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Angry Birds Space HD Mod Apk

Angry Birds is, of course, a must-have on this list. Angry Birds, Where’s My Water? Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds Evolution are all available on smartphones. Angry Birds creator, Rovio also designed a slew of other game components featuring these adorable birds. Angry Birds Space HD is a fantastic game in this regard.


Rovio’s Angry Birds Space HD is an appealing game. Its popularity grew even further in the first week after its release, with more than 20 million downloads. On March 22, 2012, Angry Birds Space HD was released. It sprang up simultaneously on all five of today’s most popular device platforms. PC (Windows computer), Mac (computer running Apple’s Mac OS), Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Angry Birds Space HD continues to expand quickly after passing the 10 million download mark in the first three days of its release. In a tweet, Rovio revealed that the new Angry Birds game had surpassed 20 million downloads in its first week. Angry Birds Space HD is the fourth installment in Rovio’s popular Angry Birds series. It’s also the company’s first new game since Angry Birds Rio was released in March 2011.

The Space HD version of this series alters locales and provides new ways to play. You’ll have to consider gravity, trajectory, and weightlessness. According to the manufacturer, this game provides a fun way for players to learn about space and physics at a low price.

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Unlike earlier editions, gravity plays a crucial role in the bird’s flight to victory or defeat in Angry Birds Space. With these changes, the player will need to employ a variety of abilities to mitigate the issue of “zero gravity,” as the bird’s flight path may diverge in unexpected directions.

The core concepts of Angry Birds, on the other hand, haven’t changed. Players use the slingshot to firebirds of various colors and features to break the wall. Pigs attack and destroy fortifications and constructions, guarding the rocks and surfaces of other worlds.


Angry Birds Space HD is the latest installment in the Angry Birds franchise. Of course, their adversaries were also necessary, and those are the infamous green pigs. They’re still stealing eggs from Angry Bird using spacecraft. In Angry Birds Space HD, there are two types of space. 

According to the publisher, they are open areas and gravity wells (indicated by blue rings). There is no gravity on a bird when launched into a dark open space. 

Any object that collides with the bird will pick up some of the bird’s momentum. If you launch a bird into the circle at the appropriate angle and with enough force, it will spin off-center for a few seconds before colliding with the ground.

Some levels need you to experiment with gravity, while others take place in a frictionless environment. The levels are made up of miniature planets and other celestial bodies, and the player must use gravity to bend the birds around to shoot pigs. Space is fascinating because each level introduces new space concepts, giving you a one-of-a-kind experience.

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A New Look

The gameplay of Angry Birds Space HD is a blend of old and new. The old birds will still be visible, and those pigs haven’t vanished. To handle those pigs, you still use familiar movements as before.

The biggest difference is Angry Birds Space HD’s gravity technique. This natural force is at the heart of any physics-based game, including the original Angry Birds, but it is used in this game in a more entertaining way than most.

Attractive Improvements

The approach to gravity is still pretty common here and is built on reliable physical mechanisms. 

However, it does bring back the original Angry Birds and enables a more fun approach. There’s a near-zero-gravity level where you have to throw space debris at pigs in spacesuits. It makes you feel like you’re playing a game of interplanetary billiards. In Angry Birds Space HD, you can also unlock bonus levels by crushing special things.

Discover New Modes

Each stage set concludes with a fun encounter. They’ll show a pig in a space tank, which you must beat by causing floating space rocks to fall on its head. Angry Birds Space HD is enough to reignite the attention of those who are too proficient at the original version of Angry Birds.


Angry Birds Space HD is a terrific choice if you wish to relive the past. The utmost limit, cosmic space, will also be the new battleground for the crazed birds in their hunt for and destroy the crafty green pigs. Angry Birds Space HD claims to give gamers new experiences—Space without gravity—with over 200 new levels, new birds, new skills, and other features.

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