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1v1.LOL Online Building & Shooting Simulator is an Android action game in which you must struggle to stay alive and win the game. The most recent official version has been installed on over 5,000,000 devices; thus, gamers have no choice but to accept it. Aside from the renowned Battle Royale mode, this game concentrates on one-on-one matches, unlike Fortnite. Find out how you can play this combat and shooting simulator now.

General Information

You’ll have to perfect your abilities in this flash game while avoiding other players. The program is free to use and suitable for all gamers. Unlike traditional Battle Royale, it does not require cash to play. Even better, you’ll be able to keep this magnificent game up to date.

The unique modes in 1v1.LOL – Online Building & Shooting Simulator make everything spectacular. There’s a 12-player Battle Royale mode as well as one-on-one contests. The mode focuses on assisting online gamers in mastering abilities and includes video game streamers.

You must prepare to test yourself throughout the game by fighting till the end in Multiplayer Mode with genuine gamers from all over the world. One of the best features is sharing and inviting your friends to play alongside you. The virtual building training simulator is also available on 1v1.LOL. This is where you can freely practice your fighting, shooting, and construction techniques.

Start by forming a squad of agents on the battlefield and erecting protection trenches once you’ve met your partners online. It assists you in locating the powerful weapon and winning the World War. Sure enough, you’ll enjoy how it’s similar to Fortnite in terms of being able to create and alter.

Overall Evaluations

Overall, 1v1.LOL – Online Building & Shooting Simulator is a fun shooting game. However, some gamers dislike the fact that there are too many individuals shooting through the fortifications. They are irritated, but the attractive graphics and simple controls compensate.

The game is enjoyable, but it would be even better if more weapon skills, a lone Battle Royale Mode, and a detailed map were included. The advertisements should also be eliminated. It’s entertaining to play at times, but a few issues need to be addressed. It may take a little longer to alter the buildings, or you may have to go from weapons to supplies for an extended period with the controller.

Aside from that, the game requires the addition of an item store, new weaponry, and combat royale duos. Despite the 1v1’s outstanding features, it would be awkward to adjust the controller setting after it gets attached. 


The game’s remarkable accessibility is an added plus. It starts from the lobby, where you’ll have to choose between numerous match modes to play. There’s “one on one casual,” “one on one rated,” and, of course, the Battle Royale. There’s a mode called “just build. Lol” among them that allows you to practice your building abilities. 

It’s all about mastering how to construct the tallest structures and figuring out how to make the most of the platforms. Without a doubt, such a thing would be useful, and even the most dedicated Fortnite gamers would enjoy practicing their building skills. Aside from that, the entire game is enjoyable, except for the rapid rounds. 

All you have to do in the game is jump in and go head-to-head with one or more people at a time. So, select if you’re a master sniper or prefer to use a knife to strike at close range with a hefty shotgun or a sliding one.

The submachine gun defends you and your fortresses along with the rocket launcher that can destroy everything in your immediate vicinity. Fight for survival in this epic Battle Royale Combat, in which gamers battle it out to the bitter end for the ultimate triumph. Every day, over 20,000 new players are waiting for you.

It is available to all users for free and is ideal for all types of gamers. Unlike Battle Royale, the game does not require purchase or a battle pass to participate in infinite assignments. The best aspect is that we can keep this fantastic game updated for players from all over the world.

You can play in Practice mode, 1v1 mode, and Box Battle mode. However, there are more epic battle styles and even war zones in store for you in the future. Don’t miss out on them.

With numerous materials and weaponry, you and other players can practice your building, editing, and shooting abilities in Practice mode. Sliding shotguns, assault rifles, and the strong cross-ax are among them. This game is quite interesting in general, but it specifically challenges you and provides you with quick reflexes.


The graphics are enjoyable from the beginning to the end of the 1v1 battle.

In this browser game, there is no background music or special sound. You’ll hear a chunky sound as the platform starts to lay down as the gunshot rings out, and all players start shooting each other. Furthermore, there is no single map in the game, merely a vast expanse of green grass. As a player, you must build from the ground up using basic-colored platforms such as yellow, blue, and red.


To be honest, 1v1.LOL is a near-perfect game. The editing feature is a little sluggish, slowing down the game’s progress. However, it is true that 1v1.LOL provides players with a fantastic opportunity to engage in a battle. Lastly, you can also chat with other people.

There’s also a section where you may go over the most recent bouts to accumulate experience for future battles. The modes are fun to play, and the controls are fantastic. A few players would welcome it if the game removed advertisements and included additional unique modes, such as a Battle Royale with 50 players remaining alive. Some accessories include a large map, trees, lakes, rivers, and residences. They make the game more attractive than it would be. But, once again, this is an enjoyable game to play.

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