Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK 1.52 Unlimited Money for Android Users

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DeveloperSUD Inc.
Requires4.1 and Up
Size23 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Dr. Driving 2 is an entertaining simulation racing game with various game modes, stages, and prizes. You must complete a race and other hurdles in the center of crowded streets to advance in the game.

Use the phone’s left and right buttons to drive your car, as in most racing games. Then, to start and stop, press the accelerator on the screen. The dashboard in Dr. Driving 2 is regarded as the game’s best graphic feature. The cars and characters are quite square, and you could be taken aback by how closely the design mimics that of a SNES game.

User-friendly control panels and menus have been created in the game. Without signing in, players can complete various objectives and gain rewards. However, the multiplayer feature requires an account, and you can earn extra by sharing your scores with friends by logging in with Facebook or Google.

General Information

Following the success of Dr. Driving, SUD Inc. continues to create Dr. Driving 2, the second installment of the automobile driving simulator game with a slew of new features. You will experience the sensation of driving an automobile. If you complete the challenges and unlock them, you’ll be able to access more stunning simulated cockpits. Dr. Driving 2 is a must-see for anyone who likes adventure and speed. The game is a one-of-a-kind in which you must master car handling and dodge perils to earn points. 

Gameplay Highlights

The gameplay is simple, providing players with a realistic driving experience. To go forward, push the gas pedal, use the steering wheel to change directions, and apply the brake to slow down or stop the vehicle.

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It will also be equipped with a fully functional gearbox to execute reverse operations, free gear (N), stop (P), and a forward gear, like in the first edition. To finish the job and win, you must follow the directions at each stage. To maximize the prizes gained after the game screen, you must collect gold coins and conduct technological tasks.

The operating system of Dr. Driving 2 has many distinct autos. You can improve the performance of your vehicles by upgrading them. However, instead of spending money on an upgrade in Part 2, you’ll have to make the materials for your upgrade. 

Modes of Play

Six game types are available in Dr. Driving 2, with each unlocking at a different rate depending on the player’s skill level. The following are the game modes:

Career mode separates the script into chapters proportional to the player’s level. In this mode, each level will have a new mission, such as finishing in a certain amount of time, avoiding obstacles, or eating enough coins. This mode will also reward you with materials and gold coins that you can use to improve and construct cars.

Car Lab mode is a unique game mode, in which you’ll put specific things in your car. This game option will give you a unique experience due to extreme situations such as imbalanced wheels and damaged brakes.

Top Racer mode becomes available when you reach level three in the game. In this mode, you can pick any car you own and try to complete a set distance. To gain the greatest score, try to accomplish excellent cornering and drifting. You will drive your car down a one-way street with five lanes in this version. In addition, the scenery on the race tracks will keep on changing to keep the game exciting.

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Taxi mode allows you to take on the role of a taxi driver, picking up passengers and transporting them to their destinations. This setting requires the player to come to a complete stop in the specified location.

Additional Features

You can also vary the viewing angle to control the game, which is a fantastic feature. To make your experience easier, you will have two options for the far and near angles from the third viewpoint. Dr. Driving 2 includes weather effects such as rain, snow, and fog. These factors will impact how your cars operate; factors such as reduced vision or a slick road surface.

Graphic Designs

Dr. Driving 2 boasts a catchy soundtrack that adds to the game’s appeal and will keep you engaged on end. When you crab, consume coins or pass other cars.

The game’s graphics are brighter and contain more highlights than earlier versions. The car steering wheel and function keys are more careful. Between the screens, the environment around the road has changed. The automobiles are well designed and equipped. Visual effects are added to Dr. Driving 2 as you turn the automobile, earn coins, or require new weather effects.

Alternatives to Consider

Dr. Driving 

Dr. Driving is a simulation game in which you’ll be an excellent racer, having driven a variety of supercars at incredible speeds. The game offers simple gameplay that will provide you with beneficial enjoyment after a long day at work.

Dr. Driving is a game with simple controls. You’ll take on the role of a skilled racer and compete against other automobiles at each level. Style, weight, structure, speed, and engine sound will be unique to each model. Your goal is to manipulate the screen to control your car so that the automobile remains stable and accelerates swiftly to pass the competition and win first place.

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The game becomes more challenging as it moves ahead. Dr. Driving is a racing simulation game that is realistic and active. While driving, the game will provide you with calm moments and vivid experiences regarding each supercar’s speed, sound, and shape. 

Final Thoughts

Dr. Driving 2 boasts a fast-paced, enjoyable soundtrack that adds to the game’s appeal. Drag Racing offers attractive colors, realistic design, and minimalistic 3D visuals. The game’s graphics are brighter than its predecessor. The automobile steering wheel and function keys are more attentively built. The automobiles are well designed and equipped together with visual effects. Coins can be earned, or additional weather effects can be added too.

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