Criminal Case Mod Apk 2.39 (Unlimited Energy/Hints) For Android Users

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DeveloperPretty Simple
Requires4.0.3 & Up
Size66 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Energy/Hints
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Have you ever wondered how brilliant investigators solve their enigmas? How, specifically, could they gather and review relevant evidence? How can you tell if someone is guilty or not? And so on. If you want to know about it, then immerse yourself in this intriguing and engaging crime detective adventure and puzzle-solving game, Criminal Case. Assist the police in solving several crimes throughout the community to become a brilliant detective.

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The game introduces players to Grimsborough, a town where numerous criminal acts have occurred recently, spreading panic and concern among the locals. The police department desperately needs a talented detective who can solve complex cases and bring offenders to justice. Your mission will be to look into a series of murder cases with unsolved motives. Investigate the evidence at the crime scenes, collect the key evidence and give your analysis to the team. They’ll draw inferences about the criminals based on the evidence presented. You will then have to apprehend the criminals. 


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s interesting features.

Create Your Private Eye

Create an investigator and go out on different crime scenes. You can choose the gender, facial features, and unique names, among other things. 

Multiple Characters

The game introduces players to various characters, each with its backstories and roles. These characters can provide key hints that will be crucial in the investigation.

Interrogate the Suspects Deftly

You’ll be able to investigate the suspects like a professional detective. Use your skills and deception to corner the suspects and bring the actual offenders to justice. With a list of possible questions to ask the suspects, it’s critical to pick the finest ones so that you can learn something from their responses.

Hundreds of Different Crime Scenes

Fans of detective stories will undoubtedly like their new adventures in Criminal Case. You’ll have the opportunity to visit hundreds of different crime scenes throughout the game. Find yourself entangled in a variety of strange cases that will take a lot of time to solve. Spend time taking care of various cases assigned to you as you gradually unravel the mysteries surrounding the bleak city and unscrupulous officials. Discover much bigger secrets than you anticipated.

Maintain Your Awareness and Focus on the Evidence

You must utilize your investigative skills and abilities to gather vital clues and investigate crime scenes to reach the correct conclusions. With so many distractions, you’ll have to select which ones to use.

Determine the Murderers Using Facts and Clues

Now that you’ve reached your conclusion, it’s time to bring the accused to the trial, where the judge and jury will decide whether or not they’re guilty. Deliver your irrefutable evidence so that no criminal can deny committing a crime against the public.

Mini-Games for Simple Investigations

To keep the game from becoming too serious, the developers have included several exciting mini-games for players to enjoy. 

Modern Technology

The current technology will allow you to obtain the correct analysis regarding the evidence. Find out when and how the crimes occurred, or use relevant information to narrow down the suspect list.

Play the Game With Your Friends

The game introduces a thrilling detective gameplay that you can play with your friends and other gamers. Connect the game to your social network and find out how far you’ve progressed. 

Play for Free

All Android users can presently play the game for free. Head to the Google Play Store and download the game. Download our customized version of the game if you’re desperate to complete the storylines.

With Our Mods, You Can Make Things Easier

Download the Criminal Case Mod Apk to begin enjoying the gameplay. There will be no limit to your energy, so you can investigate the crimes for as long as you wish. 

Sound and Video Quality


You’ll have access to a series of breathtaking hand-drawn illustrations that introduce you to the accurate crime scenes. You’ll have no trouble finding the correct pieces of evidence because every aspect has been meticulously replicated.


Dive into the realm of recognized police enforcement as you protect the citizens of Grimsborough from growing crime. As you progress through the game, you will encounter immersive and exhilarating sound effects.

Download the Latest Version of Criminal Case Mod Apk (Version 2.39).

If you appreciate mysteries and puzzles, Criminal Case is a game you should try. Please keep in mind that this is not a challenge for the faint-hearted.

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