Bakery Story 2 Mod Apk 1.6.1 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Bakery Story 2 is a game by TeamLava, a well-known name in the gaming world. It’s a direct sequel to the hugely successful Bakery Story Series. As you know, this game appears to be the most recent and its goal is to offer free time to individuals who cannot open their bakery in the real world.

Bakery Story 2 is not difficult to play, and becoming a store owner is simple. Customers are able to sit and eat the cuisine if the players provide a spot for them. On the other hand, players must keep the counters stocked with food prepared at the kitchen stations when clients come in. In general, your primary goal to run your bakery, gain experience and levels, collect ingredients from surrounding sellers, and create recipes. Additionally, you have the option of customizing the decoration. 


As previously stated, Bakery Story 2’s gameplay is easy, which makes it stands out among its gaming peers, such as Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder or My Secret Bistro. It’s not just about selling food and beverages; you can also become a well-known bakery proprietor. Everything begins when you run a bakery, with the essential appliances and edibles. To make it interesting, you should start with simple recipes which helps in gaining valuable experience to level up. 

When you move ahead in the game, you’ll be able to access more sophisticated recipes. The ingredients you require may not always be available in your location, a scenario that closely resembles a real-life situation. Additionally, stores may not always have the correct items for you. As a result, you should exercise caution and effectively use your resources.

Another advantage of increasing your level is the increase in station numbers. You can make and serve more cakes if you have more stations. To make the cake, select multiple things, such as cream, toppings and structure, and then wait for the cake to cook. Place it for the customers to enjoy after it is prepared. This process will repeat itself, providing you with a large sum of money to purchase new recipes and settings. It may appear tedious at first, but once you’ve engaged yourself in the game, you’ll find it fascinating.

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Create the Bakery of Your Dreams

Players in Bakery Story 2 have complete freedom to decorate their place. Wallpaper, floors, seats, art, and other bespoke furniture options are available. Every decoration can be customized to fit your style and preferences. You can put up donut tables, hang paintings, and decorate with potted plants or cake displays, to name a few ideas. From there, your bakery story takes on a life of its own. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of bakery customization options to choose from while creating a pastry paradise.

Hundreds of Delicious Recipes

Aside from decorating, there are a variety of delectable meals to try. You must customize the menu with some popular recipes in this game. It will give the impression that you are running an authentic home bakery. You can also make your favorite desserts, such as alfajores or peach cobbler.

Other Interesting Features

You’ll need a larger pantry to expand and make your bread shop famous. However, the lack of storage space can make you frustrated and reduce the customers’ demands. But, don’t be concerned as the remedy is simple. You must upgrade everything, including the appliances, pantry, and neighborhood retailers, and it will work more efficiently and to your requirements.

When your bakery has grown sufficiently, there will be a surge in demand, and clients will rush to place their orders. To put it another way, you’ll be in contact with many customers and upon completing challenges, you will get numerous rewards and popularity gains. 

Pleasant Sound and a Sweet Eye

The graphics are generally vivid, polished, and attractive. The three-dimensional characters are appealing, with just the perfect amount of adherence. Although the cake does not appear to be photo-realistic, it is well-blended with other images.

General Assessment

The game entails some major flaws; firstly, its touch detection isn’t as smooth as you’d like it to be. Furthermore, you will be unable to adorn your shop due to a lack of convenient controls. For example, if you choose the wrong kitchen utensil, you must space them out. To purchase the wallpaper or floor tiles, you must tap on them individually. It’s tiresome and repetitious. Furthermore, this game necessitates the use of an online playing method. It means you won’t be able to play Bakery Story 2 offline, and it’s a significant disadvantage for people who wish to watch the game while in transit with no Internet access.

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Purchasing new looks for your shop is prohibitively expensive as gems are rare in the game. So, if you want an attractive bakery, you’ll need to store up as many gems as possible.

Helpful Hints

Tip 1: Increase your profits to purchase new recipes and bakery equipment.

To begin, keep a close eye on your customers. If they’re turning away, it’s because there aren’t enough seats for them. As a result, you’ll need to enlarge your space and add more chairs and tables. Secondly, you must prepare all ingredients and appliances for new recipes as soon as they become available. After you’ve unlocked all-new recipes, they’ll all have a higher pay-out. 

Tip 2: Always keep your customers happy

Keep in mind that clients will continue to visit your shop even if you quit playing. As a result, you’ll need to put out a lot of baked goodies on the counters. You should also upgrade it to make it more efficient. You will obtain ingredients more quickly once it has been updated. 

Tip 3: Pay Attention to Parts 

You must fill To-Go Orders to earn parts. Parts are essential because they allow you to improve your pantry and grocery. In other words, whether or not you can expand your bakery depends heavily on these components. Filling To-Go Orders is the most efficient way to get these items. These orders can also award premium gems to players, but this does not happen very often. If you’re lucky, you might be able to obtain jewels.

Tip 4: Pay Attention to Your Tasks

Quest completion is a beautiful way to gain experience points, and you’ll also be able to discover more recipes and level up quickly. 

Tip 5: Use Quick Serves 

Quick Serves are a great technique to speed up the baking process. You can get them by connecting your account to Facebook and asking your friends. Furthermore, you will occasionally be granted Quick Serves if you complete the To-Go Orders. 

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Tip 6: Before you stop the game, make sure all your appliances are turned on.

Before logging out, make sure that all appliances have baked recipes, especially the most recent ones. When you return to your business, you’ll be able to serve a range of cooked cakes. You can acquire additional experience points and coins by doing so.

Tip 7: Always have your mixer turned on.

The mixer appliances are convenient because they can manufacture a variety of ingredients, including fruit preserves and sugar frosting. Many go-to orders or missions requesting baked items necessitate using this equipment. If you have adequate ingredients in your cupboard, you are ready to prepare complicated recipes like Frosted Chocolate Brownies in quick time. 

Tip #8: Stay aware of the game’s monthly events

Every month, at least one event takes place. The events are held for a short time and accompanied by specially-themed goodies. They specifically allow you to make delectable holiday cakes. Additionally, when preparing these delicacies, you will receive many coins. 

Tip 9: Attending as many events as possible

Aside from the monthly events, there are several special events with unique themed decors. You should strive to get your hands on these products before the events expire. If you don’t receive them this year, you’ll have to wait till next year.

Tip 10: Have a good time.

Bakery Story 2 can be played in a variety of ways. Choose the method that matches your style, whether it’s learning new recipes, decorating, making friends with other players, or making your clients happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if I Leave a Cake to Cook Too Long?

It all depends on how long this cake has been baking. If this cake only takes an hour to make, and you elongated the time, then you must discard it immediately. It implies you’ve lost the money you spent on this dish, and you’ll have to start over. 


Bakery Story 2 Mod Apk provides you with a lot of fun while managing a restaurant. You will enjoy playing this game because it has many features and upgrades. If you enjoy management games, you will be satisfied with this title. Even though this game does not match your expectations, it is still enjoyable to play.