Battle Camp Mod Apk 5.17.0 for Android Users (Mod Monsters)

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GenresRole Playing
Requires4.0 and up
Size90.12 MB
MOD FeaturesAll Monsters
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Battle Camp: Monster Catching is the ultimate game to capture and train large-sized creatures. Here, you’ll begin on your journey through the realm of monsters and strange creatures with distinct abilities. In Battle Camp, collect your monsters as you train them and embark on your adventure. Compete against other players to see who the best is. Feel free to capture, train, evolve, and unlock the hidden abilities of your favorite monsters. Travel the globe and take on a variety of tasks along the way. You and your monsters can become extremely powerful if you work together.

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The game immerses players in a fantastical universe where mankind coexists with mysterious creatures known as Monsters. Furthermore, many people become addicted to the epic monster bouts in which they can pit their Monster against others to hone their skills and powers. 


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Make Up Your Battle Camp Characters

Players in Battle Camp can build their unique characters using various personalization options. You can customize your avatar with fresh clothing, distinctive costumes, and even exciting accessories. In Battle Camp, you can dress up your character in any way you like..

Visit a Variety of Locales 

You’ll quickly find there’s a lot more to Battle Camp than meets the eye. There are many interesting spots on this vast continent that you have yet to visit, and there is additional exciting gameplay that you can find. So don’t be hesitant to resume your quest as you join the rest of the world on this incredible continent.

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Take a Look Inside the World of Monsters

As you travel through the wide countries, you’ll come across a variety of monsters, each with its own set of capabilities and abilities. Your quest will undoubtedly be long and intriguing, with over 1200 distinct creatures to catch and evolve. With more monsters being added to the library all the time, you’ll have to hurry if you don’t want to be left behind by other players.

Create Your Squad and Take Part in Epic Fights

With so many creatures, Battle Camp players will have to develop a variety of techniques and team compositions. The gameplay will undoubtedly be exciting because the monsters have intriguing attribute powers, with each of them serving as a counter to or support for the others.

Gamers will also get access to the addicting match-three battles. Here, you’ll use the boards to connect the elemental jewels to match three of the same hue in a row. This will allow you to unleash strong elemental attacks on your foes. Also, certain assaults will be more effective than others, depending on who you’re battling.

Take Part in Online Gaming With Millions of Other Players

The game introduces players to a vast online virtual world where they can connect with other players. Join our community of Monster trainers to meet fascinating people and make friends. Feel free to communicate via social media, text conversations, voice chats, and other means.

There Are Several Game Modes to Choose From

Trainers in Battle Camp will access several game types with their online friends and opponents, allowing them to get the most out of this incredible game. That being said, you can begin your epic journey in Battle Camp by engaging in thrilling combat with wild monsters across the world to capture them or gain experience for your monsters.

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If your team is powerful enough, you can start battling other online gamers in spectacular real-time fights. Here’s where you may brag about your Monsters’ training accomplishments. Friends and other online gamers can quickly form a troop for those who enjoy playing in groups. Take part in various troop activities, such as hunting down monsters and fighting other soldiers. If you don’t want to form a new group, you can apply to an existing one.

Finally, the game includes thrilling ranked bouts in which you can compete against the best trainer in the world for the top spots on the leaderboards. To become the best in Battle Camp, challenge them and win the matches.

It’s Free to Play

Despite all of the fascinating features, Android gamers can presently play the game for free on their mobile devices. Install the game on your devices without spending any money.

With Our Mod, You Can Unlock Monsters

If you don’t want to spend their time looking for new monsters in Battle Camp, use our Battle Camp Mod Apk, where you can effortlessly access all the game’s features. Start with the unlocked monsters, and you’ll find Battle Camp to be a lot of fun.

Sound and Video Quality


Battle Camp players will be able to interact with the game’s attractive and powerful monsters, thanks to the game’s outstanding graphics. In addition, the intuitive match-three combats and grandiose visual effects are to pleasing.


Gamers in Battle Camps will have access to the immersive monster battles, in addition to the great music experiences.

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Download Battle Camp Mod 5.21.0 Android Apk

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