Free Archero Mod Apk 3.8.0 for Android Users (God Mode & One Hit Kill)

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GenresRole Playing
Requires5.0 and Up
Size298 MB
MOD FeaturesGod Mode & One hit kill
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Habby’s Archero Mod Apk (God Mode, High Damage) is an entertaining action game. This is one of my favorite games as well. Enter the world on your own and fight the demons!


Habby is a lesser-known publisher, but their games are intriguing and distinctive. Slidey: Block Puzzle and Flaming Core are two of their most popular games on Google Play. Despite having only been available for a short time, their most recent game has amassed hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play and received many positive feedback and reviews. 

A review of Archero can be found below.


Heroic Archer

In Archero, you play as a top archer for a kingdom tasked with combating dark powers. You’re a lone fighter, with your limited arsenal against these forces of evil. They won’t stop till you’re dead. Fight till the last arrow and become the world’s hero.

There Are Numerous Challenges

You must defeat different types of monsters with varying abilities in each stage. They can arrive from any direction, including the entrance, back, or even right where you are standing. If you don’t want to die in this place full of demons and creatures, be vigilant and maintain your concentration. There are also numerous traps and barriers. Many fireballs can be fired from the stones, shifting electric traps. They can injure you or stun you for a short period.

Archero Mod version increases damage per attack to help you complete the level faster and easier. In addition, you’ll be able to boost your attack speed and range. Hopefully, the features we have explained will assist you in playing this game more effectively.

Hundreds of Monsters

The most important thing to remember when playing Archero is to classify monsters. Monsters have various attacking skills, including long-range attacks, laser-blasting, and so on. When you understand how they attack, you’ll be able to move around to escape bullets and select a comfortable and safe place.

Each stage represents a different country. You can step through the door and proceed to new areas after completing a specific area. Return to the previous stages if the nearby lands are too challenging. The game does not require you to move or pick up every coin to help you focus on combating monsters. 

Skills and Weapons

You can buy weapons and skins with the money you earn by slaying enemies. Upgrades can also be used to improve weapons and personalities. You can only shoot one arrow at a time. After upgrading your bow and arrow, you can increase the amount of arrows to seven. The game’s skill system is incredibly outstanding. There are many skills to choose from, each with its own set of affects. Furthermore, it would be difficult to leave out pets, as they are your most trusted allies on the battlefield. They can attack foes, heal you, and improve your damage.

Stunning Image

The graphics are outstanding, not only in terms of playability but with beautiful 3D visuals and vibrant colors. There are dozens of people and thousands of creatures to choose from. Thanks to the top-down view, you can see the entire game and easily evade monster assaults. Each stage relates to a different setting, with fresh maps to discover. This game has a lot of exciting things in store for you.

Download Archero Apk & Mod for Android 

No one dares to say that this game is simple. Even though it is not a new game, Archero still has a lot of difficult tasks in store for you. This is still a great option if you’re looking for a challenge or a fun way to pass the time.

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