Cooking City Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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Requires4.1 & Up
Size178 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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The culinary game series has long been popular and the majority of culinary games are enjoyable, demonstrating various cooking abilities. Cooking City is an entertaining game with a user-friendly UI. It focuses on completing timed food pairings rather than owning a restaurant like Good Pizza or Great Pizza. 

General Information 

Cooking City is a great game in which you will prepare delectable meals, build a restaurant, become the best chef, and go to famous locations. Different types of dishes can be made in the game, including burgers, waffles, French fries, and pizza. To help the restaurant grow, you will have to upgrade the ingredients.

In the game, there are more than eight restaurants with cooking appliances and tools. Professional cooks always use coffee machines or pizza ovens to their advantage. Cooking City is especially for girls and children who enjoy cooking at homes. The game does not require an Internet connection once it has been downloaded and installed. 

Cooking City: How to Play

Cooking City is an entertaining cooking game in which you need to prepare different dishes with various ingredients at your disposal. Earn accomplishments to unlock new cooking skills and expand your culinary empire. The game will bring you delight and a fun culinary experience that rivals Cooking Restaurant Fever or Pizza Cooking.

Cooking City is a quick-paced and entertaining restaurant management game. There are numerous restaurants, ranging from low-end to high-end, where chefs develop new recipes and serve them to customers. You can also play competitions in the game to become the Chef King. 

The game will put your cooking talents to the test through different levels. Create delectable delicacies to capture the hearts of discerning guests. Master new recipes, complete time-limited challenges and participate in special events.


Cooking City is one of today’s most entertaining cooking time management games. It lets you embark on a completely new culinary adventure. In this game, you will become a brilliant chef, cooking tasty foods for all. From traditional cafés to sophisticated Chinese restaurants, you will be able to build a cross-country restaurant chain. Build a gourmet empire by putting your cooking abilities to the test.

After installing the game, you won’t need an Internet connection to play. Cook tasty foods and create restaurants wherever you want to play time management games. Prepare tasty dishes like burgers, waffles, French fries, and pizza. You can also prepare new dishes that haven’t been tasted or made before. 

Special cooking goals must be completed with different goods. However, special pans cannot be used to burn food. Increase restaurant sales by offering twofold incentives for distinctive cooking appliances and utensils to over eight eateries. There are coffee machines or pizza ovens which you can utilize for increasing efficiency and time management. The high-quality cooking gadgets will enable you to cook faster and healthier.

Overall Evaluations

In this game, the player takes on the role of a restaurant chef. You will encounter a wide range of customers to match the client needs, supply more food to your customers, and increase your revenues. The guests will be served around 200 different scrumptious delicacies. You can show off your culinary abilities and upgrade your ingredients and kitchen utensils to your heart’s content. 

There are numerous game levels to choose from. You will tour the globe and become a well-known chef with your culinary skills. Earn money and achievement rewards if you plan to offer dishes regularly. Use magic props to achieve cooking objectives, such as a protective pot. In the game, you will move around different hotels, i.e. from traditional coffee shops to Chinese restaurants. 

Alternatives to Consider

Cooking Madness

Do you enjoy preparing meals and do you wish to serve your guests your delectable dishes? Then play Cooking Madness to learn how to run a restaurant. Cooking Madness will provide you with pleasurable experiences and memorable moments. As the restaurant’s chef, you will interact with customers and prepare dishes for them. You will earn money in addition to the satisfaction index indicated by the Like button, which will raise your bonus.

Final Thoughts

Cooking City Mod Apk is a great cooking game that emphasizes time management. Players must manage their restaurants and supply cuisine to diners from all over the world. Show off your culinary abilities in a restaurant and play with numerous kitchen utensils in the game. Burgers, donuts, French fries, and pizza are just a few options. From conventional coffee to Chinese eateries, outdoor BBQ to dessert, upgrade your ingredients and kitchenware to make the cuisine tastier. So, download the game today and enjoy.