Free Bloons Monkey City 1.12.5 for Android Users (Mod Unlimited Diamonds)

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DeveloperNinja kiwi
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MOD FeaturesUnlock in-app purchase items, a large number of initial Diamond
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Assist the friendly monkeys on their voyage into the new territories as you play another fantastic tower defense game with the Bloons and the Monkey. With the Bloons prowling around, threatening to seize control of your bases, you’ll need to build up your defenses to resist the enemies.

Construct your HQ with various structures and unlock fantastic dart monkeys to help you pop those pesky Bloons. Take on various tasks as you travel across different areas and levels. As you prepare your formidable defense, you will be subjected to several furious onslaughts from the attackers. Use the powerful dark monkeys to oppose the Bloons’ special abilities.

In this epic battle, you can learn more about this wonderful game by ninja kiwi with our reviews.


Bloons Monkey City takes Android gamers on a new journey with the friendly Monkey and their not-so-friendly opponents, the Bloons. Don’t be misled by their innocent baloony appearance; these Bloons monsters are capable of annihilating you at any time. 

Set up your fortifications and claim the territory you’ve been given, as well as the rich resources. However, you must be wary of Bloons attacks since these nefarious adversaries will never leave your people alone. As you push the bothersome Bloons out of your bases, you will unlock exciting levels and stages. As you wait for the Bloons to attack, build mighty fortifications on each base. 

You can also build up your Monkey City and construct various structures on it to unlock additional dart monkeys, buff your army, and more. There are plenty of exciting things to look forward to in Bloons Monkey City, so don’t miss out.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Play a Variety of Simulation and Strategy Games

Android gamers have the opportunity to play a unique tower defense game that combines simulation and strategic elements. Challenge the Bloons in spectacular tower defense battles to reclaim the woods with your monkey armies. To keep the enemies out, make sure your dart monkey is in the right place. Make use of the potent bonuses to help you turn the battle tides.

On the other hand, you are free to construct your headquarters in Monkey City, complete with various buildings. Construct unique structures to boost the number of dart monkeys you can deploy or provide various buffs and debuffs to your troops and foes. Make your city more enjoyable with various changes, and have fun with the friendly monkey residents.

Take Part in In-Depth Tower Defense Games

For Bloons fans, the in-depth and fascinating gameplay of tower defense challenges, different buffs and debuffs to apply, and dozens of exciting maps to enjoy are now available. The game starts with over 21 different monkey towers from the popular Bloons TD 5. You’ll also be able to design your Monkey City with over 130 different buildings and decorations. Explore the amazing wilderness, where you’ll be able to play spectacular tower defense games in over 55 different environments.

Play the Game With Your Friends and Other Online Players

Gamers can play the game with their friends and Internet gamers from all over the world, assisting one another in defeating the Bloons and expanding territory by giving supplies and support. You can also examine their methods and city-building abilities, then return to your HQ and put the information to use. You can also take out the Bloon spies lurking around your friend’s headquarters and receive fantastic rewards thereafter. Lastly, the best players can battle against each other in epic matchups to reach the top of the ranking tables. Climb the famous leaderboards on your way to the ultimate prize.

In Weekly Events, Take On the Toughest Difficulties

With the enormous tower defense challenges, you’ll be able to display your outstanding talents and build up the most robust lineup to fight your opponents. In the weekly Contested Territory events, earn your victories, have fun, and defeat your opponents. Show off your defending skills in an all-out Bloons assault to see who can last till the end. 

It’s Free to Play

Those interested can also download the game for free on their mobile devices. All you have to do now is find it on the Google Play Store and download it. However, gamers are still subjected to in-app purchases and obnoxious advertisements because it’s a freemium game.

With Our Mod, You Can Have Infinite Money.

For those who aren’t impressed by the ad-supported gameplay and in-app purchases, the customized version of Bloons Monkey City is what you need. You’ll have unlimited cash, gems, and energies here, allowing you to accomplish whatever you wish.

Furthermore, there will be no advertisements to distract you while playing the game, which is a fantastic feature and all of this can be accomplished without spending any money. So, download our Bloons Monkey City Mod Apk, and you’re ready to go.

Sound and Video Quality


Immerse yourself in the refreshing and pleasant landscapes of Bloons Monkey City, where you’ll get the opportunity to confront the wicked Bloons in thrilling tower defense battles. Build a strong city, add incredible customizations, and engage in epic battles with adversaries’ colorful Bloons assaults.


Bloons Monkey City is a fantastic game to play while staying in the Bloons universe, with calm and comfortable tunes. This game promises epic combat with responsive and intuitive sound effects, among other things.

Bloons Monkey City Mod 1.12.5 Android Apk Is Available for Download

Bloons Monkey City is another fantastic tower defense adventure for those who enjoy this genre, especially admirers of Bloons TD 6 and Bloons TD Battles. With the new city building and mechanics management, things could get more fascinating this time. But, most importantly, don’t overlook our fantastic mod, which takes the game to a whole new level.

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