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AVP Evolution is a video game based on the famous movie, Alien vs. Predator. The game will transport players to stifling clashes between the two species, thanks to its distinctive 3D visuals and sharply applied visual and auditory effects. Users can increase each species’ equipment and lethal talents using the built-in character upgrade system. When players enter the game and meet the boundary between life and death, this factor will add more intrigue and attractiveness.

AVP Evolution contains a lot of content, intertwined stories, and over 19 quests. There are additional complex side tasks, such as protecting Xenomorph’s egg. The game is centered on the nonstop battle, offering reverberating sound effects and visuals. 

General Information

You will control the character with the virtual D-pad keys and mix motions, with the context and plot arranged attractively. When you’ve killed enough foes, you’ll be able to perform violent deeds like biting the enemy’s head off. Depending on your preference, you can play as a Predator or an Alien.

Complete tasks and kill as many foes as possible to earn Honor Points (Predator) or Xeno Points (Alien). You can then use these points to upgrade weapons or purchase support equipment. Predator’s armor looked considerably superior with its massive armor and saw blade, and it can sever adversaries in half with ease. 

Talking of its defects, one of AVP Evolution’s significant flaws is the game’s camera. You’ll quickly become locked in a corner and die while attempting to escape the dead corner. Control jerky is also challenging to maneuver, and it’s also a common cause of death. AVP Evolution builds anticipation in players as they wait to manage their favorite character. If you’re a fan of AVP, you’ll find the game to be a unique experience.

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Background Information

The Android version of Alien versus Predator: Evolution was created by Fox Entertainment and Angry Mob Games. We want to give you a quick overview of this fascinating game. The story of both factions are explored by players as they progress through the game. AVP Evolution is a stunning 3D action game that will pique players’ interest right away. You will be impressed by the brutal and barbaric war scenes. It’s astonishing how the sophisticated opponent finishes with various unique skill systems of original characters. Also, there are many interesting things to discover.

Experience the tale, together with the skills of both protagonists, to delve further into the world and challenge one another. You’ll get to explore and encounter five distinct environments as well as 24 challenging stages. Players will experience the satisfaction of eliminating the adversary and the frustration of being killed during the battle. The game features outstanding and gorgeous pictures thanks to the usage of Unity 3D engine technology for excellent graphic quality.


Intriguing Gameplay

The gameplay tends to differ depending on whether you’re playing as the Predator or the Alien. In the first case, you possess all the predator’s attacks, technologies, and skills, including thermal vision and the ability to see enemies in the dark. In the second situation, you can rely on raw strength, quick movement, and the devastating tail. There are a few simple puzzles to complete, but most of them revolve around fighting and the spectacle of hand-to-hand combat. As in many other games related to this same genre, defeating opponents and completing missions earns you points that you can use to upgrade your armor and obtain better weapons or combat items.

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Injustice 2 Is a Good Alternative

The events of Injustice 2 occur when the Justice League has disintegrated and split into two factions: Batman and Superman. Between the two leaders’ perspectives, the competition has reached a climax. Superman is imprisoned and now he has to do is keep his hatred in check and his rage under control.

Allies like Wonder Woman, Super Girl, and Cyborg help to save Superman. These comrades are always willing to go far to help their friends and they’re still secretly plotting ways to get him out of Batman’s clutches.

Evil forces then come in contact with the Earth, leading to the Brainiac invasion; they take advantage of Superman’s restraint. These forces are against the likes of Super Girl, who once devastated the planet Krypton. It’s also the time when all the superheroes must put their egos aside and work together to defeat the terrifying foe, Brainiac.

When compared to the first installment, Injustice 2 retains its familiarity. The original mechanics, such as light, medium, and heavy attack, are retained in the game, and it creates a sequence of combinations with a set of navigation keys.


After collaborating with the critically acclaimed predators of iOS devices, Fox Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games are back with a new game dedicated to the universe’s most feared hunter. AVP Evolution Mod Apk is based on the Aliens vs. Predator game and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. 

The Aliens’ goal is to break escape from imprisonment and exterminate every adversary who gets in their way. The player can command one of the Predator clans in the other campaign. Your group’s mission is to assassinate the Aliens’ queen to prevent the competing clans from utilizing her as a weapon to their benefit.

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