Free Best Fiends Mod Apk 10.3.1 for Android Users (Unlimited Currency)

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DeveloperSeriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Requires4.1 and Up
Size224 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold and Energy
Updated02 Days Ago
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Find yourself thoroughly engrossed in Best Fiends’ highly addictive and engaging puzzle gameplay. Explore the weird realm, where you can join a band of unusual heroes on epic quests to vanquish the slugs. Match the same-colored gems to unleash a sequence of fantastic attacks as you dive into awesome puzzle-solving tasks.

Join our heroes as they face thousands of spectacular and entertaining puzzle levels around Mount Boom. Allow your heroes to achieve unique and adventurous tasks while learning about the mountain’s secrets through engaging storytelling. Discover the Best Fiends’ strength and defend the regions from invading invaders.

You can learn more about this fantastic game by Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd with our evaluations.


Android gamers will be transported to unusual worlds in Best Fiends, where small animals known as Minutia live happily and peacefully. After a mysterious meteor struck Mount Boom, their sacred home, everything changed. Thousands of terrible monsters began to emerge from the ashes of the adjacent snail. Regardless, your immediate objective is to halt enemy advances and drive these pests out of your territories. Be wary of the nasty monsters, as they will corrupt and slime anything they encounter. In addition to fending off the nefarious slug creatures, you must begin investigating the events that occurred on Mount Boom. 


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s interesting features.

Simple Puzzle Game 

Android gamers in Best Fiends will be able to play this simple and addictive puzzle game on their mobile devices. Enjoy exciting and satisfying encounters with the horrible monsters as you use your brilliant puzzle moves to defeat them. Find yourself exploring the game’s enormous maps, which will take you to various locations on Mount Boom. 

There Are Thousands of Intriguing Riddles to Solve

The game includes thousands of challenging puzzle levels, each with its own set of problems. In the levels, you’ll be pitted against some of the hardest slime monsters. With increasing difficulty, you’ll find the game relatively simple to learn. However, as you progress through the levels, the game should become increasingly difficult to master. 

Create a Lovely Character Team

As you travel through Mount Boom in search of a solution, you’ll meet a variety of interesting in-game characters. Our heroes will have the opportunity to assemble the ultimate team with the help of some of the most competent fiends. As you explore the storylines, you’ll come across individuals with unique skills and powers. You can also create a comprehensive team with the necessary abilities to vanquish any foe. 

Customize and Evolve Your Characters

In addition to joining your Minutia heroes on their quest to combat the evil slime monsters, players in Best Fiends will have access to various upgrades and power-ups for their characters.

Begin by sending our heroes into battle and defeating the opponents. You’ll be able to level up your players as you gain experience. Explore the final frontier of abilities as you develop them to their maximum potential. The game also includes various customization options that allow players to dress up their heroes for battle successfully. 

Take Part in the Game With Your Friends

In addition to the offline puzzle level concept, Best Fiends allows players to play with friends. Connect your social media account to the game to access the online competition. You can take a look at your friends who are also playing the game and follow their progress at any time. Earn big rewards and compete against your friends.

Furthermore, by connecting your social account to the game, players will be able to access the valuable saving tool. This will ensure that you do not lose your in-game progress.

Participate in Daily Activities 

The game also has enjoyable daily activities that you can participate in. Along with the core tasks and difficulties, you can earn useful daily rewards that will accumulate each time you return to the game. As a result, you’ll want to play Best Fiends regularly to reap the fantastic prizes at the end of the month.

Take Advantage of Regular Upgrades 

To keep the game exciting, Best Fiends players will be introduced to various new updates and materials. Feel free to try out new levels, characters, and events whenever you have the opportunity.

It’s Free to Play

Even with all of these incredible features, the authors of Best Fiends manage to surprise us with their free gameplay. On the other hand, Android gamers will easily find the game on the Google Play Store without having to pay any money.

With Our Mod, You’ll Have Unlimited Gold and Energy

You can always use our customized version of Best Fiends to remove the irritating adverts and in-app purchases. Download and install the Best Fiends Mod Apk from our website and play with all the unlocked features. 

Sound and Video Quality


Unlike most other games, Best Fiends allows players to immerse themselves in its fantastic in-game environments and stories. You’ll be able to learn about a bunch of heroes while enjoying the friendly and entertaining animations. With satisfying videos and dynamic visual effects, you’ll find the puzzle challenges to be a lot more engaging.


The game also provides Android gamers with exciting and gratifying acoustic effects in addition to outstanding visual experiences. It will allow you to become thoroughly engrossed in the game’s activities.


Best Fiends offers entertaining gameplay, in-depth and epic adventures, and amazing puzzle challenges. If you enjoy similar games, you’ll find Toon Blast, Toy Blast, and other related games to be highly addictive. Download the game now and enjoy the ad-free experience.

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