Bounzy Mod Apk 5.3.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Gems/Coins)

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DeveloperGram Games Limited
Size74.05 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems/Coins
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Bounzy is a game related to magic, kingdoms, and different characters. You will play as a Taoist who is up against dangerous beasts. Use your wits to overcome them while defending your home. Bounzy is one of the year’s most thrilling games which you can play to relax and enjoy. 

During the game, you can collect stuff from the secret chests after each successful attempt. Then, to find the key to release the coveted gold and diamond crates, you must first defeat all enemy forces. Last but not least, you can improve your strength and experience. The more powerful your spell, the more likely you are to succeed. 

Collect the spells at the test grounds and then travel to the university to learn more powerful spells that will aid you in defeating your foes. Remember to keep the wall up because monsters can get through the cracks in the barricades.

General Information 

Bounzy is a fun tower defense game with incredible obstacles. You need to combat the creatures assaulting your homeland by commanding a formidable blue-robed archmage. To defeat them, you must use your spellcasting abilities. When releasing various single skills, you can choose the release angle arbitrarily by mixing the exciting gameplay of pinball. 

The system will reward you with a treasure chest every time it eliminates some enemies. The treasure chest can also unlock a range of skills with various benefits. Gold coins can be used to increase the power of spell talents. Also, the enhanced magic abilities will come in handy.

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What Is Bounzy and How Do I Play It

You’re a magician who’s up against a horde of creatures. To repel these monsters and protect your community, you’ll need to use magic. Your spells will destroy these monsters, and their health will be depleted. You get a treasure box every time you repel an attack. Destroy all foes to recover the key to the treasure chest and gain access to the magnificent diamonds and gold inside. You can upgrade your strength and skills by using these gems and gold. The more powerful your spells and defenses are, the more likely you will win. The players must use simple geometric science to eliminate zombies and save the princess kidnapped to the peak of life.

The four natural attributes are fire, cold, thunder, and lightning. They are mutually reinforcing and restraint each other. The enemy can be readily controlled with a reasonable combination. Three heroes are fighting in the conflict, and many more are to pick from. The more powerful your fireball and defense are, the more likely you succeed. To uncover the keys and unlock valuable jewels and gold, you must destroy all adversaries, allowing you to develop your strength and skills.

Overall Evaluations

You’re a magician who’s up against a horde of creatures. Use magic to ward off the creatures and keep your village safe. Your spells will destroy these creatures, and their health will be depleted—make sure they are entirely defeated before they touch you. The more powerful your spells and defenses are, the more likely you will win. Increase the potency of your spells by moving around the lab. Enter the school to discover which specific spells can aid you in defeating your foes. Keep the barricades up—these monsters can break down even the most impenetrable fortifications.

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Zombies have overrun the town where you reside. As a strong magician, utilize your abilities to ward off the zombies and keep the town and its citizens safe. You have several powerful magical abilities, Mei can deflect an attack, and you can get a treasure chest as a result. Now is the time to download Bounzy and try it out.

Final Thoughts

Bounzy is a casual defensive game in the form of a cartoon. The player takes on the role of a magician guarding the town in the game. Outside the settlement, monsters are continuously attacking. Shoot fireballs at the monsters with your prideful spells to assault and destroy them.

Treasure chests are what you receive after defeating various monsters in the game. Upgrade yourself through gold coins and crystals. Bounzy is an action game which comes with a lot of excitement and fun. Using the qualities of spells to destroy more opponents. Download the game now and enjoy its features. 

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