Crab War Mod Apk 3.46.0 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperAppxplore (iCandy)
Requires4.1 & Up
Size103 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Prepare to constantly tap your fingers on the screen to build a mighty army of crabs to combat huge reptiles. During the game, the player can increase their combat skills, smash enormous reptiles, and face monsters. Furthermore, if you wish to strengthen the army, you can bring in powerful crabs. The crab corps will quickly take down the reptiles, the more you click on the smartphone screen. 


Conflict Between Crabs and Reptiles

The game’s plot is quite interesting as the ultimate fight between reptiles and crabs is threatening. Naturally, the dangerous reptiles have grown stronger and ravaged the crab habitat. Crab species, on the other hand, are forced to look for new homes as they are naturally weak. However, with their unusual crystals’ strength, they can fight off enemies too. Your job is to amass crab forces, strengthen your army, and declare war. Because reptiles are difficult to defeat, you must immediately expand your power in multiple methods. 

Expand Your Crab Legion

It’s not just a “click-and-click” game. Because the quantity of bounties available after each encounter is limited, it would be advantageous if you had a positive outlook. As a result, you must upgrade your army and ensure that they are capable of fighting enemies. There are around 80 crabs in the game, all of which are brilliantly crafted. You’ll come across everything from ordinary crab species to strange “crab monsters.” The game features multiple modes and the evolution of each crab species. Each evolutionary path leads to the emergence of new powers. 

The game also allows players to alter genes to produce deformed crabs with incredible power or enormous proportions. You can gather 33 unique crab queens to lead your troops in addition to the huge crab corps. As a result, you’ll need to acquire six powerful special skills to boost your attack strength, and you can choose from 18 distinct special abilities to personalize. The player begins with the most fundamental warrior crabs. Over time, you develop a large army of crabs through evolution.

Exciting Battles

If you enjoy intense combat with explosive effects all over your phone screen, this game is just for you. If you play the game for an extended period, you will encounter fierce conflicts amongst different creatures. The game has over 50 different hazardous reptiles, each with its distinctive skills. In addition, bosses also multiply and regenerate with tremendous mutations. If the conflicts become too difficult, you can enlist the aid of powerful allies such as killer crabs and golden rays. Sharp 2D visuals and vibrant primary colors are used throughout the game. The sound is exceptionally engaging and will excite you in the battles. 

Connect With Friends

You can also share your scores with your friends. Connect with others through social media and compete with others in hard tournaments. Furthermore, demonstrate your strength by engaging in fierce combat with your friends worldwide. To move up the ranking table, collect rare and remarkable crabs, upgrade and personalize them. 

The game transports you to a large island, where you command your favorite crab to explore and conquer it. The game features a variety of entertaining weapons, with captivating 3D graphics and sound effects. To defeat the adversaries and win the millennial war, you must make the right decision, enhance the crabs’ power, and call powerful crab bosses.

Download Crab War Mod Apk

With the modified version, you can enjoy various features and ad-free experiences. So, download the game now and enjoy.

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