Bee Brilliant MOD APK 1.89.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperTactile Games
Requires4.4 and Up
Size93 MB
MOD FeaturesMod Money/Energy/Ads-Free & More
Updated02 Days Ago
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Bee Brilliant is a puzzle game where players must connect three bees of the same hue. Throughout the game, you will encounter bees, which are the main feature of the game. You will definitely find the game fascinating. 

Let’s have a look at Bee Brilliant through our evaluations.


Amusing Honey Bees

Brilliant by Tactile Games is one of the most popular games ever released. The game is available for free on mobile devices and is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. When you play Bee Brilliant, you’ll be transported to Bee land, where you’ll meet the singing Babees, the frantic busy bees, and the mischievous spiders.

Bee Brilliant’s bees aren’t your typical bees; they’re made of a rainbow of colors, including pink, green, red, and yellow. They come in a variety of shapes as well. The game’s environment is a forest with many trees and flowers, which is ideal for a swarm of bees. The game’s most appealing feature is its eye-catching graphics and vibrant colors.

A piece of music is played when you begin to start the game. The music is played after you complete a level or link three or more bees. It can be altered once you reach a particular level, together with accumulating sufficient stars. For example, from level 1 to 20, you will listen to the piece of music “Bee Brilliant.” Then, from level 21 to level 40, you will listen to a different piece of music named “Just Bee.” By clicking on the jukebox symbol, you can listen to a sample of the music.

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Join the Bees Together

Bee Brilliant is a match-3 game where you must match the same bees to build a line. The bees will initially sleep in a beehive but will wake up once you have connected them. Bee Brilliant, unlike other games, does not require you to link in a row or column. The elements (stars) assists you in unlocking the piece of music. Furthermore, you should not rush because you will have ample amount of time. Before you move, you should spend some time forecasting where the bees will leave. 

When the small bees are connected to form a bigger one, it causes a massive explosion. When two or three large bees are together, a considerably larger explosion takes place. Furthermore, the large bees can clear up the entire row or column. This will come in levels where you have to collect honey, break rock or shattering ice. You will be obliged to watch a commercial before each level. Also, you can get an extra transfer if you view the advertisements.

Main Characteristics

Bee Brilliant is a game in which you must solve puzzles. All you have to do is link one line of bees of the same color. The line of bees will provide you with enough points to take you to the next stage. 

The player can choose from six distinct game modes, such as popping the cheeky spiders’ web, collecting honey pots, etc. You are not obligated to observe any rules in the game. It contains almost 1000 stages that will keep you entertained for a long time. You can challenge your friends or family via Facebook. 

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There’s a massive event when you unlock level 51. The game’s Events section allows you to track what’s going on. To access the game, click the beehive icon. Lastly, there are daily events which won’t want to miss out. 

Play With Your Family and Friends

The easy gameplay requires the user to match the same bees on the list to win. In the game, you will encounter a variety of colorful bees. With its eye-catching pattern and vibrant color, Bee Brilliant will provide you with amazing gameplay. Furthermore, the dynamic sound effects will provide you with minutes of relaxation. Download the game now and enjoy.

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