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Bleach Brave Soul, a Japanese 3D action game developed and distributed by KLab Games, has been launched worldwide for Android and iOS devices. The game was first launched in Japan in 2015 and downloaded over 50 million times to date.

This game includes famous characters like Byakuya, Ichigo, Kenpachi, and Ranji. They all band together for the sole aim of combating evil in the shape of a terrible ghost.

General Information 

Bleach Brave Souls is a new mobile action role-playing game based on the extremely popular manga series Bleach. It is an RPG-style game with the most outrageous fighting scenes. 

The game transports you to Bleach’s massive world, where players interact with characters like Ichigo, Rukia, and other well-known faces. Ichigo Kurosaki, the main character in this game, is a young child able to sense ghosts, and he has the power of a Soul Reaper.

Bleach Brave Souls’ gameplay is geared entirely toward conventional action role-playing games, and gamers work together to commit brutal attacks with the help of the virtual lever. It comes with a plethora of abilities, including throwing enemy classes into the void.

In Bleach Brave Souls, the scene of fighting foes, mixed with the sword line and shot damage on the screen, is enthralling. You can expect complex role-playing features in the game, which allow the main character to gain strength by leveling up throughout the voyage.

It’s unclear whether we can dress Ichigo up in different outfits or use different weaponry. However, with an attack-enhancing mechanism or some practice, the developer allows you to boost your power.

Bleach Brave Souls also includes a system that allows players to switch between three characters. It introduces various fighting styles while also encouraging players to recognize characters from the Manga series.

Background Information

“BLEACH” is a hugely popular combat action comic that ran in Shueisha’s Shonen manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” until issue No. 38 in 2016. Since its publication in 2001, it has earned immense acclaim, with over 120 million comics distributed globally in 74 volumes.

This animated series was aired from 2004 to March 2012, and four film adaptations have been released so far. It is popular in Japan as well as internationally, featuring almost all core elements of the series. Bleach Brave Souls, a manga adaptation, has finally arrived on Steam after a successful run on mobile platforms. It is great news for the gaming community and eccentric fans all around the globe.

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Since its release, thousands of players have praised it. The game is showered with a favorable rating of more than 80%, which is an outstanding achievement. 


Exhilarating 3d Action

Bressol is a thrilling activity that lets you run around 3D space using simple controls. Invite your buddies to join you in challenging quests.

Special Moves

The most deadly method peculiar to Bleach Brave Souls is faithfully reproduced with a forceful cut in production and full voice. Let’s use the special moves of attractive characters to win in a row. Create your team with your favorite characters and use different combinations to win games. 

Relive the Original Animation’s World

You can revisit important episodes starting with Rukia and Ichigo’s stage in “Quest.” Let’s develop the characters while learning new things.

In Ranking Bouts, You Can Put Your Skills to the Test.

To put their skills to the test, the trained characters compete against other players. Aim for the top by improving your weekly league fight ranking.

Work on Character

Aside from the level, the character’s ability can be enhanced by utilizing the “strengthening stone.” Increase your skill level, breakthrough a barrier, strengthen your character, and so forth. 

Pool of Free Soul Jade

“Character Summon Coupons, 150 Spirit Jade” will be given out after officially launching the game. The white flower’s soul jade and the 5-star character summon coupon will be free as long as everyone remembers to participate. First, enter the “Advent level” interface and swipe through all 31 characters who have plummeted to this stage. When you practice, you can acquire 35 spirit jade and 31 characters, and you can call 1085 spirit jade in total.

Best Way to Get a Small Section Leader

There is no class cost in the game, and the sheer intensity is not much different. There are a few CP value gift bundles below if you want to buy.

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“Novice Support Package”: This option provides you with a 200-level full-class character. You can receive 96 soul jade and top-ranking self-selected characters in total with the 21 soul jade in this gift box.

With 5-Star Character Summoning Ticket, you can make up for your initial short version. Then there’s “5-Star Character Training Full,” which gives you 125 soul jade, plus 166 soul jade from the gift pack itself, for a total of 291 soul jade.

Monthly Card: The “Monthly Card” is the most cost-effective card in each game. Its types include Stamina Month Card, and a Character Monthly Card are available in the game. You can purchase it by clicking on the Pass interface, with excellent CP values.

Overall Evaluation

Exciting Gameplay 

The game’s control system has been fine-tuned for use with touch screens. You can freely maneuver your avatar by using the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen. You may also locate buttons on the right side of the screen to perform various essential attacks to combat the opponent. Inquests, buttons in the upper left corner allow you to change your main character. Lastly, the game features a great control system and eye-catching aesthetics. 

The gaming objective is usually two minutes long and is relatively quick. The scenes are incredibly detailed yet very small. Each set contains secret containers with paranormal artifacts that aid in developing your character. You can enhance your character after two quests. They become more durable, get more life points, and do more damage in assaults by rating.


Special Effects and Graphics

3D features are used in Bleach Brave Souls to highlight combats and display characters. The game employs 2D to create a significant conversation that allows players to follow the tale. The material is identical to the Manga plot even though it is a live-action game.

System of Operation

Gamers can draw generals, upgrade skills, equipment, qualities, and more by assembling a squad. Although the interface cannot be more imaginative than a card game, gamers will be surprised to learn that Bleach Brave Souls is an action game based on PvE, quests, or PvP.  

Players can also change generals at any time, making PvP encounters more intense. Aside from the theatrical PvP mode, Bleach Brave Souls also caters to gamers with its Co-op mode, enabling a large group of gamers to participate in missions together.

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The time it takes to finish each assignment depends on the number of players. Compared to a PvP or PvE match, which can take only a few minutes or even a few seconds, it usually does not last more than 10 minutes.

The game not only allows for co-op play with friends, where players can eventually design their room and have complete control over the missions, but it also allows them to access pre-made rooms randomly. 

When it came to balancing vital components in the game, such as gameplay, aesthetics, and plot in one product, Bleach Brave Souls throws off a pacifist vibe that isn’t immediately noticeable to anime fans.

Players’ Opinions

In Bleach Brave Souls, players command and gradually assemble a mighty army of characters such as Ichigo and Rukia. This game is similar to Mission Death, one of the most popular cherry blossoms series. All the characters in the game have distinct abilities. Players can form a party of up to three people to embark on an adventure that takes them through various locales and obstacles. They can freely switch between heroes in battle as needed. 

After assembling the most powerful lineup, gamers can use their army to attack, destroy, and construct a variety of lovely and strong combo chains – an excellent point considering Bleach Brave Souls is a 3D game rather than a traditional 2D game. Thrilling weekly tournaments have also been added to the game, where players can take their warrior squad and fight other groups for a chance to earn unique gifts. 

Final Thoughts

KLab Games developed and launched Bleach Brave Souls, a free mobile game set on the Bleach universe, for Android and iOS devices. The game uses the characters and plot lines from the original popular manga series.

It’s a role-playing game with a mix of strategy and combat. Players can gather generals and form a force to combat three opponents. Hundreds of collected characters can be leveled up and utilized in combat in this smartphone game. Each game update introduces new characters and games to provide new experiences.

Video : Aaroniero – Bleach Brave Souls