Cooking Fest Mod Apk 1.73 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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Requires4.1 & Up
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In Cooking Fest, you have to serve meals in stunning settings, such as a posh restaurant or a seaside restaurant. You can also manage restaurants all across the world.


From Traditional to Well-Known Meals

Cooking Fest was developed and published by Android Pixels for the mobile platform. It is a simulation game with several stages and an actual cooking experience. The game has become one of the most popular cooking games in which you have to serve clients, manage and expand your eateries. Lastly, it is available for free on Android smartphones.

You will cook and serve a variety of eateries. Each restaurant will have its meals, ranging from staples in fast food restaurants to well-known dishes in Chinese restaurants. In numerous restaurants, you can learn recipes and gain cooking experience. You can also prepare delectable dishes using those recipes, earning awards and bonuses as you expand your restaurant. Not only will the food be supplied, but also drinks. Tea, juice, Coca-Cola, and other beverages are also available.

The graphics and colors are clear and vibrant. The players are constantly aware that the game is shifting. Furthermore, it is fun to play. When cooking (washing and cutting veggies, broiling food, etc.), there are numerous sounds that make the game more interesting.


When you play Cooking Fest, you will discover a wealth of features. You’ll need good abilities to continue through the stages and explore various features of the game. Cooking Fest is a game that allows you to prepare cuisines from across the world, ranging from pizza to sushi. 

You must manage your time so that the food does not burn and clients do not have to wait long. Run the restaurant in strange locations, such as freezing highland regions or lost rainforests. Cooking Fest will present you with a variety of challenges and rewards for unlocking meals and upgrading your cooking utensils. You will have the opportunity to create amazing dishes in over 20 restaurants worldwide.

Journey Around the World

Players can make various dishes in different restaurants worldwide. At Cooking Fest, there are seven different types of restaurants. Restaurants such as Fast Food, Seafood, Chinese Food, Barbecue, Pizza, Beach Café Food, Ice Cream, and so on. You will prepare fast food meals at a restaurant using kitchen appliances such as a toaster, pizza maker, etc. Players must prepare and serve many types of ice cream. Furthermore, you must add more dishes to your menu so that your clients come regularly. The customers will boost your restaurant’s profits. 

Become the Best Chef 

With Cooking Fest, you can take on the role of restaurant management, chef, or server. The players can prepare a variety of delectable delicacies, including fast food, fish, Japanese cuisine, cake, and much more. To run your restaurants, the players must have good management abilities. Customers will be less satisfied if they have to wait too long, while you will lose some of your income too. So, even if you lack cooking skills, you can still become the best chef.

Your eateries will be located in various locations throughout the world. This is a great opportunity to go to different countries, meet new people, and cook for them. The recipes, however, should not be overlooked. You can make a lot of money if you follow the recipes and cook quickly. It allows you to access new meals, upgrade kitchen utensils, and expand your restaurant. Cooking Fest has drawn a wide range of players, from boys to girls, due to its simple gameplay and attractive graphics. Furthermore, playing the game without an Internet connection will make you feel cheerful and relaxed.

Download Cooking Fest Mod Apk

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game today and enjoy making different types of cuisines for your customers. 

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