Difficult Puzzles

The developers have ensured that new gamers will not find the experience difficult. It is an ideal choice for elders, teenagers, and toddlers. Also, the game offers increasing relaxation and stress-reduction. Angry Birds Match 3 appears to be simple, yet each game is meticulously organized and meant to draw the player in.

Flexibility in Approach

Players have the freedom to play for as long or as they like. Apart from that, you will earn incentives from the game, though not consistently. 


Find a way to allow them to explore a new universe.

Combine four or more items to win Big Birds from Red, Bomb, and Chuck.

Find fresh items to cheer up your birds and brighten up the environment.

Exciting events with specific themes await your participation.

Visit the Hatchlings and say hello.

Some Pointers to Consider When Playing Angry Birds Match 3

How to Get Gems and Use Them

You can energize, acquire boosters, and use additional moves when you own these chests. The in-game store allows you to acquire gems rapidly, and gems can also be found in chests.

Coins Are a Crucial Component

Using coins, you can buy the “Hatchling” attire for your collection. You can also use coins to access the central chest once you’ve used your key. Aside from level prizes, the game will reward you for your existing clothes. Each outfit will be worth a specific amount depending on the rarity level. Go to the “Collection” option and select the outfits to see how many coins you will receive when rewarded.

Take Advantage of Differential Amplifiers

Red, Chuck, and Bomb are the three buddies you’ll have in Angry Birds Match 3 to help you get through the levels. To construct birds on different levels, make the following choices:

You can make Red by choosing four shapes. Chuck is created by selecting the year in one corner. He’ll fly in four separate directions to assist you. Furthermore, the Bomb is a powerful bird. It will explode if you choose five shapes, assisting you in removing three rows or columns. 

You can choose between Red, Chuck, or Bomb in the game and select all three options for hitting the pigs. 

Last Thoughts

Overall, Angry Birds Match 3 is an interesting game that will pique the interest of any gamer. If you’re searching for a game to play after a long day at work, Angry Birds Match 3 is a terrific option. Hopefully, after reading this post, you understand the game better and are ready to join the cute birds.

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