Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops MOD APK 1.4.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperBrain Vault
Requires2.3.3 and Up
Size21 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops is a game that combines the best elements of three cult video game genres. The game’s graphics are inspired by Mine craft and the survival warfare genre of Fortnite. Players will play from a first-person perspective in different appealing modes, like Battle Royale and Team Fight, each with its own set of charms.

Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops is a shooting game with graphics inspired by the popular Minecraft game. Players will engage in exciting gun fights and display explosive effects constructed from Minecraft blocks in the environment, characters, sceneries, and even firearms. More vivid 3D effects are used to enhance the game’s aesthetics.

In Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops, you’ll test your marksmanship against friends, coworkers, and other players from around the world. 

General Information

Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops is an online shooting game with real-time multiplayer PVP combat and different game modes. Block Gun is likely to provide players with an entertaining experience, thanks to its fresh environment, fantastic weapons, and elite competitive system.

The graphics is a standout feature that many people will notice when playing the game. Block Gun 3D’s characters, locations, firearms and explosive effects appear to be Lego blocks. However, it supports visuals in this game with more vivid 3D effects, which is an upgrade than traditional 2D pixel styles.

Players will put their marksmanship to the test in a battle against their friends, coworkers, classmates, or other shooters from around the world. Players can build and modify their characters, utilizing a special skin creator to customize your character. 

The game blends Japanese shooting techniques with real-time gameplay and fantastic tactical motion system. This shooting game, in particular, provides players with a wide range of current weaponry to pick from.

Background Information

Block Gun 3D is back with a whole new version and many additional features to keep the action moving at a rapid pace. The game has a variety of realistic scenarios, sniper-style fair battles, eight different maps, several difficulty modes, and the opportunity to fight for the top spot on the leaderboard section. All of these characteristics make it an intriguing game. 

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How to Play

Players will work together to defeat other squads in bouts. Each match will last more than three minutes, and the winning team will be the one that defeats the highest number of opponents. 

Battle Royale: There will be two sorts of maps in this mode. Players will board a plane and parachute down to their desired location, looting objects to improve their strength.

Death Match: Each combat will feature a large number of participants. You fight alone, without the support of your comrades. Rise to the occasion and vanquish each opponent to claim the top spot.

Furthermore, each category contains maps in three distinct sizes. Depending on their mood, players can switch battle locations. The Team Fight features 35 maps, including 18 large-size maps (Size XL), 12 medium size maps (Size M), and five tiny maps (Size S).

Players will be given some basic weapons and armor, to begin with. Later on, you can upgrade your equipment, get pets, or buy costumes with the gold or diamonds. There are almost 200 different weapons in Block Gun 3D, with grenades, fire guns, snipers, and machine guns being the most popular.


Intriguing Gameplay

You can earn extra gold and experience by playing ten mini-games. You can also raise your gold by joining the Boss Raid. Cute pets will accompany you during the battles, and will assist you in defeating the adversary. You can open the crate every day to receive eggs with a gap of around 15 minutes. However, you can only open a certain number of eggs from chests in your inventory. 

In the Campaign mode, many zombies descend on the territory and infect everyone with the disease. To bring peace to the peasants, you will rise and annihilate them. The next map will be unlocked if you have earned enough stars on the previous map. You do not need to be connected to the Internet in this mode. 

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There is a Tournament mode (competition) in which players earns gold cups to attain high rankings by winning multiple game variants. The gold cup will increase as you win more games. It will provide the highest ranking with important and appealing prizes. The higher your rank, the more benefits you’ll receive. 

Block Gun 3D also provides substantial discount on weapons and clothing, the opening of a treasure chest and the opening of eggs to acquire rare pets. There are always free open chests throughout the game, and you can always collect uncommon things without needing to top up your account.


Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops is ideal for any virtual shooter, thanks to its simple 3D graphics. The user interface is simple, easy to navigate and filled with vibrant colors. The background music in Block Gun 3D is enjoyable, and the loading screen features a different, more exciting melody, which increases the excitement. 

Block Gun 3D captures the essence of the three most popular video games of all time: Minecraft, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike. As a result, many young individuals have expressed interest in participating in this game. Other additional modes, like Battle Royale and Death Match, will not disappoint you. And there are plenty of interesting things to uncover. Now is the time to download Block Gun 3D and join the community.

Multiplayer Mode

You can compete against your friends or other Pixel Gun 3D players from across the world. You can fight on maps of various forms and sizes in this mode. Players can also employ weapons, including the magical bow and arrow, the M16 rifle, the Golden Desert Eagle cannon, the Lightsaber light sword and a knife. It can accommodate up to eight participants in a battle.

The game includes a conversation component which you can use to chat with teammates and other friends. Play this game for the most demanding and exciting gaming experiences.

Battle Royale Mode 

When playing in this mode, all the creatures will be attacked by the player. The police, the doctor, the nurse, and others. Maintain a positive attitude and kill any animals that come between you and your goal. After beating the final boss, the player can open the gate to different battle places.

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Players can choose from various weapons in Battle Royale, including the colt, heavy machine gun, AK47 rifle, MP5 semi-automatic gun, and many others. For new players, this mode includes an optional training camp.

Pixel-style graphics with great image quality (HD) and changing light effects are also part of the game. Sound and music play a crucial role in making the combats more exciting, gripping, and dramatic. Players, on the other hand, are unable to move through adversaries. You must use caution while passing through excessively narrow passages otherwise your gunner will perish before he can escape. You can also post their scores on Facebook and Twitter, and brag about your scores to your friends. 

Alternatives to Consider

Cops N Robbers

Cops N Robbers is a fantastic mobile FPS game that put players in the middle of a tense conflict between cops and thugs. PvE and PVP are the two main game modes in Cops N Robbers, allowing users to choose between a single-player battle with the machine and multiplayer combat with other players.

The ability for players to create and customize anything in the game, including battlefields, weapons, armor, and skins, is a unique feature. You’ll be immersed in a colorful pixel world in addition to the thrilling and highly competitive combat gameplay.

The game’s settings, characters, and weaponry are built out of large and small squares of various colors, creating a unique experience. Cops N Robbers is a free game that people can download and play. So, why are you debating whether or not to click the Download Now button? 


Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops Mod Apk is a first-person shooter game. The pixel graphics style is a standout feature that many people will notice when playing the game. Block Gun 3D’s characters, locations, firearms and explosive effects appear to be Lego Blocks. Players will put their marksmanship to the test in a battle against their friends, coworkers, classmates, or other shooters from around the world. Download the game now and enjoy its limitless features.

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