Dream House Days Mod Apk 2.2.9 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperKairosoft Co.,Ltd
Requires4.1 & Up
Size26 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Dream House Days has been developed by Kairosoft, the first free-to-play game for the company. This game aims to construct and decorate apartments along with recruit and collect rent from new tenants. Set the rules and have complete control over the game. Kairosoft is known for producing high-quality simulation games with enjoyable gameplay. These characteristics are present in their new game, primarily when using the Dream House Days. The game offers unlimited tickets, which can be used to make new furnishings. Do you want to know more about the game’s gameplay and features? Join us in exploring them!


The game begins with four small unoccupied apartments. Start off with furnishing them and acquire a set of products. Utilize them to purchase a bed for your tenants to sleep in. Because the tenant must pay a much larger deposit to secure the property, you must furnish the room with more furniture. One thing to keep in mind is the grouping structure, i.e. if there are a lot of identical products, they might dramatically lower your score. You can also take advantage of unique rooms to increase your comfort level. For example, combining a study desk with a television set may not add additional points. 


Version: 2.2.1

Developer: Kairosoft Co., Ltd

Version: Android 4.0 or above

Update: June 3, 2020

Tenant Management

You must engage with tenants, although not directly. Dream House Days focuses more on the personal lives of the occupants. More precisely, each tenant has a distinctive personality represented in the specific way. Their personalities will be an influencing factor for everyone, including themselves. Also, their clothing, furniture, and goods, will alter their statistics. 

Another appealing element is the ability to watch these characters develop. For example, they will meet, date, marry and even have children. 

Exciting Content

There’s a lot of content to discover on Dream House Days. Surprisingly, the game includes several extras like scratch cards, unlocked clothes, new jobs, researchable furnishings, and building extensions. You should also pay attention to tickets used to obtain in-game goodies, from online websites like Google Play. 

Sound and Graphics


This game has a colorful atmosphere that entails attraction. It’s entertaining to see the tenants interact with one another.


Kairosoft’s sound appears to be a weakness. The game provides background music which is monotonous. As a result, some gamers prefer to play the game without any sound. 


Increase Your Collection Rate

If the tenants have low-wage employment, they can use the Rare Job Pass or Job Change Pass.

You will receive additional revenue if you marry your renters.

Purchasing tickets to attract tenants with high-paying occupations.

Tenants with High Stats

The furniture level can determine the child’s stats.

The school where the tenant enrolled also improved their abilities.

Lucent Academy, Literati University, and Kairo University are three institutions that should be unlocked because their residents have outstanding numbers.

Special Room Guidance

The unique room includes both furniture and flooring. As previously said, the particular room increases the apartment’s rent and comfort level, raising the stats of the involved furniture. Here are some recommendations for a comfort-enhancing mix.

Flooring with cushions

Bed and lamp 

Fan and stylish curtains

Storage space includes a storage rack and a closet/wardrobe.

Closet and bureau are traditional storage options.


Shower and bathtub 

Vanity/basin and washer-dryer/combo washer/washing machine 

Cypress bath and whirlpool bath 

Whirlpool bath and sauna 


Low table and floor cushion 

Japanese Room: low table and bureau

Antique vase with Samurai swords

Final Thoughts

Dream House Days Mod Apk is a well-balanced game. It boasts attractive graphics, simple gameplay, and a multitude of unlocked features. The only disadvantage is the repeated sound, which you can mute during play. If you enjoy simulation games, you must play this fantastic title. Download it now and enjoy.

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