Blade II – The Return of Evil APK for Android Users

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperKakao Games Corp.
Requires5.0 and up
Size144 MB
MOD FeaturesNo
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Prepare for yet another blockbuster with plenty of action-packed gameplay. In this fantastic RPG game for Android devices, take up weapons and fight a variety of different characters, including demons and vampires. 

With our review of Blade II – The Return of Evil, you can learn more about the game.


The game is set in the mysterious realm of Elysium, where humans and species coexist harmoniously. However, as time passes, the evil creatures gradually regain power and begin to poison the countries and its inhabitants. The Light’s Destiny has summoned you as the next great hero to save Elysium. To stop your people from slipping into the hands of the bad characters, try to restore world peace, and exterminate all evil creatures. 

Enjoy your adventure as you travel through the regions, slicing creatures and rescuing those whose lives have been torn apart by battles.


Blade II – The Return of Evil is probably one of the best RPG games available for Android smartphones, with fascinating gameplay and features. 

Simple Controls

The game offers simple control features, allowing players to pick up fundamental moves and combat skills. However, don’t expect this to be an uncomplicated endeavor; the more you play, the more you’ll understand the controls and battle systems. While learning the basics of the game, you’ll need to devote some time to mastering the skills that can be utilized against more powerful foes. Furthermore, the fast-paced and dynamic combat style necessitates a thorough understanding of the controls and the ability to plan out their future movements.

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To strike an attacker or prevent an attack, you’ll need to know the exact time. As a result, it’s always beneficial to make control second nature. To stay alive on this chaotic battlefield, you’ll have to rely heavily on your talent.

Choose From Four Different Types of Heroes

Players can choose from various classes of heroes to find the battle style that best suits them. Gladiator, Assassin, Wizard, and Fighter are the four great classes available, each with its own set of talents and abilities. As an assassin, you can make superb stealth attacks that instantly kill your opponents while remaining undetected by others. You can slip past their guard if you’re on an infiltration assignment. In addition, compared to heroes from other classes, your heroes would have a faster base speed and agility.

With powerful physical blows, you can quickly breach the enemy lines. However, the damage you receive will also be more. Wizards are useless in close combat, but if you allow them enough range, they can wreak havoc on the adversaries. This enables you to dispatch swarms of foes in a matter of seconds. To win, all you have to do is remain at a safe distance from the enemies and blast your skills at them.

Explore a Variety of Maps

A huge map with numerous regions is used in the game through which you can see who is abducted by the evil powers. Your objective is to go there and free them from the enemies’ grasp. Each map contains a variety of opponents that must be approached in a specific manner. If you want to pass through the gate, ensure your characters are adequately equipped. 

Fighting Skills to the Test

Blade II – The Return of Evil has limitless clashes where you can go against hordes of monsters charging at you. Use your powerful skills to damage your foes while ingeniously using your rapid movements to evade or block their assaults with brute force. Face waves upon waves of foes, and after defeating them, you’ll be awarded with desirable gifts.

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Take Part in Intense Pvp Battles

You can also join thousands of others in online matchups to share the fun while also testing your talents. To go through the challenges faster, team up with others in a co-op battle or compete against each other in PvP combat. In either case, you’ll have a great time progressing through the game. 

Sound and Video Quality 


Blade II – The Return of Evil features stunning 3D graphics that offers an immersive experience. The vivid graphics and special visual effects further add to the realism of the action. Most significantly, you’ll have a seamless gaming experience with minimal latency. This aids in improving the game’s fast-paced fighting mechanics and maneuverability. 


Blade II – The Return of Evil is a genuine treat for gamers, with finely detailed gunshots, swords, crashes, explosions and authentic sound effects.

Download Blade II – The Return of Evil for Android, Version

You won’t find many games with fantastic features like this one, which has stunning graphics and entertaining gameplay. It would also be good to test the game with the soft-release version until the final version is released.

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