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Cat War 2 is a strategic game that depicts violent cat and dog warfare. The player will take leadership of the cats in this game. You will struggle to save the realm of the cats from dog aggression. Let us assist the cats in defending their kingdom and bringing peace to it.


Immersive Gameplay

WestRiver has created and published several games, including Cat War 2. The game can only be installed on Android-based mobile devices and is specially designed for beginners. You can play Cat War 2 offline if you don’t have access to the Internet. In the game, you’ll visit a variety of strongholds, which are intricately designed. The game environment offers a densely forested area, a mountainous region with huge rocks, or a location with a heavy covering of snow. 

In addition, the cats are the major protagonists in our story. They look fantastic in armor, with weapons in their hands. They come in various colors, including green, blue, brown, and so on. There are militia archers in the game, who fight with bows, arrows, axes and shields. The game’s adversary are ferocious dogs whose faces are gloomy and are armed like an army. The eye-catching graphics also aid in your enjoyment of the game.

Become the Army’s Commander

As history states, cats and dogs were civilized creatures long before the human race arrived. The battle between the two was won mostly by dogs, which made the kittens succumbed in allegiance. So, as a result, the kingdom of cats enlisted Catphinx’s assistance. The dogs, however, didn’t stop their battles and encroached the cat’s kingdom again. The scattered cat heroes banded together to defend their realm against the Dog Kingdom’s. 

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Your main objective is to keep the dogs away from the cat’s fortress. The game contains 100 stages of increasing difficulty that you must complete. You will be given three basic types of armies and a single hero in the first level. Each soldier will require a specific number of resource points. You have the option of hiring up to 12 people. However, to play a mercenary, the player must have 20 fishes. Likewise, to recruit a militia archer, you’ll need a collection of 25 fishes. You’ll be able to unlock a new character once you’ve completed a specific level. 

Furthermore, each hero will have a unique skill that will make him stronger than ordinary ordinary soldiers. Duncan is a powerful warrior who annihilates his foes. For a limited time, he can blast foes in the vicinity. Additional heroes can be purchased with diamonds earned after completing a level. Each hero will have hereditary abilities that are unique. They will assist you in effortlessly winning the conflict. The “Hero vs. Boss” level, in particular, is the tenth level. 

Fun Characters

The characters in the game can be upgraded, increasing them to a maximum of 20 levels. To upgrade, the heroes will require more gems than units. You can also purchase things to boost attack power, health points, resource acquisition rate, movement speed, or game speed during the game. To build a powerful army, you’ll need a lot of diamonds. The publisher has included bonus games for players in Cat War 2. You will earn points and diamonds if you move your character with your finger. Also, you must earn 100 bonus points or diamonds to play the bonus game.

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Amusing Incidents

Cat War 2 has attracted many gamers due to its excellent graphics and characters. The armored and weaponized cats can walk on two legs. Furthermore, the levels of difficulty will gradually rise. Cat War 2 is an action game where you have to pick heroes and armies to fight against vicious dogs. Cat War 2 will provide you with intriguing encounters.

Download Cat War 2 Mod Apk

So, what are you waiting for? Download Cat War 2 today and enjoy its unlocked features.

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