Beat the Boss 3 V2.1.2 for Android Users (Mod Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperGame Hive Corporation
Size87.45 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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Gaming Hive Corporation has officially released its latest installment of the world-famous mobile game, Beat the Boss 3. Take a stand against your obnoxious boss and knock them out cold. In Beat the Boss 3, you can take vengeance on bad bosses by using different tools and gadgets. 


Players accompany a brave employee on a quest as he seeks vengeance on all oppressive bosses from all around the world. Travel to several areas and meet a variety of bosses with vexing personalities.
You’ll go head-to-head with them in an extended battle where only the ultimate man can claim victory. Utilize the incredible weapons that will be on offer to torture the bosses until they can no longer fling insults at you. The more you play the game, the more addicted you become to it.


At this time you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Simple Gameplay

The game offers a simple process in which you hit your bosses until they can no longer take it.
Use various weapons to harm them so that they are unable to speak.

Battles in Various Locations

To broaden the game’s appeal, Game Hive Corporation’s creators have provided players with a massive environment where they can partake in various acts. Fight your bosses on land, sea, deserts, cold mountains, city streets, or even within a cave. As you take on bosses from all across the world, you’ll learn about a range of fields. Engage in thrilling battles to gain precious prizes.

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Customize the Bosses

The bosses in Beat the Boss 3 are based on real-life stereotypes. You’ll have a lot of fun thrashing your imaginary bosses, which will feel just like the real thing. Furthermore, you will have access to exciting features, allowing players to design their unique bosses with the same characteristics as the real ones. To make a realistic boss with great attributes, choose from various haircuts, eyes, noses, and other features.

Wide Range of Weaponry

Gamers in Beat the Boss 3 will also have access to almost any weapon they can imagine. Shoot your pencils at the opponents or make use of your fly swatter to pad them. Use taser guns to hit them with powerful electrodes, shoot arrows against them, and more. With over 100 different dangerous weapons, the fun will never end.

Customize Your Weapons

Players can customize the appearance of their weapons, in addition to other changes. Choose from various customization options, like possessing your weapons painted in new colors, changing the artwork, and more. As you take down your bosses with legendary weapons, do so in style. Additionally, the modified weaponry allows for different visual effects when shooting, which is appealing.

Accurate Physics

This game offers a simple mechanism which is easy to pick up; the realistic mechanics ensure that it will never become dull. Engage yourself in dynamic situations and receive realistic responses to each of your beats. After being smashed with your tools, notice the minor bruises that develop on the opponents, as well as their torn-out garments.

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Amass Epic Rewards

Players will have the opportunity to collect significant prizes throughout their journey in Beat the Boss 3. Within each stage, complete exciting quests to earn fantastic treasure. To gain fantastic boosts, complete challenges, and milestones. Alternatively, you can earn fantastic daily incentives by being active in the game.

Free to Play

To download the game, you can go to Google Play Store and install it from there. However, because it is a free-to-play game, you will be disturbed by the intrusive advertisements that interrupt your gameplay. This will slow your progress.

Enjoy These Fantastic Mods

We’ve created a fantastic and exclusive game tweak to deal with this situation. On the other hand, installing our mods on your Android devices will allow you to participate in infinite playtime. Download and install our Beat the Boss 3 Mod APK on your devices as a third-party application. To correctly install the game, follow our instructions.

Sound and Video Quality


The game offers simple graphics and aesthetics on a wide range of devices. You can easily view the tools and the bosses with whom you need to play with.


The on-theme tunes and realistic sound effects will keep you entertained. Pay attention to the groans of bosses as you punish them for their transgressions. Download the latest version of Beat the Boss 3 Mod for Android, version 2.1.2.


Beat the Boss 3 is an excellent casual game for Android users to enjoy on their phones and tablets. In this new version of the popular franchise, you can beat your bosses with different types of tools. 

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