Bitlife: Life Simulator Mod Apk 3.0.5 for Android Users (All Unlocked)

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DeveloperCandywriter, LLC
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BitLife – Life Simulator is a fantastic game to check out if you’re looking for a realistic simulation game. You will find a variety of interactive features that will provide hours of entertainment. 

With our reviews, you can learn more about this fantastic game.


Because the game relies on its players to explore and construct their own storylines, you’re free to manage whatever you want in BitLife. You can access all the related choices for your characters. Do as you choose, make your own conclusions, and determine whether they are correct or incorrect.


Here are some of the most noteworthy features that we believe all BitLife – Life Simulator players would enjoy.


This is one of the most crucial figures since it defines your level of happiness. Things are more likely to go your way if you are happy, and you will feel more fulfilled when doing things. On the other hand, low happiness would indicate your characters are likely to be depressed. As a result, they become less effective in every activity.


If you want to live a fulfilling life, you must have good health. This would allow you to participate in more activities, improve your work performance and avoid living a life that is too short and unfinished.


People must be intelligent to comprehend what is going on around them. As a result, you should devote some time to studying and learning new topics to improve your intelligence.


Everything can be altered in BitLife – Life Simulator. All you need is a little cash to get through. However, if you want to improve your appearance, you can get plastic surgery to turn you into a Brad Pitt Doppelganger. You can even change your gender if you believe your current one is no longer appropriate.

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This is perhaps the most boring activity, but you can’t avoid it because it pays well. You’ll need money to keep your firm afloat; buy what you want and support your family.


Going clubbing once in a while is also a good idea, and it helps you relieve tension while also allowing you to meet new people. While at the club, you will experience a variety of situations, such as being involved in a brawl, being offered marijuana by others, and so on.


It’s critical to maintain your physical fitness to look better and attractive. Furthermore, having a good fit allows you to keep your physique. This can be useful in various scenarios, including bulgary or when fighting bullies.

Plastic Surgery Procedure

Going to a plastic surgeon is another technique to improve your appearance. A successful operation would provide you with a stunning personality. You’ll have a better chance of landing a date that you’ll enjoy.


Studying is always the most secure strategy to achieve success. However, learning processes are sometimes tedious and uninteresting, and completing your degree will take a significant amount of time. In this case, you have other methods to achieve success too.


Or, if you don’t want to study, there are other options to get rich too. One of them is to visit a casino, where individuals risk their cash and probably, their life. On the contrary, you can also amass a fortune that would otherwise require a lifetime of hard effort.

Commit Infractions

If you haven’t been making enough money at the casino, gambling may not be your cup of tea. Why not take your business elsewhere in this case? The criminal ways, in particular, aren’t that horrible. Naturally, if you don’t get caught, you’ll collect a lot of money.

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However, life can be bleak for those who are unfortunate enough to end themselves in prison. Staying in it can cause numerous problems, including poor health, physical abuse, loss of friends, and so on.

As a result, if you think you can’t take it any longer, you might plot an escape to reclaim your freedom. You can also request for a bail or a complete reprieve.

Npcs Interactive and Realistic Qualities

Players can form fascinating interactions with other characters in the game, thanks to many interactive NPCs with realistic elements. You can make them your friends, or even your life partner. Every character will have their own set of characteristics that define them.


Having an intelligent buddy or partner can be beneficial since they can help you develop a brilliant solution to your challenges. They are also easy to get along with and will undoubtedly provide you with a pleasant surprise.


While money isn’t everything, it is an important consideration. Having affluent friends is beneficial to your business since they can assist you with various tasks. On the other hand, a wealthy companion will enable you to enjoy a comfortable life, free of worries.


This is a trait shared by all NPCs in the game, as it demonstrates their willingness to undertake actions. A short term relationship is much more entertaining for you than a long term one, which does not appear to be a viable choice.

Make a Connection and Start a Family

If you believe you’ve found the love of your life. You and your partner can settle down and start a family together. If you want to expand your family and bring more fun into it, you can have your children or adopt some.

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Sound and Video Quality

Because the game is primarily text-based, there are no noticeable graphical features. With a well-organized system, you’ll have access to all your options. The sound effects are thrilling since it includes soundtracks that complement specific scenarios in your daily life.


If you’re looking for a fun simulator game to play in your spare time, this is the game for you. With BitLife – Life Simulator’s relatively deep gameplay, you’ll be able to enjoy every facet of life. Download the modified version and have fun with its additional features and ad-free gaming.

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