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BADLAND is officially launched worldwide after a brief warm-up period. Frogmind, the developer, first released it for iOS, and it received the Apple Design Award at WWDC a few months later. It was even named Game of the Year by Apple, and it is now available on Android.

BADLAND is a multiplayer online game set in the universe based on simple principles. During the game, you aim to guard your watchtower and attack the enemy with state-of-the-art weapons in the universe, created by a small group of dedicated creators.

In real-time conflicts, chase down opponents or foes. To assist you in inflicting huge damage on adversaries, you’ll create a flawless attack sequence employing combinations and timing. The more you hit, the more eggs you’ll be able to collect, which will assist you in making your character more powerful. To win, players must calculate nearly 30 weapons with different unique functions.

General Information

BADLAND is an action-adventure game which is entertaining and appealing. In each match, players will be divided into two factions. Each side will have one castle with a set amount of health; your goal will be to demolish the other’s castle. Drag to increase force and angle, then release to fire the Brawl warriors at the opponent’s home. When the Brawl warriors are shot, they will attack the opponent’s main home. Each warrior will deal varying amounts of damage and have a variable amount of health. With a plethora of Brawl fighters, each with its special skills and the possibility of surprises, it will undoubtedly provide players with hours of entertainment. If you enjoy action-fighting games, then this is the game for you. 


Humans are the ones that wreak havoc on the ecosystem and the natural world. They use terrible machines to cut down trees, destroy the forest, and drive the creatures out. Clony isn’t the only monster in the game, you’ll notice different ones as you progress through the levels. Regardless of how enjoyable BADLAND’s gameplay is, the story and substance that the development team wishes to impart to the players is invaluable.

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Furthermore, even if you play the game with a generic approach, BADLAND will not let you down. Ori and the Blind Forest comes to mind when we consider 2D graphics and natural atmosphere. The game will also modify based on the current situation; you can picture how the tune would sound if the machines had devastated the trees entirely. 

Players can get acclimatized to the controls easily. There are three navigation buttons (up, left, and right) to aid the adorable Colony fly and move according to the mechanic’s helicopter. Your mission is to get Colony from point A to point B. The game’s difficulty will rise as you progress through the levels. 

Overall Evaluations

If you’re seeking a game that’s easy to play but also exciting, BADLAND is the best option for you. You will go on an adventure through the dark forest, overcoming obstacles and avoiding dangerous traps. This article also covers a variety of other aspects of the game.

The gameplay in BADLAND is simple. Players must touch and hold the screen to maneuver the character and solve the game’s tasks and obstacles. You can control the game entirely with one hand, making it easier and more engaging. The player’s mission is to assist Clony in overcoming dangerous traps in the jungle. The game difficulty becomes tougher as the game progresses. Also, there will be plenty of intriguing gameplay to discover.

The player must avoid not only harmful traps but also maintain Clone’s speed. If the player advances too slowly or cannot overcome obstacles or traps, they will have to restart the game. Throughout the journey, the goods are placed at random to aid players in cloning, increasing speed, zooming in to gain power, or shrinking to fit through the tiny slots. Players will be able to complete levels more quickly if they use goods wisely.

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Players can pick from three different game modes: Single Player, Co-op, and Versus. When you can play with friends and family over the dangerous traps in co-op mode, your adventure will become easier and more entertaining. The game allows up to four players to participate in this mode. 

BADLAND’s Vs. mode is very intriguing. It can be played by a maximum of four people. Instead of working together as a team and supporting one another, they will compete to see who can get ahead. The graphics of BADLAND are 2D. The colony character is beautifully designed, incorporating the qualities that distinguish BADLAND from other games. Although the game’s main setting is in a dark jungle, the game’s publisher effectively combines several time frames of the day to offer exciting gameplay. To minimize boredom, they also vary the background music.

Alternatives to Consider

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey maintains the same aesthetic and gameplay as Alto’s Adventure. Players will direct their characters through various challenging terrains to face the row. If you want to continue on your trip, you must defeat and overcome a succession of hurdles, opponents, and impediments.

Final Thoughts

The gameplay is easy, but the challenges are unique. Players will embark on an adventure deep within the dark forest, overcoming perilous traps in the hopes of surviving. There are numerous levels of play to explore, each with its own set of challenges. Immediately begin exploring and conquering intriguing levels. Also, don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comments section.

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