Bad 2 Bad: Extinction MOD APK 3.0.2 for Android Users (Unlimited money)

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GenresRole Playing
Requires4.4 and Up
Size96 MB
MOD FeaturesA large number of gold coins diamonds
Get used once or diamonds or gold can be obtained.
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Take on epic shooter challenges as you join your team of heroes on missions to defeat the enemy forces. You’ll be playing as an animal fighting against human invaders on a new planet with novel setups.

Immerse yourself in unlimited shooting games and spectacular missions as you seek to vanquish enemies and restore peace. As you embark on a series of enormous challenges, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of thrilling shooter action. Create your ultimate squad of elite warriors, and work together to foil the adversaries’ nefarious plans and push them out of the land.

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The game transports us to a unique and fascinating universe where humans and animals coexist in a highly evolved society. On the other hand, internal wars and disputes have heightened tensions between nations. 

It begins with a devastating missile launch into Syria, which has reduced the country to ashes due to its disastrous effects. In addition, despite UN attempts, the perpetrators of the atrocities, the Tailless Legion, are launching invasions into neighboring countries.

Millions of people are converted into mindless zombies due to the catastrophic virus released by the missiles. The crew, which is recruited, aims to find and destroy the AABM (Anti-Animal Biological Missile) launcher before another attack.

Take up your weapons and join our bands of dedicated animal heroes as they battle the Tailless Legion and restore peace. As you embark on your ultimate quest, destroy and wipe out the adversaries’ in specific locations while taking down the Wilders.

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Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Take Advantage of the Fantastic Gameplay and Unique Tales

Fans will undoubtedly like the squad of the world’s best fighters in their latest escapades. As you progress through the game, you’ll meet interesting personalities and learn about amazing stories. 

This time, the Tailless Legion’s adversaries are better-equipped, more powerful, well-organized, and ruthless. To drive them out of your country, you’d have to fight battles.

Take a Look at the New Open-World Mode

Find yourself in Syria, where the plague has turned all the deceased into mindless ghouls. You’ll join a group of elite heroes on their quest to battle the Tailless Legion and put an end to their nefarious plots. With the addictive open-world configurations, you can discover multiple battlefields. Feel free to look around your surroundings for loot. Completing side tasks will get you access to exceptional goodies.

Encounter New Foes 

After taking on the world’s most powerful and terrifying terrorist organizations, you’ll be pitted against stronger and more capable foes in various exciting missions. Fight the cruel Tailless Legion and the ugly Wilders, Purebloods, Underdogs, Amazoness, and the vicious Wilders. As you battle these forces, learn about diverse stories and personalities. 

Complete a Sequence of Intriguing Sub-Missions

Players will have access to magnificent maps generated at random each time they complete a task. Travel across the fields, confront the Underdogs and take on the Tailless Legion in guerrilla missions. Fight against various adversaries in various settings, and you’ll never get bored.

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Customize and Develop Your Characters 

The game includes over 20 distinct characters that you can use in your squads. Each character has different skills and powers to help them deal with their foes. Furthermore, each character uses different weapons and has its distinct qualities, equipment, and clothing, among other things. 

Modifying these distinct characters and customizing their fighting techniques will be quite simple. With over 60 different weapons to choose from, you should have no trouble enjoying the game.

Make Your Capable Fighter Quad

It’s simple to establish and build your team with so many personalities to choose from. Feel free to change their weaponry and build specific skill sets.

Upgrade and Strengthen the Abilities of Your Character

You can also choose several upgrades and improvements on your characters. As a result, you can efficiently empower your team with better weaponry, enhanced skills, etc. Increase the firing rate, reloading, penetrative damage, accuracy, and other parameters. Prepare to transform your crew into the ultimate fighting force capable of defeating any foe.

Make Use of Cutting-Edge Technology to Obtain an Advantage

Gamers can enjoy fantastic combats using futuristic technologies to make the clashes more fascinating. Use strong airstrikes, drone attacks, and various other tools to take out your foes effectively.

Compete Against Your Friends and Other Online Gamers 

To make the game more exciting, players can play with friends and online gamers worldwide while competing for the top spots on the leaderboard section. With your ultimate squads, challenge and defeat your opponents to grab the top spots on the table. 

Active Gamers Will Receive Special Incentives

Bad 2 Bad Extinction has a variety of extra awards that can be earned simply by remaining active in the game. You can play the game every day for your daily rewards, save them up, and redeem them for special goodies.

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It’s Free to Play

Android gamers may still play the game for free on their mobile devices. As a result, you can quickly download and install it from the Google Play Store on your mobile devices without paying anything. However, some of you may find the in-app purchases and advertisements irritating. In that case, you might be interested in our customized version of the game.

With Our Mod, You Can Have Infinite Money

You will have infinite money and be able to buy everything you want in the game. Also, the ad-free gameplay will make things more fun for Android users. You have to download Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk and install it on your mobile device.

Sound and Video Quality


The game is accessible on most Android devices because of its simple aesthetics. As a result, fluid and satisfying experiences should be easy. The complex and well-designed environment, which includes numerous interactive features, adds to the intrigue of each of your tasks. Not to mention the fantastic visual effects during battles, which add to the game’s appeal.


You’ll be thoroughly engrossed in the gameplay as you enter into the intense and authentic auditory sensations in Bad 2 Bad Extinction. During the game, you can listen to wonderful sound effects and awesome soundtracks.

Download Bad 2 Bad Extinction 3.0.1 Android Apk

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