Free Ben 10: Up to Speed Mod Apk 2.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperCartoon Network
Requires4.4 and Up
Size182 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Ben 10: Up to Speed is designed for all tablets and smartphones and is based on the popular Ben 10 cartoon. You’ll go alongside Ben, the little boy who can transform the Omnitrix into several superheroes with incredible extraterrestrial abilities. It is a runner game that can be played on iOS and Android devices. It comes with five alien heroes and sixty levels, to begin with. You will meet new aliens throughout his voyage and traverse through different levels.

General Information

Ben 10: Up to Speed is made especially for kids. The main character, Ben 10, uses his abilities to transform into a superhero. The game also offers brand-new heroes for free to make it more enjoyable. Also, there are aliens with invincible abilities and different playing styles.

Put your skills to the test in new levels and environments. Some of the features included in the game are alien transformations, a wide range of hero possibilities, Omnitrix upgrades, and a range of leveling paths. Don’t miss out on the hottest 3D runner games, all of which have been designed for mobile devices.

Ben 10 is a fantastic character; it’s entertaining and addictive with a visually stunning appearance. You can choose from various aliens to fight in the game. It’s an addictive game; consider opening it and playing a few rounds. The main character must flee from the enemies and watch out for several obstacles on the route. To win, you must master all of your extraterrestrial heroes’ life forms and their superpowers. 

Are you looking for a runner mobile game to keep yourself or your kids occupied? Ben 10: Up to Speed is perfect for you. This action-packed game requires players to dash past obstacles, one after the other. 

Overall Evaluations

The game is enjoyable as your main goal is to run over several obstacles at a set distance. Don’t forget to collect coins, and be prepared to face adversaries along the route. Cartoon Network has now introduced Ben 10 to a new generation as a fun smartphone game. It’s available on iOS, Google Play, and Amazon. 


There are a few flaws that need to be addressed. The controls aren’t always responsive, and the screen occasionally glitches. Some players believe that new aliens, such as Shock Rock, Humugasour, Slapback, and Rath, would be fantastic. The game is undeniably entertaining, but level 30 may be difficult for some players. Also, gamers can face difficulties when attempting to download the game. There are also times when the game refuses to load, forcing players to delete and reinstall the game.


Ben 10: Up to Speed is a match-3 game based on the Ben Tennyson and his extraterrestrial heroes’ series. Choose the aliens from the list with caution, as picking the wrong one could result in your death. All you have to do is wait for it to charge. You’ll have to accept the loss of several additional items, such as long jump, gold, and even power.

During the game, Ben can increase his speed and physical strength as he progresses through the stages. Furthermore, you are free to take a different path after crossing over the obstacles. To change lanes, swipe left or right on the screen. Move up and down when you wish to jump or perform a slide. Before transforming into the chosen heroes or gaining one of the power-ups, tap certain icons at the bottom of the game display to operate the alien watch.


The graphics design, on the whole, is quite impressive. You must play through all 60 levels, much like in the series, with a choice of 5 alien heroes. There are various extra game elements, like alien transformations, 3D running controls built for smartphones, Omnitrix & upgrades, and multiple level paths. 


Ben 10: Up to Speed Mod Apk was released, based on the worldwide phenomenon Ben 10, which first aired on Cartoon Network in 2006. Play as Ben and his fellow aliens, ranging from enormous robots to magicians, in a race to knock down all adversaries as quickly as possible.

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