Dream Town Story MOD APK 1.8.6 (Infinite Gem) for Android Users

Additional Information

DeveloperKairosoft Co.,Ltd
Requires4.4 & Up
Size47 MB
MOD FeaturesInfinite Gem
Updated02 Days Ago
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Dream Town Story is a fun game from Kairosoft’s construction game series. The game’s main goal is to construct cities, sell houses, and upgrade shops. Although Dream Town Story is still a pay-to-win game, the publisher has always provided engaging gameplay with immersive sound effects.

General Information

The protagonist of Dream Town Story is a young man who inherits a piece of land that has passed down through his family. The young man created a hamlet where individuals worldwide could dwell. 

Thanks to the entertaining 8-bit pixelated graphics, this game has a comfortable and easygoing vibe. Begin the game by laying down roads, preparing land for people to rent dwellings, and constructing various works to raise the village’s living level. Except for residences, none of the buildings in the game can be constructed without a bluff.

Build enormous buildings for people to work in eateries to boost their stats. Theme parks, urban landscapes, and public welfare projects can help raise morale among citizens. Remember to include trash cans for the village to meet the requirements. So, if you’re looking for those pieces, there are two possibilities. One is that you fulfill all of the game’s requirements and receive a prize, and the other option is to purchase special packages using stats available in the shop.

Indicators can also be used for other purposes, such as planning events or reclaiming previously unclaimed land for village expansion. However, do not be overly eager to construct numerous works because we limit people’s needs. If you build too much and your firm loses money because of the maintenance cost, you can make enough money to make up for it. 

How Do You Play the Dream Town Story Game?

We need to put local dwellings to work so that they can generate money. However, they must pay their rent at the end of the month otherwise the mayor and the general public will go hungry. Separate combos must always be put side by side to maximize sales. Vegetables, for example, must be placed near fish, and flower shops must be near supermarkets. If you create a haphazard house without design, the expense of maintenance will be deducted.

Elderly folks cannot walk far, thus, they must build their homes near places where they can move easily. People who are smarter, more handsome, or more talented will occasionally take the exam, but they will typically fail more than pass. You must also inspire individuals to fall in love, marry, and live together.

It’s important to do some study to determine which stores you can combine to generate combos. Otherwise, your earnings will reduce and won’t be able to meet maintenance fees, including land and garbage disposal costs. 


When the population grows too large, you must extend your land ownership. If you intend to reside in an unfamiliar region, do your calculations carefully as the previous owner will not allow you to rent a comfortable space. House relocation and redistribution are also significant issues.

Moving houses or buildings is a pain in the game. You can only transfer your residence twice a day if you move it to another location. If you want to move it for multiple times, you will have to pay. No matter how hard you work to run your community, one thing is certain: you will be short on resources and stats of all kinds. However, in the city center, compensate for the business losses for a few months after you finish it. 

Alternatives to Consider

Venture Towns Is a Good Alternative

With so many mobile games on the market today, discerning gamers may find a simple game with in-depth features unusual. As one might guess, Venture Towns is a miniature version of the popular city-building simulation game SimCity. Venture Towns immerses you in a small city, with prompts popping up to keep you on track for being a great mayor. The game starts with a certain amount of capital, pre-built structures, and some townspeople.

Final Thoughts

Dream Town Story allows players to take on the role of a newly elected mayor. You work to make his town as prosperous as possible. Players will have to recruit individuals to grow the economy, pave roads and plan for lands. Each resident will have their unique lifestyle and interests, for instance, one can be a freelancer, broker, or marketer. So, the happier your citizens are, the more prosperous your town will be.