Bike Race Pro 7.9.4 for Android Users (MOD Unlock All levels)

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DeveloperTop Free Games
Requires4.2 and up
Size37 M
MOD FeaturesUnlock All levels
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It’s amazing how quickly someone can transform a simple concept into a fantastic mobile game. That’s precisely what happened with Bike Race, the world’s most popular racing game. Bike Race is an Android game that features a unique racing action platform that allows users to have a simple yet rewarding experience. 

With our reviews, you may learn more about this fantastic game.


In the game, players accompany a rookie biker on his quest to become the best stunt performer in the world by performing incredible acrobatics. You can ride various bikes, including bicycles, scooters, and high-speed racing bikes in the game and complete different tasks of varying difficulty levels. To acquire precious loot, try to beat your previous best scores and set new records. Lastly, you can also play tournaments to achieve rewards.

Put your talents and abilities to the test against the top Bike Race players on the planet and participate in spectacular duel or multiplayer races with your friends.


Here are some of the features of this game.

Controls That Are Simple to Use

Because of the game’s simple fundamentals, you’ll find yourself quickly familiarising with the controls. To accelerate or halt your bikes, all you have to do is touch the screen. You can also utilize the tilt capability to lean your bike in a specific direction and you can alter the sensitivity of the touch and lean options to ease the control.

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Use the Fantastic Combos to Do Epic Stunts

You can create amazing combos by utilizing basic controls. Perform great tricks on a variety of terrains to gain incredible scores. With Bike Race Pro, you may unlock incredible bonuses.

Visit a Variety of Locales and Listen to Various Tracks

Players are also introduced to over 14 different worlds, which adds to the diversity and excitement of the races. Players can put their driving talents to the test on dozens of different tracks in each globe. That said, there are 128 different racing tracks in the game, each with its own set of difficulties and graphics.

Choose From a Wide Range of Fantastic Bicycles

Bike Race Pro is a terrific game to spend your time on if you want to put your skills and abilities to the test on a variety of different vehicles. There are over 16 incredible bikes in the game, each with its quirks and attributes. The game promises to offer better and more exciting bikes in the future versions of the game. 

Examine a Variety of Improvement Options

To make your motorcycle more capable during races, you can also modify them in various ways. You can increase the speed or offer better controls to feel at ease while performing different stunts. 

For Enticing Prizes, Unlock Accomplishments and Challenges

Apart from completing the tasks, Bike Race Pro has several unlocked achievements and challenges for you to complete. Finish them in style, and you can get different prizes. 

Take Part in the Thrilling Online Multiplayer Mode

Bike Race Pro is the perfect app for people who are confident with their riding skills and can play with other competitors. The game includes fascinating online gaming and a variety of fun multiplayer modes for you to enjoy.

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Duel: To begin, you can compete in a one-on-one competition against your friends or any online gamer from across the world. With Bike Race Pro, you can immerse yourself in the exciting and intense action.

Tournament: You can race on a whole new level by playing in a tournament against numerous opponents. Join your friends in intense racing brawls and have a blast while playing multiplayer games.

With Our Mods, You May Access Endless Stuff

For those dissatisfied with the free edition’s incomplete material, our website provides the full version of Bike Race Pro for free. As a result, you may enjoy ad-free experiences while accessing the content. 

You can begin by downloading and installing the Bike Race MOD APK on your devices. Follow our instructions to get the files installed correctly on your devices. Open the game and begin to enjoy endless entertainment and features. 

Sound and Video Quality


The game has simple 2D graphics and requires little effort. However, because of the well-designed levels and characters, you’ll find the races to be quite intuitive. Furthermore, the game’s low-resolution graphics allow gamers with low-end devices to enjoy.


The game lacks divine music pieces written by outstanding musicians in Bike Race Pro. However, players enjoy the realistic and enjoyable audio experiences it provides. 

Bike Race Pro Mod 7.9.4 Android Apk Download

The game is undoubtedly a refreshing change from standard race-oriented games. Instead of wasting your time in Need for Speed, Asphalt, or other similar games, you can relax and enjoy Bike Race Pro with its endless features.

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