Carmageddon Mod Apk 1.8.507 (Unlocked) For Android Users

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In the 1980s and 1990s, our elders frequently visited gaming areas to play their favorite games. Among all the games, Carmageddon stood out as a favorite, especially among teenagers. But, the world has progressed so quickly that everything is now present on smartphones, from reading news to playing games. As for now, this game is available as a free version to all car enthusiasts. 

Stainless Games released the game in 2019 and it is, without a doubt, one of the best and most addictive racing games of all time. 


“Carmageddon” is an automobile game that is entertaining and violent. In this game, you have to hit pedestrians and smash other automobiles on the road. Max Damage and Die Anna are the two characters you can choose from. There are 30 appearances and automobiles to unlock in the game. Your primary goal is to win the race by completing all objectives and climbing the leaderboard section. Lastly, your rank determines the races you can participate in; the rank rises as you keep collecting credits in a race.


Violent but Enjoyable Missions

Players must either fulfill all three objectives or wait for the timer to run out to win the race. However, it is more thrilling to discover the tasks than to drive till the sentence “Time Ends” appears. Each race globe has three objectives:

  • Complete the checkpoints
  • Destroy all enemies
  • All pedestrians must perish

The first goal is simple in terms of what you must achieve. The game demands your driving talents to work out the objectives smoothly, i.e. to smash adversaries and hit pedestrians without wasting time. You can gain additional time and points by running over innocent bystanders or wrecking the autos. Nonetheless, killing pedestrians is thought to be the most challenging assignment. There are over 400 people on the map who appear to have distinctive personalities and emotions. 

Racing Is Not as Simple as It Appears

Chemical plants, seaside roads, mine tunnels, and the Arizona desert are possible settings for the race. Each place is bustling with individuals and outfitted with street furniture and a lovely sky.

Mines are strategically placed around the race course and will send you flying if you dare to run past them. As the competitors struggle to control their vehicles, they will crash into concrete barricades. Also, keep an eye out for jelly traps, which cause your cars to bounce and lose a lot of time. There are plenty of powerups waiting to be run over to obtain extra rewards. A message will show on the screen when a bonus is obtained, and gamers will receive additional credits. Damage enhancements, the ability to drive underwater, and weaponry to eliminate other automobiles or pedestrians will all be available to players.

Unlock a Range of Vehicles

Every participant will begin with The Eagle or The Hawk. The Eagle is a robust metal machine that can assist you in escaping any situation. On the other hand, the Hawk is a more precise vehicle and manageable. Passing checkpoints, killing pedestrians, attacking automobiles, performing stunts, and so on will earn you money. In the Parts Shop, players can upgrade their cars’ armor, power, and offense stats to make it easier to win.

Control Systems 

The game is played in the third-person mode. The controls, positioned in the lower portion of the screen offer a smooth operation. Your stats and car damage are displayed in the upper portion of the screen, giving you plenty of room to focus on the race. The three control methods are tilt, analog (a bar that moves left, right, up, and down), and digital (rectangular areas that govern acceleration, braking, and steering).


Your vehicles may frequently flip and spin out of control, which would waste time in reaching the finish line. Also, the tilt and analog controls are either too sensitive or insufficiently responsive. Players may be forced to restart the game if the menus become unresponsive. 

Graphics and Sound Quality


“Carmageddon” retains all of the elements of the 1997 version, including the car models. The drawings appear to be outdated, yet the colors work beautifully together. Furthermore, the game’s frame rates are consistently high, and the ability to enable or disable car and land shadows is available.


The sound effects are attractive and catchy, provided by Fear Factory and Lee Groves. 


Carmageddon Mod Apk is a destructible racing game with varying features. Players can examine how much the game has progressed since its release in 1997. This game is well worth your time if you enjoy mindless brutality with an arcade twist.

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