Drone Shadow Strike Mod Apk 1.31.113 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperReliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Requires4.1 & Up
Size141 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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Drone Shadow Strike offers a sophisticated weapon arsenal that incorporates cutting-edge military technology, reconnaissance missions, and the ability to locate and shoot down targets. You will have access to modern drones which will be utilized to spy on, find, and destroy targets at various distances depending on the campaign. This game takes place in an intensive aerial military combat field. It is accompanied by a large amount of space seen through the commanding role of the FLIR camera, drawing you into it and keeping you waiting for the enemy to arrive on the radar.

General Information

Drone Shadow Strike adds to the excitement of expanding your weaponry. It provides you access to cutting-edge drones that can perform surveillance, navigation, and target shooting from afar. You will continue to control the world’s best UCAV (unmanned fighter) system with a large arsenal to take part in the ultimate aerial fights, carrying on the legacy of its predecessor. It’s time to take to the battlefield and put your abilities to the test in this fast-paced first-person shooter.

Thanks to cutting-edge military technology, drones are like your eyes in the sky, floating in mid-air to spy on foes. They are silent, but they are deadly. The opponent hasn’t seen you coming and is keeping track of you at all times, and it was too late before they realized it. UCAV conflicts will ensure that your site suffers no human casualties. It commands the Drones from afar, tracking down terrorists and other adversaries. In the current world, war is conducted covertly and asymmetrically.

With each passing minute, your opponents will get more powerful, brave, and clever. Your priority is to stay alive. Operate the world’s greatest UCAVs and use ultra-high-tech equipment and weapons, including rockets, rockets, and cannons, to complete a series of action-packed secret missions. You’ll take down enemy command, offer air support, and strike enemy bases worldwide. 

Drone Shadow Strike: How to Play

Drone Shadow Strike features a top-down vision and a black-and-white screen that is identical to the experience in Call of Duty: Death From Above. Reconnaissance missions, remote locations, and shooting are possible with current military unmanned airplanes and a state-of-the-art armory that embodies superb military technology.

You will have access to modern drones, which will be utilized to spy on, find, and destroy targets at various distances. You’ll have a spectacular view from above to see if the opponent shows up on the radar. Drone Shadow Strike immerses players in a stressful aerial military conflict in a realistic setting with a FLIR camera as a commander in charge of unmanned machines.

You must issue a series of commands to the drone to fulfill the mission, utilizing cutting-edge technology, tactics, and weaponry to take out several targets. The game’s missions range from simple assassination to high-level and complex operations such as helping friends retreat and hitting vital enemy sites. Because the player’s firepower and weapons are limited when fighting, the player must know how to use them effectively. Furthermore, you can boost your firepower by upgrading weaponry with the money collected after each game screen.

Overall Evaluations

Despite being a mobile game, Drone Shadow Strike has the stature of a console game due to its excellent graphics and compelling content, allowing players to enter an epic military conflict environment. It is an action-packed combat strategy game in which you are responsible for flying a plane and completing missions to eliminate terrorists all around the world. 

Choose weapons that are appropriate for the occasion. Missiles and bombs are the best options when dealing with large groups of foes or powerful enemies, such as a vehicle that requires more attacks. When you need to reach and take down anyone who comes close to your ally, cannons are the greatest solution.

Use both rockets and artillery against particularly armored vehicles like boss cars. While the missile is still flying in that direction, click on the rocket and shoot. Quickly switch to the guns and toss them at the vehicle. Cash and gold will be used to purchase more military weaponry. Use your radar to locate adversaries about to appear. Drone Shadow Strike has 282 missions and 70 stages waiting for you. Download and play the iOS version of the game.

Alternatives to Consider

Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D

GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D is a game rated for action genre fans that should not be missed. Get into the cockpit and take off to experience the thrilling battlefield experience. Not every mobile game experience provides the sense that makes fighters of all kinds, sizes, and equipment from the dawn of modern warfare through future generations.

Individual missions ranging from attacking a targeted base to anti-submarine, anti-warship, or combat support and safeguarding other troops are played through several levels of gameplay. Depending on the task, the game’s topography, which might be an island, a coast, or the ocean, is likewise invested. The game’s environment is fully 3D, and you can fly the plane in any direction, up to down, left to right, and anywhere on the map.

Use all of the equipment, including motion sensors to move in 3D: tilt the phone to identify flight direction and hit the key on the screen to move forward or backward. Every movement of your phone will influence the flight direction. We recommend holding the phone in the most comfortable position before playing. 

Final Thoughts

Your objective in the game is to give out the correct commands, similar to the experience in Call of Duty: Death from Above. Direct the drone to fulfill the task of destroying the targeted area. By employing superior technology, tactics, and firing abilities to eliminate several targets, Drone Shadow Strike’s objectives range from the simple assassination of foes to high-level and complex operations like guiding comrades to safety and attacking crucial enemy sites. Because the drones offer limited firepower and weapons, players must know how to use them effectively while fighting. Lastly, you can boost your firepower by upgrading weaponry with the money collected. 

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