Bowling King 1.50.16 APK for Android Users

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Requires4.1 and Up
Size148.60 MB
MOD FeaturesNo
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Bowling fans will rejoice as you become thoroughly engrossed in the in-depth and addictive adventures in yet another fantastic title. Create your profile and begin playing in matches against offline and online opponents.

You’ll unlock amazing in-game features as you take on countless challenges. Thanks to the realistic and authentic gameplay, you’ll be thoroughly absorbed in the matches. Feel free to personalize your bowling balls with different possibilities available.

Our reviews will tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic Android game.


In this game, you’ll compete against the best players in the world for the World Champion title. Compete against opponents from all over the world and win exciting rewards. Take part in a variety of tournaments and spectacular challenges.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Addictive Gameplay 

While playing, you can effortlessly steer the ball into the correct direction and tracks using intuitive touch and gesture controls. Unlock legendary strikes and play flawless games with perfect records. Play this game when you have free time.

Compete Against the Best Players 

You’ll get access to a range of exciting in-game challenges and adventures as you embark on your ultimate bowling expeditions, covering some of the best bowling lanes. Enjoy different challenges in renowned places like Las Vegas, New York, Paris, Sydney, etc. and take out the best players as you progress.

Customize Your Bowling Experiences

With over 60 unique bowling balls and 27 different pins and lanes to choose from, Android gamers will have a blast playing this fantastic bowling game. You can customize your bowling experience by modifying alleyways and transforming them into attractive places for huge crowds to gather. 

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Variety of Game Modes

Gamers will also have access to various game modes, each with its own set of rules and regulations. Some of them are:

1-on-1 — Begin by pitting yourself against the best opponents in exciting real-time and fast-paced multiplayer battles. To win, you must be quick and precise.

Tournaments: Those who like to participate in longer, more competitive bowling games can join others in tournaments. Fight to the finish and make it to the final for a chance to be crowned champions.

Challenge Mode: This mode entails many tiers where you can find infinite bowling challenges. Feel free to take part in them whenever you get the opportunity. Also, enjoy free unique goodies. 

Compete With Your Friends and Online Gamers 

Join your friends and online gamers from all around the world in amazing bowling adventures, in addition to the offline gameplay. To collect your epic rewards, compete in real-time matchups with friends and other players. Climb the rankings table in search of the ultimate prize. When you beat your friends, feel free to boast about your accomplishments. 

Gain Bonus Rewards & Multiple Achievements

Apart from other in-game tasks, you can play the game for hours and gain different rewards and achievements. With over 120 achievements to choose from, you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on the fantastic prizes.

Play the Game in the Language of Your Choice

We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to play a game in a foreign language. However, with Bowling King, you’ll now be able to play in a range of different languages. Thanks to complete localizations, you can play the game in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and other languages. The game will become even more accessible in the future when localizations are updated.

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Free to Play

It’s a pleasant surprise to see the game’s availability to all Android users without any cost. Download it from the Google Play Store and enjoy.

Play With Unlocked Features

During the game, you’ll have to deal with in-app purchases to get access to further content. Not to add the intrusiveness of the untimed advertisements. However, many of you might choose to look at our customized version of the game instead. Download and install the game from our website and begin to play it. To successfully install the file, make sure you follow the specified instructions.

Sound and Video Quality 


The game boasts outstanding 3D graphics that allow players to immerse themselves in the thrilling bowling action. Not to mention the impressive visual effects, which will make each of your maneuvers a lot more enjoyable. With its simple graphics, you’ll find the game fun and entertaining, even on low-end smartphones.


With vivid sound effects and captivating tunes, you’ll find yourself immersed in the fulfilling and majestic worlds of Bowling King. You can’t help but return merely to listen to the incredible audio adventures.


Fans of Bowling King will enjoy the game on their smartphones, thanks to its basic, uncomplicated, and incredibly addictive action. Explore and enjoy authentic and realistic bowling experiences, complete with in-depth and enjoyable gameplay. Not to mention that you’re in-game adventures will be a lot more fun with our fantastic mods.

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