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In Baseball Boy, you take up the role of a little boy whose aim is to strike the ball as far as possible. You must direct the ball in a way that it does not collide with obstacles and goes as far as possible. If you’re addicted to Voodoo creators’ exciting games like Stack Jump, Snake vs. Block or Dune, you’ll have no trouble mastering this game. Baseball Boy delivers unique gameplay and is ideal for players of all ages. 

General Information

The batting venue is a busy roadway with villas, trees, and power lines on both sides, rather than a stadium and grassy lawn. Players can pick their favorite stick from a variety of shapes. Then you must align the ball’s path and tap the screen to fire a powerful shot forward. According to the player’s reviews, the ball will travel the longest if the arrow indicates the direction towards the red region. 

We caution you that breaking your record will be difficult due to numerous obstacles. When the ball collides with a tree, a pole, or a wall and rolls back, you will lose points. Furthermore, sand or grassland will slow down the pace of your ball. Unique balls or features that assist the ball bounce further can be purchased with cash. 

Baseball Boy’s cartoon designs are cute and colorful. Houses, trees, power poles, cars, and highways are depicted in stunning detail. Material aspects like hit, bounce, strike power, and flight degree are likewise quite realistic and precise. Throughout the game, players will be entertained by lively music.

Background Information

Baseball is played on a field separated into two sections. Diamond is the first and most significant part. It is based on four bases occupied by a team who are in the fielding mode. The hitter must hit the ball to complete the four-base run to get a score for his team. However, after three strikes, we consider the batter to be out.

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If he sends the ball out of the playing area too often, he can sprint to the next base and occupy it before the opponent retrieves the ball and hurls it to the catcher at the base. On the other hand, the batter can do what is known as “the Queen” of baseball moves. All players can run on point without being stopped by their opponents. The roles of the teams are reversed when three batters are out.

Distinctive Gameplay

Baseball Boy lacks technical and simulation capabilities like Baseball Star or Baseball 9, yet it still has impressive features. It can entertain both casual users and die-hard enthusiasts. In the absence of a practical lesson, both regular and occasional players require time to absorb the different methods. To play at their best, players must master the mechanics and the sequence of commands one by one.

While this approach may be cumbersome for people unfamiliar with sports-themed video games, the cards and information displayed are detailed. It splits the tutorial cards into categories depending on different roles. A tutorial is unquestionably preferred, as it allows the player to experiment with various combinations and roles on the field. As a result, you can memorize the command mapping without pulling out the card every time you want to perform that action. Each tutorial card contains a specific description of the command sequence and what will happen once it is completed.

Overall Assessment

Techniques Between Attack and Defense

When you start as a pitcher, you’ll be on the mound, and can force everything from a devastating high-speed straight ball to a more unpredictable and slower curveball. We need to adjust our approach according to the directional arrows. Now, we have to move the cursor as far out from the center as possible without leaving the strike region.

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The dynamics of the batting phase are easy to comprehend. The batting cursor follows the ball automatically and can be changed by the user according to the situation. There are action keys organized in a rhombus which corresponds to the diamond base. We note an imprecise response of the controls and a less-than-perfect AI in this phase, compounded by the player’s choice and the launch’s power loading.

Artistic Sector

The game’s graphics are unquestionably its strength and its weakness. The players’ polygonal models on the field are unreasonable and out of proportion to real humans. On the other hand, the caricature-style models are reminiscent of some of the most well-known animated flicks. It blends amusing animations that constitute the title’s core feature, resulting in visual delight for the user.

During the game, you can send the runner to the base at the appropriate time or stop an opponent’s action. One flaw may be the lack of uniqueness and similarities to other titles linked to this sport. Also, there is no space for foreign languages in the game.

Other Observations

Voodoo’s contributions are remarkable. It brings to mind fantastic sporting titles and makes us reflect on the team’s strong commitment to the project, which resulted in substantial results. Even if it is a purely recreational activity, the public has shown its gratitude and accolades. The game also offers delight to the developers to create more games.


Baseball Boy isn’t without issues, though. The sprinting mechanism is a little more complicated, and it’s takes a lot of time for the user sometimes. Aside from what we’ve already stated, the game is primarily played on tracks.

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Another fault is the movement of players and the lines drawn on the ground. As the player hits the ball, it splashes to the left, breaking every physical rule. Yet another problem is the online multiplayer option. The classic exhibition and season modes are available in Baseball Boy, but only in local multiplayer or single-player mode.


You can deliver the ball with different effects, such as swing, slider, etc. The pitcher and all other players have standard statistics such as maximal power, nervous system, speed, precision and a variety of other factors. The same can be said about the hitter. You can also hit the ball precisely with both power and swing to hit a ‘Home Run’. The developers have devised an ‘Ego System’ that ranges from 0 to 99, a feature that helps the player’s in managing the game.


Baseball Boy Mod Apk is being reviewed at an essential time (spread of the Coronavirus) when all sports have come to a halt. The new baseball season is however, scheduled to begin on March 26th. Lastly, this game, edited by Voodoo, is available to fans of one of America’s most popular sports. Download the modified version and enjoy it for an extended period.

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