Blade Crafter MOD APK 4.20 for Android Users (shopping)

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperStudio Drill
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Blade Crafter is a pixel-based mobile game with a retro-style placement creation. The gameplay consists solely of ticking and tapping. The player will experience different monsters and materials for crafting more powerful weapons. It’s a stress-relieving game that will keep you engrossed. The Mod Apk version provides effortless freehand, one-handed control, and various enjoyable options for passing the time. You can receive it for free by clicking this link.

General Information

Blade Crafter is a cartoonish version of the popular mobile role-playing game, Blade Crafter. The player will take on the role of a brave man in the game by defeating the creatures. The gold coins you earn from each action can upgrade your weapon forms during the combat, and the assault is also autocompleted.

The player must determine the weapon’s enhancement and upgrading based on their assets. You can also participate in the fight, and you can also join the fight by lightly tapping on the touch screen. Despite the lack of extra features or visual effects, the game keeps the player engaged. Auxiliary armor equipment systems, pet combat systems, and skill combat systems are also available.

You can manage your finances and prioritize upgrading the automatic assault system to ease your strain by engaging in several conflicts. Click to participate, tap to level up your character, and unlock skills, all of which will help you gain more game experience. So, if you and your friends are interested in playing this game, please download the background.

This simple idle game combines drawing, mining, and placing. You can go through various processes in the game, starting with possessing the first-class sword and progressing via drilling, forging, upgrading weapons, painting images, and improving valuables. Blade Crafter is a mobile role-playing game developed by Studio Drill. This game entails construction of swords, acquiring materials, challenging levels, and randomly dropped props. 

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Background Information

Blade Crafter is a role-playing game based on the Buddha’s placement system. The game makes use of the game screen’s vertical orientation. Players can collect ores to process and manufacture formidable weapons in this game. Confront the opponent with the lower force to defeat him in the next round, obtain his gold coins and the fabled sword. In the game, rare metals will be concealed in the corners of the map. 

Engaging Gameplay

Blade Crafter is a brand-new mobile role-playing game franchise. The game features a variety of unique gaming modes, each with its theme scenery and interesting levels. It will provide you with the ultimate level-breaking experience. You can also engage in more intense duels to gradually develop the artistic sense of sword training. There are automatic attack operations in a mobile role-playing game with placement aspects. While these options lower the player’s engagement in the game, they also lower its operating coefficient.

Because the amount of gold coins is limited in the early stages, to attack the mobs, players must click. You can activate the automated assault weapon system along with the spawning mode by purchasing one of the available weapons; the game’s weapon system is diversified.

As your gold coin collection grows, you’ll be able to purchase more complex weaponry. The progressive increase in weapon level will create various skill specifications over time—the more the sophistication of weapons, the greater the threat level.

With a simple operating system, the game is ideal for all ages. Only manual monster spawning can accumulate and purchase automated attack weaponry in the early stages. When you first start the game, click the character’s photo to bring up the character screen. Each time you click, your character’s level can increase the role’s attack strength.

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There are various distinguishing characteristics, such as:

  • The weapons you wield move and fight as if they have a life of their own.
  • Attacking with a click can hasten the game’s progress.
  • After 100 levels, you can try to inherit.
  • Medals can be obtained by inheritance, and historical riches can be discovered.
  • Accomplish goals in the game to earn rewards.


Main User Interface

The main interface mostly shows the current weapons and their associated attributes. You can upgrade your weapons and equipment at any moment.

Mode of Combat

You’ll enter the passed interface by clicking the fight button in the upper right corner of the primary interface. It’s worth noting that weapons are long-lasting. A similar talent to replenish the gun’s durability can be found in the lower right corner. When the gun’s strength reaches zero, it leaves the sketching interface and returns to the main interface.

Store on the Internet

Goods are always for sale at the shops. Some things boost your attack power, double the value of gold coins, and speed up your automated attacks. We can confidently state that all of the things are of high quality. Buy from the Internet and enjoy the game.

Tips and Tricks

The game also includes mini-games. In the upper left corner, click the little icon of the third joystick. Two mini-games will be available, and you can get gems or runes after completing a level. There are many more intriguing aspects in the game, ready to be discovered.

Special Techniques

After 100 levels, you can try to inherit. Try your hardest to get accomplishments and rewards in the game. Medals can be obtained by inheritance, and historical riches can be discovered. The weapons they wield will move independently and fight as living beings.

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Look for a wide range of combat weaponry. Each gun will have a variety of characteristics. You can try to inherit your funds after 100 levels to play. Many accomplishments can be unlocked in the game to demonstrate your gaming prowess.

Alternatives to Consider

Tap Titans 2 Is a Good Alternative

Tap Titans was created by Game Hive Corp. The game follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. Even the painting style has the same qualities. The resolution and fineness, on the other hand, have substantially improved. Additionally, the modeling and visual modeling of monsters are more terrifying. We hope it will pique players’ interest.

The player’s tapping speed determines the character’s attack speed. Tap Titans 2 adds a partner system, which is a welcome addition. Gold coins can be used to purchase new partners. Even though the attack power is not as strong as the protagonist’s, the win is significant for many people.

Tap Titans 2 is a basic but addictive game. Despite the lack of complexity and surprises in the gameplay, the collection and selection of cartoon heroes to participate in the conflict and the intertwining of funny and light entertainment aspects make it highly appealing to download.

Final Thoughts

Blade Crafter is a mobile role-playing game that focuses on placement. Rather than focusing on the operation, the game concentrates on putting the player’s tactics to the test. The simple battle system necessitates the player’s careful planning as they progress through the levels. You can increase your combat effectiveness if you’re still looking for an easy-to-use idle game. Completing the weapon illustration book will increase your strength and slay more foes, allowing you to make the sharpest blade possible. Download the game and enjoy its unlocked features.

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