Cabal Mobile 1.1.98 Apk for Android Users

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperESTgames Corp
Requires5.0 & Up
Size80.43 MB
MOD FeaturesNo
Updated02 Days Ago
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For those who don’t know, CABAL mobile is one of the top online MMORPGs for PC gamers. This amazing title is set to make its way to the mobile market, primarily Android smartphones, thanks to ESTgames’ collaborations. 

Let’s look at our in-depth evaluations to learn everything there is to know about this fantastic game.


The game is set in a fictional magical universe where you will play as a hero on a quest to discover the life’s purpose. You’ll be introduced to a vast universe with various settings, each with its own set of intriguing stories and adventures. Because the powers of darkness and light are at odds, players must find a method to combat the horrors that lurk in the lands. Make your character one of the series’ most powerful heroes and end the warfare.


Customized Characters

As you start the game, you’ll be able to customize your characters, particularly their physical characteristics. Take advantage of your design skills to build some of the game’s most memorable characters. You can easily modify the genders of your characters, their hairstyles and colors, their skin tones and heights. You’ll also gain outfits, weapons, and equipment that you can equip on your characters. This would improve their numbers, but it would also make you look more stylish.

Select Your Combat Styles

The game allows players to choose from six different hero classes: Warrior, Priest, Wizard, Defender, Swordsman, and Archer. You should choose a good class for your characters based on your combat techniques.

Warrior — These are naturally-born vandals capable of storming into enemy groups and wreaking havoc on their lines. They’re also pretty tough, so you can utilize your warrior to fight for a long time.

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Priest – These powerful priests are capable of wielding ancient magic and are renowned for being capable healers and buffers for their comrades. Having a priest on your side is incredibly advantageous because they can quickly restore your low health.

Wizard – Wizards, like priests, excel with old magic, although they choose a different route than priests. These characters can cast tremendous magic attacks on their opponents, leading them to flee or become confused. If employed correctly, you may even take out groups of foes in a single strike.

Defender – Although they aren’t as good at assaulting adversaries as the other classes, these heroes always have strong defenses. This allows them to continue in combat for an extended period, substantially slowing down their opponents.

Swordsman – These heroes are famed for devastating attacks that can dispatch nearby foes in the twinkling of an eye. However, because they lack the same level of defense as Defenders, you must be careful not to allow them to approach too close to their adversaries.

Archer – This class is ideal for individuals who prefer to fight conservatively. As archers, you can remain a safe distance from your opponents and do damage to them without fear of retaliation.

Simple Controls

The game’s control scheme is basic and intuitive, allowing players to become accustomed to all control options and commands rapidly. All of the accessible functions are clearly shown on the screen so that you can access them quickly. Furthermore, the improved touchscreen controls and gesture commands make moving around and attacking foes a breeze for gamers.

Large Maps

The game also presents a realistic environment with large maps for players to explore. You can travel to many locales and complete various assignments here, and you’ll receive significant goodies for your characters if you complete your challenges.

Quick Teleport Method 

The game creators have added the teleport feature to make the game more enjoyable. Gamers can now use the teleport mechanism to travel between different areas easily, and they may quickly access areas without being disturbed using simple touch commands. As a result, you can quickly obtain resources for your current goals while continuing to play.

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Rpg Gameplay

CABAL Mobile is an interesting RPG game with realistic fighting in which players can take on several roles during battles. You have the option of being a damage dealer, a taker, or a healer. Depending on the enemy, you can assemble a team to assist you in defeating them. You will be immersed in thrilling and violent combat as you employ your epic spells and strikes to take down your adversaries.

Amass Legendary Weapons and Gear

Gamers in CABAL Mobile can collect weapons and equipment during their trip to make their characters more capable for their upcoming assignments. If you choose the correct set of goods, you can take down the adversaries that may successfully increase your powers. Furthermore, you can gather various resources to strengthen your goods, making it easier to complete your tasks.

Train and Level Up Your Characters

Along with the equipment, having enough experience for your heroes to level up is also crucial. You’ll gain skill points as you progress through the levels, which you can use to upgrade your stats and skills in battle. To make your heroes more effective in combat, spend the skill points wisely.

Complete Thrilling Objectives and Earn Rich Prizes

CABAL Mobile allows users to fully immerse themselves in the mystical realm through intriguing missions. You’ll have the opportunity to embark on various adventures, complete difficult challenges, and win significant rewards. Take advantage to bolster your characters’ abilities as they prepare to face several challenges.

Play the Game With Other Players

Gamers will have the opportunity to communicate with millions of players worldwide in CABAL Mobile. Take part in a big online RPG game with some of the top gamers. Make friends, form clans, and fight with others in a battle to determine who the actual monarch of the region is. 

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Simple System of Communication

CABAL Mobile has a simple and interactive communication system in addition to fantastic gameplay. Players will learn about different types of communication available to them. While you’re in the lobby, use the world chat to find playmates and start a party. Alternatively, while fighting in your match, use the voice chat to speak directly to your friends.

It’s Free to Play

The game is an online game in which all players will be able to participate for free. So, if you’re a lover of the traditional MMORPG, CABAL Mobile is your game. To begin playing, download and install the game from our website.

Sound and Video Quality


The games will provide Android gamers with a vivid and addictive experience thanks to realistic 3D visuals. The high-definition pictures will completely immerse you in the CABAL Mobile universe. Furthermore, the game’s changeable graphics make it playable on various devices. With this game by ESTgames, you may experience fantastic sound effects.


The game’s epic music and stunning sound effects will keep you fascinated. It’s never been more satisfying to watch your character unleash devastating attacks on the enemy.

Download Cabal Mobile 1.1.95 Android Mod Apk

CABAL Mobile is the game for you if you’re seeking an excellent online RPG game that incorporates both traditional and modern genre characteristics. Not to mention the continuation of CABAL, the world’s most popular online game.

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