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Hyper Hippo Games created Adventure Communist, which is considered the sequel to Adventure Capitalist. The purpose of the game is to create numerous products. When you join Adventure Communist, you get unlimited gold and the same features as before. In addition, the hacked version appears to be the most noteworthy aspect of this version, and you’ll feel at ease, knowing that you won’t have to pay a dime to take use of it.



The story of Adventure Communist is identical to that of the original. When playing this game, your primary goal is to grow as many potatoes as possible. The game’s mechanics are, for the most part, simple and addictive. You must also manage your resources, which include the production of various state resources such as weaponry, ore, land, potatoes, and medicine, in addition to potato cultivation.

Simply click until the upgrade bar is full. Once you’ve referred to a specific amount, you can redeem it to increase the resource multiplier each time you click. Comrades are another fundamental resource that reflects the maximum number of workers you can have. You must also purchase these specialized workers to automatically obtain the resources.


Simple Mechanics 

This game was released with a new version of 3.0. The quest becomes exponentially more difficult as your rating rises. In these circumstances, you must gather and promote researchers, as the ranking have little effect on the industries’ output. There are around 96 researchers in this game; however only 93 can be unlocked. The rest can be unlocked once you reach rank 115. Keep in mind that you can barely persuade five researchers in events if you strike certain levels. You must rank up by completing assignments in order to unlock new researchers.

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Missions, like other games, are tasks that players must do in order to receive prizes. You’ll get a Wood Capsule or a Stone Capsule every time you complete a quest. After completing a specific number of missions, you receive a new Rank and a Silver Capsule as a prize. Missions can sometimes result in Gold or Science as a reward. Trade, unlock industry, gather cards, collect resources, collect science, encourage researchers, and spend science are all examples of mission types.


Rank is used to track each player’s progress in the game. To advance in rank, you must accomplish a set of objectives, generally three. When you level up, you get all of your mission rewards and all resources, with the exception of Farmer. You also get all industries, with the exception of the Potato Lock.


A trade is considered as a means of raising Comrades’ output rate. Comrades are required to create the production resource; hence trades are relatively important. The Comrades are also can also gain access to higher-tier industries and to construct high-tier resources. There are five Trades available to purchase because there are five industries in all. Each Trade requires a specified amount of a base resource, which increases as you go through the trades in the same industry.


Capsules, like Gold, Researcher cards, and Science come in a variety of rarities and can be obtained via mission rewards, event prizes, free capsules, or shop purchases.


The Airdrop is a rare occurrence in the game and is marked as a recurring event. A plane flies from one side of the screen to the other, and players have to tap it. Depending on the situation, the airdrops can be delivered by a boat or another aircraft.

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Wide Range of Events

Adventure Communist will host a number of intriguing events, each of which will take place once a month. Communist Crusade, Space Force, Quest for Oil, Anew Atlantis, Winter Motherland, Supreme Santa, Shields Up, Comrade Cowboys, Potato Export, Ninja Union, and Power Underwhelming are among the 11 events.

Typically, a participant in an event must finish an assignment consisting of 21 ranks. For industries and researchers, each event retains its own set of requirements. You need to ensure that your researchers obtain adequate strength to earn as many awards as possible.

What Is the Adventure Communist’s Process?

To install the hacked version on your device, follow these steps. You must first click the Online Hack option. Then you go to the website and fill out the necessary information. You must then generate and verify to complete the installation. Finally, you just need to complete one offer to earn incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Should I Buy With My Gold?

The easiest approach to put your gold to good use is to invest in the 750 golds Supreme pills on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you can strategically invest in events, you can expect to gain 40% extra Supremes per gold. To do so, go to the shop and spend 40k on what you desire, then aim for science prizes.

Q. What Will I Be Able to Get After the Event?

You will be rewarded for completing each event rank. After that, you can attain a specific leaderboard milestone. Your progress or resources acquired will not be saved for a subsequent event. 

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Q. Is It Necessary for Me to Complete All Missions Before I May Level Up?

It is all up to you. However, there are a few points of contention on this subject. Several people assume that sticking will provide no benefit because higher ranks provide more rewarding capsules. On the other hand, they can employ strategies to increase the number of researchers.

How Frequently Do the Supremes Show Up in the Shop?

The shop is refreshed every 8 hours. There’s a 20% possibility that the Supreme will appear on the bottom-right for 1.5k gold. There are just 12% of chances for Supreme to appear in the bottom-middle for 40k Science.


Adventure Communist is generally used to make the game more enjoyable. To be more precise, the hacked version provides you with as much gold as you require. Furthermore, it does not occupy a lot of space on your smartphone and does not contain any harmful programs, keeping the device safe from harm. Although the hacked Apk appears to be beneficial, you should not employ it excessively to avoid being detected by the server.

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