Bombsquad Mod Apk 1.6.4 for Android Users (Unlocked)

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DeveloperEric Froemling
Requires4.4 and Up
Size76.77 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
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In Bombsquad, you will enjoy limitless and intense in-game challenges, along with various game settings, fascinating difficulties, and never-ending gameplay. Choose from a variety of characters and customize them in several ways. Play on various maps, each with its own distinctive and intriguing configurations. Use the game’s unique and intriguing arsenal of exotic and extraordinary bombs to your advantage. Target your adversaries and send them flying through the air with your explosives. 

With our Bombsquad reviews, you can learn more about this fantastic mobile game by Eric Froemling.


Take control of the game’s intriguing characters and embark on thrilling bombing missions. Explore and enjoy the amazing ragdoll dynamics that keep your characters active and energetic.

There are several game modes to choose from, each with its unique features and elements. As you dive into the game, have fun with various unique explosives and perks. 


This is where you’ll find all of the game’s interesting features.

Touch Controls 

Android gamers will become thoroughly engrossed in the exciting gameplay. With its intuitive touch controls, you can maneuver your character across the field. Also, you can choose from four distinctive abilities present in the game.

Useful Perks and Powers 

Each player will enjoy the game with various perks and powers. Use these powers to toss bombs at your opponents, gain unique and pleasant bonuses from the objects you’ve acquired, and join your opponents in epic punch wars. Enjoy the spectacular gameplay to the fullest as you get a refreshing and excellent gameplay experience. You will like the unusual and refreshing art style, which features a dummy-like character and clay-like maps with a variety of creative creations. 

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Play a Variety of Game Modes

Co-op: Begin your ultimate bomber adventure by teaming up with your friends to take on a series of epic in-game stages, where you’ll face off against various unique adversaries. 

Team: Participate in the thrilling team bouts. You can easily establish your teams with friends and random players. Compete in a variety of game modes while having a good time.

Free-for-all: The Free-for-All mode is a great way to have a good time beating up other players and winning games. 

Play Fun Mini-Games With Fantastic Backdrops

Explore the enjoyable and addictive mini-games with outstanding setups.

Capture the Flag: Begin your ultimate bombing challenge by playing capture the flag, a classic game. The two teams will fight for the ultimate goal of reclaiming the opposing team’s flag while defending their own.

Keep Away: You can join other gamers in this fascinating game. Avoid being blown up by staying away from the bomb holder.

Onslaught: Engage in never-ending fights against advancing foes in Onslaught. As you and your bombing squad fight infinite waves of adversaries, take the game to the next level.

Football and Hockey: If you enjoy sports and want to be involved in exciting competitions, then you can play these two games. 

Make Friends and Keep Track of Your Progress

Take part in enormous bomber challenge with your friends and have a great time. Additionally, this will enable the Online Cloud option, allowing you to store your progress on Cloud drives. As a result, your game will be preserved.

Customize Your Characters and Other In-Game Components 

The game includes a variety of unique character customizations and numerous in-game elements. Before you start the game, choose from various character profiles, colors, and configurations. Then, you can select your preferred game modes, mini-games, and music during each stage. 

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Watch Exciting Bombsquad Matches

Players can also see thousands of entertaining videos from professional players, which adds to the game’s appeal. You can view live matches, highlights, and analyses at any time. With the video function, you can learn new tactics and moves. 

Complete Specific Objectives and Achievements

Bombsquad offers a range of intriguing in-game objectives and accomplishments to unlock and enjoy. To gain unique gifts, you must complete specific tasks and achievements in the game.

Unrestricted Play

With so many incredible features, it’s remarkable that the game is still available for free to all Android gamers. You can download it from the Google Play Store.

With Our Mod, You’ll Have Access to Unlocked Gameplay

If the advertisements and in-game purchases irritate you, you can play the modified version of Bombsquad, Download and install the Bombsquad Mod Apk, following the on-screen instructions.

Sound and Video Quality 


The game’s distinctive style, including clay-like graphics and the amusing ragdoll mechanics keep players entertained despite the lack of graphics or visual setups. As you dig into the colorful and entertaining graphics, find yourself exploring and experiencing the gameplay to its maximum. 


The game entails immersive sound effects that will transport you right into action. Not to mention the changeable music throughout the game, which you don’t normally see in other games. 


If you like Bomber Friends and a few other similar games on our site, you’ll like Bombsquad, especially if you get the unlocked version. So, enjoy the unlocked features and ad-free gaming for hours on end.

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