Angry Neighbor Mod Apk 3.2 for Android Users (Unlocked)

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DeveloperInvictus Studio
Requires4.1 and Up
Size87 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
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Each of us has our own set of neighbors. Each neighbor will have their occupation and personality. But what if your next-door neighbor is a peculiar person? Angry Neighbor is a good choice that you shouldn’t overlook. This adventurous game entails lots of fun as you can explore the neighbor’s home. 

With our review, you will learn more about it.


3d Images and Acoustics

Invictus Studio offers a variety of games, including Angry Neighbor. It is made by a Russian video game developer based in Tomsk, and you can easily download it from Google Play. As a result, the game can only be installed on Android-based smartphones and tablets. 

Furthermore, 3D graphics are fluid. A character’s movement is quite varied, ranging from standing to sitting and moving. The furniture and ambience in Angry Neighbor are identical to what we see in our everyday lives. The publisher has optimized the graphics for mobile devices in particular. As a result, you won’t have to worry about choppy images on your devices. 

Furthermore, the effects adds to the game’s realism. While playing, you can hear the melody of birds, the sound of the door opening, and footsteps. When your neighbor discovers you, a dramatic piano piece will be played too.

Begin to Investigate Your Immediate Surroundings

While moving to a new residence, you’ll meet a lot of people. However, one of them is a unique individual; he has kept something hidden in his home. So, you become intrigued and will visit him at his home. Instead of getting to know you, he begins to pursue you. As a result, you must avoid him. If you don’t, you’ll have to start over from the beginning and return to your home. 

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But, before you go over to your neighbor’s house, have a look around your own. The game will provide you with some basic lessons to help you play with more easiness. Take the key, for example, and click to activate, sleep, etc.

Furthermore, exploring the neighbor’s residence will be difficult. You must pay close attention to everything in his home. Keys, the RGB box, a hammer, and so forth. The keys will be hidden behind a curtain or beneath a painting and you must locate them. You can also jump over the box, climb to heights, hold a rope and move to different locations. Furthermore, some gadgets will allow you to blast things and will assist you in avoiding your neighbor.

Earn Bonus Points

Each game will have its unique features to attract many players from around the world and Angry Neighbor is no different. The game’s incredibly simple UI is the first point to mention. To jump and use the goods in Angry Neighbor, you only need to press three buttons. You can also swipe your smartphone’s screen to walk toward it and vice versa. 

In Angry Neighbor, you can gather a variety of goods. All you have to do is to use those products and drag them to the screen’s center squares. Furthermore, safe mobile control will make it easier to maneuver your character. 

A Fun Game to Play 

Angry Neighbor appeals to a wide range of players, from youngsters to adults. On the other hand, your neighbor is quite vigilant, and if he spots you, he will try to prevent you from escaping from his home. If you are seen, you must flee as quickly as possible. At the same time, you must stay away from your neighbor’s traps. This will increase your agility. As you progress deeper into his home, you will encounter many new challenges. This will be a significant test for you. However, it is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills. 

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Angry Neighbor, in particular, can be played anytime and wherever you choose. Because the game does not necessitate Internet usage, let’s play Angry Neighbor and do whatever you want to explore your neighbor’s house. There are a lot of unexpected items in the game waiting for you to discover.

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