Block Story Premium MOD APK 13.1.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Gems)

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Prepare for an epic journey into the strange worlds of blocks and monsters, where you have the opportunity to explore and participate in a variety of exciting adventures. Meet horrible monsters and engaging individuals, and immerse yourself in the intriguing stories that revolve around you, the hero.

Feel free to use your editing abilities to make changes to the planet, battle horrible monsters, pick up powerful and magnificent weaponry, and more. Explore the vast areas, unlock a variety of in-game materials, and use the intriguing crafting tool to create anything with your thoughts.

With our evaluations, you can learn more about this fantastic game by Mindblocks.


Players will have the opportunity to join their training hero in a completely new and exciting trip into the bizarre worlds of block items. You can interact with various in-game objects and have fun while playing various games. In this completely dynamic universe of RPG games, you can do whatever you desire.

Explore enormous ecosystems and landscapes by combining up with fascinating and unusual species. Destroy them to train your heroes and gain amazing riches from your fallen foes. Find collectible resources and add them to your inventory.

In Block Story Premium, use crafting and building options to make various interesting objects. As you build your powerful weapons to battle the adversaries, strengthen your castles to guard against terrible monsters, and craft the wonderful artifacts that possess awesome magical powers. Lastly, you can choose from hundreds of different possibilities.


Here you’ll discover a list of all of Block Story’s interesting in-game features:

Look Around Vast and Fully Interactive Worlds

In this game, Android players can have access to a fully interactive universe with various exciting features. You’ll be digging to the deepest depths, chopping down a variety of various blocks on the locations, and slaying a variety of monsters and adversaries along the way. 

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Not to mention the game’s interactive ‘Fire Element’, which allows for a variety of unique in-game effects. It can be used to burn down trees, melt ice, and prepare food, among other things. It would take hours of in-depth gameplay to completely explore the exciting and gratifying universe of Block Story Premium.

You’ll Find Yourself in a Variety of Biomes, Each With Its Own Unique Species

As you explore the regions, you come across fascinating and different biomes, in addition to the large and interactive landscapes. Explore the distinct desert wastelands, trek through the polar highlands, take in the breathtaking sunsets on tropical beaches, and so on. There are variety of interesting creatures and monsters in each location that are a surprising feature for the players. If you enjoy learning new things, then this is your ideal opportunity.

Meet Characters During the Game

The game includes a variety of interesting characters who assist you throughout your in-game travels. You also meet different personalities, each with its own unique duties and fascinating backstories. In addition, you can have them on your adventures.

Complete a Variety of Quests and Listen to the Stories

Block Story players are able to explore entertaining and fulfilling storylines in various ways, thanks to a variety of engaging in-game challenges and missions. As you gain new special gifts for your hero, have fun playing in different quests and experiencing varied gameplay. You’ll get closer and closer to your ultimate goal as you finish each task.

In Block Story, You’ll Come Across a Plethora of Fascinating Wonders

Along with the usual RPG components, the world in Block Story has a lot of intriguing wonders for you to discover. Gamers always look forward to new challenges and exciting adventures with different types of characters.

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Train and Upgrade Your Heroes to Improve Their Stats

Block Story Premium subscribers have access to an intriguing leveling system to prepare their heroes for new in-game challenges and tasks. You can level up your heroes to access amazing stats and astounding abilities. To prepare your heroes for the upcoming trials, train and power them up.

Create and Forge Legendary Items

You are able to completely outfit your heroes with various unique weapons and accessories, which adds to the game’s appeal. Furthermore, by utilizing the game’s crafting and forging tools, you are able to make goods and different accessories. In addition, you can make fantastic lighting swords, as well as unlock mysterious staves and other items.

There are also numerous exciting tasks to choose from and extraordinary relics with incredible powers to collect. Use their tremendous abilities to summon dragons, defeat other creatures who attack you, and gain a huge advantage over your opponents.

Many Mythical Creatures Can Be Summoned 

Block Story entails over 29 legendary monsters, each with its unique settings and configurations. Android gamers can use power animals to assist them in epic battles, thanks to their distinct and exciting abilities. Choose the right creatures to assist you in fighting the opponents and getting to the right places.

Have a Good Time With Your Farming Endeavours

The game includes thrilling farming tasks that you can engage in at any time. Enjoy your agricultural ventures as you raise crops, herbs, and a variety of other eatables. 

Feel Free to Create Your Universe

Block Story Premium players can use the Creative Mode to build and create a variety of intriguing structures. If you have enough patience, you can create your custom Block worlds with your configurations. Build whatever you want and have a good time whenever you have the opportunity.

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Free to Play

Despite having intriguing in-game features, Block Story is available for free to play for as long as you like. To play the game, download and install it from the Google Play Store. However, keep in mind that this is only the free edition of the game, and there will be advertisements.

With Our Mod, You Can Play the Entire Game

However, if you want to enjoy the game in its entirety while avoiding advertisements, you can download the customized version. All you have to do is go to the website and download the Block Story Premium Apk. 

Video and Sound Quality


Even though the game comprises of block images, Blocky Story Premium provides gamers with rich visual experiences. You’ll enjoy a wonderful RPG experience, thanks to interactive environments with unlimited possibilities and well-designed enemies. Not to mention that the low-resolution graphics allow gamers to enjoy smooth and engaging gameplay, even on basic mobile devices.


Explore Block Story’s enjoyable and fulfilling gameplay with immersive sound effects. When you fight in epic battles or explore the vast landscapes, you are sure to be blown away by stunning audio effects.


Block Story Premium offers immersive setting, in-depth gameplay, and engaging stories to discover. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have access to outstanding mods. If you’re looking for another amazing adventure, Gun Crafter and The Blockheads are two of the best titles available on our website. You will not be disappointed by your choices in either case.

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