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Requires4.0.3 and Up
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MOD Features– Unlimited Diamonds & Coins
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As you go on your ultimate mission to become the master of the seas and islands, play this spectacular new strategic game from the renowned Supercell Co. Build your base on an island with a variety of structures and use your towers and troops to defend your vital facilities. Join millions of online gamers in Boom Beach and immerse yourself in the game’s infinite and exciting adventures. Build your base on the island and enhance the structures. 

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Android gamers will be able to go on an epic trip over the vast ocean, where they will face the armies of the sinister Blackguard and expel the pirates from their hideouts. As you reclaim the seas from your foes, you must build your armies. Bring peace and prosperity back to the islands where these villains formerly held sway.

You can also participate in exciting raids and tower defense conflicts with millions of other gamers from across the world. As you develop formidable bases and armies, use the different soldiers and buildings available to you.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Conquer the Islands by Constructing Your Ultimate Headquarters

Begin your ultimate adventures in Boom Beach by constructing your headquarters on the shores of a distant island. Construct various structures and facilities to begin gathering and creating resources. With powerful towers, you can protect your resources. Begin recruiting troops and launching attacks on other players’ HQs for amazing riches. Face off against the Blackguards or other gamers in the neighborhood. 

Take On a Variety of Tasks to Bring the Villainous Blackguard to Justice

As you begin your excursions in Boom Beach, you’ll find yourself taking on several objectives. As you steadily uncover the terrible schemes of the frightening Blackguards, defeat them in different stages and levels. Take on the game’s huge bosses and emerge victoriously.

Participate in Spectacular Raid Battles 

Along with the single-player adventures, the online action in Boom Beach is unquestionably entertaining. As a result, you can play Boom Beach alongside millions of other online gamers from across the world. Discover a wide range of online games where you can engage in unending raid battles against other players.

Construct Powerful Armies and Fortify Your Defenses

Gamers in Boom Beach will build numerous fortresses and towers to secure their islands from enemy attacks to protect their HQ. Arrange your walls and towers strategically to maximize your defense capabilities against the enemies.

You can also construct numerous buildings from the game and enlist additional warriors to battle against your expedition armies. As a result, you can equip your armies with various troops, each with its own set of skills and abilities. Along with it, you’ll need powerful heroes to lead your troops into war. 

Take Possession of the Valuable Resources 

You can also pick up several upgrades for your army to make them more capable during raid battles and fortify the towers. But first, you’ll have to gain control of the islands’ resources, conduct fresh research, and unlock new improvements. You can easily improve your armies with a range of upgrades, with each having distinct effects.

You Can Play With Your Friends in Co-op Mode 

You can also participate in the exciting co-op missions. Here, you’ll team up with other gamers to take on challenging missions against the enemies and defend the islands. 

Compete in Weekly Events for Fantastic Prizes

Furthermore, with fresh upgrades released every week, the game delivers a slew of new content, including troops, gameplay, and, most importantly, new events in which you can compete. These events offer fantastic rewards and are the finest way to enhance your army and HQ. 

Check Out the Revamped Battle Ship Gameplay

Android gamers can now delve into the exciting action, thanks to the recent improvements. On the gigantic oceans, you’ll find yourself competing with other gamers. Fight epic raid and defense battles and as you play this addictive game, you’ll discover epic naval battles.

It’s Free to Play

Despite all the fascinating features, the game is now available for free to all Android gamers. Download it on your mobile devices, and play for free from the Google Play Store.

With Our Mod, You Can Have Infinite Money

You will, however, have to deal with countless commercials and in-app purchases during the game. If this bothers you, you can play our customized version. That said, it provides infinite money to buy whatever you want and removes all advertisements so you won’t be bothered by them. All you have to do now is go to our website and download and install the Boom Beach Mod Apk.

Sound and Video Quality


In Boom Beach, dive into epic raids and tower defense fights while enjoying the immersive action. The game’s magnificent surroundings, armies, structures, and amazing visual effects will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the epic battles. Not to mention that you will enjoy the game on your mobile devices, thanks to the well-optimized graphics.


Enjoy this fantastic game from the renowned Supercell as you immerse yourself in realistic and authentic auditory experiences. Everything in Boom Beach will feel extraordinarily real, from powerful gunshots to devastating explosions.

Download the Most Recent Version of Boom Beach Mod for Android, Version 44.243.

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