Angry Birds Rio Mod Apk 2.6.13 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
Requires4.1 and Up
Size48 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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The Angry Birds are back, this crashing into the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Join Blu and Jewel, a joyful bird pair, as they struggle to save the rest of the birds who have been caught and caged by the evil gang. Fight your way through their monkey thugs and enjoy the classic Angry Birds gameplay.

Enjoy the fascinating gameplay of problem-solving actions with various elements to uncover. Enjoy the game’s many stages and interesting challenges, where you’ll get the opportunity to join a zany bunch of birds on their epic missions. The feisty birds’ tremendous powers smash through the enemies’ defenses. As you continue, you’ll need accomplishing several in-game stages.

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A gang of avian criminals kidnapped the three feisty birds in Angry Birds and transported them to Rio de Janeiro. However, unlike other birds, no cage can hold our ferocious fowls, and they are quickly able to flee. Many other birds, including our two famous macaws from the popular movies Rio 1&2, were also captured and put in cages, much to their surprise. As a result, our heroes’ quest to prevent the naughty monkeys from kidnapping their bird pals begins.

Android gamers will be able to comfortably enjoy their exciting puzzle-solving action with the iconic Angry Birds levels that you’re all too familiar with within the game. But this time, it’ll be the criminals and their nefarious henchmen you’ll have to deal with. Enjoy the classic gameplay while learning about new in-game components.

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Most significantly, Angry Birds Rio will offer a slew of new characters to the gang, allowing you to enjoy the game’s great puzzle-solving gameplay. As you employ their new and unique abilities against the adversaries and rescue more of your bird companions, you’ll learn more about them.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features:

Classic Gameplay 

Android gamers will experience the gameplay with authentic levels and similar features. You’ll join the enraged flock as they use their incredible birdy abilities to smash through the enemy’s defenses. To make the game more engaging, find innovative puzzles with classic and refreshing features.

Most importantly, Angry Birds Rio will take you through over 400 in-game levels of fun and exhilarating gameplay featuring action-packed birdy clashes. Explore the unique level configurations in more than 12 unique episodes and appreciate their unique sceneries. You may enjoy both exhilarating gameplay and amazing storylines in Angry Birds Rio.

Thrilling Boss Battles With Distinct Challenges

Along with the easy combat against the monkey opponents, Angry Birds Rio features magnificent boss bouts, each with its own set of unique and difficult challenges to solve. To earn unique in-game challenges, you’ll need making the most of your time with the birdy flock and enjoy your epic battles with them.

Add Fresh Birds to Your Flock by Rescuing Them

You can now experience the thrilling gameplay of Angry Birds Rio with your newfound friends, each with their unique abilities. Take on your most difficult in-game challenges and save the Macaws and their friends from getting extra support. To destroy the adversaries, summon the flock and unleash your collective strength.

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Interesting Power Potions for Birds

Gamers will have access to their intriguing power potions, which offer several spectacular boosts for the birds, to help them conquer their in-game challenges. And if used at the correct times, these potions will undoubtedly provide your birds a significant advantage over their foes. Players may now have fun juicing up their transformations and unlocking the terrible giants that can easily wipe out the foes.

Unlock Fun Additional Levels to Earn Amazing Goodies

Gamers can experience numerous intriguing extra levels with over 72 different unlockable levels to find in Angry Birds Rio. Feel free to experience these thrilling games and gather hidden stuff. Unlock their unique abilities and traits, which will benefit your birdy team.

Play the Offline Game 

You can play Angry Birds Rio offline on your mobile devices, allowing you to experience exhilarating action gameplay anytime you want. If you want to play the game, you no longer need to hunt for a Wi-Fi connection or use your mobile data.

Free and Unlocked Games

Prepare to be immersed in the wonderful world of Angry Birds with our website’s free and unlocked version of the game. You will be able to enjoy all of the in-game material for free, but you’ll also get limitless access to ensure your matchups are as enjoyable as possible. Feel free to use as many power-ups as you want to keep your flock growing. To begin rolling out the opponents, get the Mighty Eagle for free. And you can always count on uninterrupted ad-free gameplay. All you have to do now is download the Angry Birds Rio Mod APK from our website and start playing the fantastic mobile game.

Sound and Video Quality


Thanks to traditional aesthetics and in-game mechanics, fans of the popular game series will soon immerse themselves in their puzzle-solving problems. Simultaneously, the improved visual effects and animations will make the in-game stages more engaging. Furthermore, Angry Birds Rio’s basic and undemanding gameplay will be available on Android devices.

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Music and Sound

Enjoy Angry Birds Rio’s stunning sound effects and intriguing tunes, as the game allows players to immerse themselves in the game’s experiences fully. Feel free to enjoy the numerous fantastic birdy effects and incredible explosions that this series is known for.


Suppose you want to pursue your adventures with the birdy buddies. In that case, you can always connect them in Angry Birds 2, a new iteration of the original arcade game in which the piglets are even more terrifying and challenging. On the other hand, Angry Birds Rio will undoubtedly satisfy you with its fantastic plot and unique gameplay if you’re looking for a new journey with new characters and exciting adventures. You can play as your favorite characters from the Rio 1&2 movies and new opponents, which will undoubtedly impress fans of the mobile game series. Download the game now and enjoy.

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