Angry Birds 2 MOD APK 2.60.2 for Android Users (Infinite Gems/Energy)

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DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
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MOD FeaturesInfinite Gems
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The iconic Angry Birds game finally has its second installment released, following the original game’s success along with several unique games, such as Angry Birds Evolution, Angry Birds Transformers, and others. 

Android fans like this new mobile game from Rovio Entertainment Corporation, which includes many intriguing and thrilling features that brings back fond memories. Embark on new adventures with your buddies in Angry Birds 2 as you dive into epic escapades. 

Take on another battle against the mischievous piglets attempting to steal valuable eggs. As you execute your amazing shots toward the adversaries, enjoy the game and use the birds carefully. 

You can learn more about this fantastic game from Rovio Entertainment Corporation with our evaluations.


Angry Birds 2 introduces players to exciting in-game encounters. Join them on a journey via a series of challenging puzzle levels in which you must beat the pigs and pierce their fortifications with your smart shots. As you move through the amazing in-game narrative, take on epic challenges and experiences.

Enjoy the iconic Angry Birds gameplay in this latest iteration as you fully explore it. There are several new and refreshing in-game components to enjoy fascinating adventures. You can also go through the ultimate challenge and show off your daring birdie shots in this game. As you progress through the limitless levels, you’ll unlock new powers and effects. 


These are some of the game’s fantastic features. 

In This New Journey, Enjoy the Classic Angry Birds Gameplay

Devoted fans of the popular Android game, Angry Birds embark on yet another exciting adventure with their favorite birdy friends and piglets. As you go through the game, you’ll come across new stories and features. You’ll be able to unlock special rewards and participate in fun challenges. Choose your favorite birds and enter the new levels’ epic slingshot combat.

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Of course, you can always play the famous Angry Birds game on your mobile device, which has simple yet addictive features. Use the easy touch controls to fire precise shots at your adversaries. 

Enjoy the Game’s Various Levels and Difficulties

Angry Birds 2 features new levels with various arcs to choose from. As you explore the world of this fascinating game, feel free to take on countless obstacles and score points by hitting different objects. Enjoy a variety of in-game stages with progressively harder challenges. There are also different level settings and unique opponents to face throughout each arc. Feel free to use the open environment to your advantage as you defeat your foes. As you go through the game, you’ll encounter increasingly powerful bosses. And, of course, the incredible benefits that you can earn go hand in hand.

Take On the Daily Tasks and Choose Your Prizes

Android gamers in Angry Birds 2 will find incentives during the game. Thanks to the stacking mechanisms, prizes can be won at the end of each month. The daily challenges will provide Android gamers with unique in-game experiences to enjoy. Unlock exclusive gifts that you won’t be able to acquire anywhere else for free.

Increase the Level of Your Birdy Buddies to Obtain Their Ultimate Abilities

Feel free to prepare your incredible bird and its special abilities for different adventures. You can also use the available feathers to level up your birds and improve their fighting powers during battles. Take on the most challenging tasks, upgrade your capable birdy companions, and build the ultimate flock to meet your future trials.

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Interact With One-Of-A-Kind Gameplay to Gain Access to Amazing Goodies

Gamers in Angry Birds 2 can also interact with the exciting gameplay in the Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp, in addition to the fascinating puzzle battles and adventures. With your purchased products and boosters, you can have amazing in-game experiences. As you accumulate power-ups, use them to help your birdy friends become even more strong.

Feel Free to Personalize Your Birdy Friends

For those interested, Angry Birds 2 has various unique customization options for players to use with their teams. That being said, Goofy and humorous headwear can be used to give your team a distinct fashion sense. Feel free to dress your birds up in whatever you choose and enjoy fighting the piglets in style.

Have a Good Time With Your Friends and Other Online Players From Across the World

Angry Birds 2 allows players to dig into excellent online gaming with incredible experiences in addition to the exciting offline puzzle challenges and stages. You can connect your Facebook account to the game and discover all your friends who are presently playing. Lastly, you can also have the gaming data on the cloud.

Additionally, while you’ve immersed in your epic online games, Android players in Angry Birds 2 can participate in spectacular leaderboard challenges. Feel free to compete with your friends and online players worldwide for the Angry Birds 2 fighters title by achieving the highest possible score in each task.

Alternatively, you can enter the enthralling Arena and engage in compulsive, friendly skirmishes with other players. Compete against your friends or other online players to see who has the greatest abilities. You can also participate in epic clan conflicts worldwide as you take down the piglets and their buddies.

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With Intriguing Updates and Events, You’ll Be Able to Enjoy the Game Even More

For those interested, Angry Birds 2 includes new in-game updates with various planned improvements. In addition, with each new update, you’ll be able to participate in thrilling events and earn special rewards, but the activities and rewards are only available for a limited time.

Free to Play 

Despite these fantastic features, Android gamers can play the game for free on their mobile devices. You can download the game from the Google Play Store without spending a dime.

Ads and in-game purchases are unavoidable because it’s a freemium game. As a result, some of you may find it irritating. However, you can install the customized version of the game which is free of charge. 

With Our Mod, You Can Get the Most Out of Your Adventures

Install the Angry Birds 2 Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions, and you’ll be able to play Angry Birds 2 with all its unlocked features.

Video and Sound Quality


Fans of the popular Angry Birds appreciate the beautiful visual experience in this new puzzle game. It comes with spectacular 2D graphics and intuitive side-scrolling experiences, allowing you to immerse yourself in it. Furthermore, the well-optimized graphics ensure that Angry Birds 2 gaming is seamless and satisfying, regardless of the device you’re using.


In addition to the stunning visuals, Android gamers in Angry Birds 2 can experience immersive music in addition to responsive sound effects and high-quality audio.


Hardcore fans of the original Angry Birds game and many of its variations undoubtedly like Angry Birds 2 even more, as the title offers fantastic gameplay and unique experiences. And with our mod’s free gameplay, there’s no excuse to miss out on such a fantastic mobile gaming experience.

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