Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk 1.1.7 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperBLUE GNC Inc.
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Update02 Days Ago
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Many smartphone users across the world enjoy the Anger of Stick game series. This is a fascinating game for gamers with appealing features and entertaining action. The movement of the characters in the game is simple. Furthermore, all other game aspects, such as simple images and clean music, add to the game’s appeal.

This game has recently been released in five different versions, with the most recent version having multiple features and functionalities. We still recommend Anger of Stick 4 because it has many features that you may like.

Let’s review Anger of Stick 4 to learn more about the game.


The Anger of Stick 4 is a free action game for Android and iOS devices. The game includes magnificent battle action scenes and visuals. The developer’s ultimate goal is for users to have fun and entertainment. In this game, you can fight with lethal abilities and weaponry, as well as helicopters and robots, to inflict devastation on all foes.

You can participate in the game to assist the stickman in fighting his opponents and saving the world from evil zombies. You must walk forward and backward on the road while the bridge makes it easier to knock down the aggressors. 


Simple Gameplay 

The gameplay in Anger of Stick 4 is simple, with simulated and well organized keys on the screen. One of the best features is the fact that the virtual keys do not cover the game’s screen. This function is useful since it allows you to enjoy a full screen. The joysticks are also positioned well (on the left) while on the right, you have skill buttons.

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Action-Oriented Game 

You can acquire nine different sorts of powerful heroes in the game, including KungFu, Sword, Gun, Machin, Robot, Shotgun, and Warrior. You may also form multiple squads based on these characters. The Anger of Stick 4 features a wide range of current weaponry which makes the game more challenging and entertaining. It also provides participation in different bouts with friends via Facebook’s account. It includes a plethora of ferocious slash screens, totaling over 600 stages of testing your mettle.

Three Different Game Modes to Choose From.

You can play Stick 4 in three different game types, including:

  • Fighting for the citizens of the city in a survival game mode. In this mode, people face off against foes using professional martial arts. The opponent is intelligent and astute as well.
  • In the Doodle Runner game, you must sprint as far as possible while avoiding road traps and collecting money to upgrade your weaponry.
  • In “Jump Jump” mode, you must jump continually to plummet to the bottom and defeat the adversaries.

Have Fun Playing the Game With Your Friends

You can play this game using your Facebook account. This feature allows you to enjoy the battles, speak with your friends, and plan your fighting strategy, among other things. The addition of a team battle mode makes it much more appealing to consumers. Lastly, you can also play in Single-Player and Zombie modes. 


The following are some of the game’s interesting elements that have enticed millions of people to download and play it:

  • The game offers vintage action.
  • The graphic design is simple and the stick style is fascinating.
  • It comes with three separate game modes, ensuring that the player is never bored.
  • Players can choose from nine different characters, including Kungfu, Blade, Gun, Machin, robot shotgun, and Warrior.
  • The game comes with a limitless money option, especially in this version.
  • Both single-player and zombie modes are available.
  • The game offers a leveling system that allows you to experience all of the game’s features.
  • It involves zombies, citizens, and other intriguing topics. You can also attack enemies with a variety of weapons.
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Sound and Visual Quality

Design of Graphics

The game’s developer team did an excellent job creating animated graphics. The graphic design is meticulous and elaborate, complete with dramatic action scenes, superhuman martial arts talents, and more. This is a basic stress-relieving game that is suitable even for individuals who do not enjoy playing games.

The game’s weapon system, on the other hand, is diverse, including sticks, knives, and various guns ranging from primitive to sophisticated. The weapons in the game have only the most basic functionality, but it is appealing.

The game’s graphics aren’t highlighted by realistic simulation elements or a wide range of facial emotions. The seamless, dramatic, continuous, and amazing action scenes are the foundation of this game’s aesthetics.

Aesthetic Appeal

If we had to characterize the sound of this game in a single word, we’d say “funny.” This game is simple to understand, and lacks both creative sound arrangements and a pleasurable soundtrack. 


The Anger of Stick 4 is the fourth version of the series that includes innovations with magnificent fighting action scenes. The game keeps you occupied after school, relieves work stress, and allows you to have more fun. With several noteworthy characteristics, the Anger of Stick game undoubtedly provides a great means of entertainment for a wide range of players. Download it and try it out for yourself. 

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