Breach & Clear Mod Apk 2.4.211 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperGameClub Inc.
Requires5.1 and Up
Size42 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Breach & Clear: Tactical Ops is a fantastic action-adventure game. You command a group of warriors to eliminate adversaries hiding in a broad territory. Every soldier is critical to the success, as he fights tirelessly on the battle ground. Prepare to lead an elite Special Forces army to fight against the global terrorist threat. Choose good attack points and set traps like mines or time bombs to kill your opponents.


During the game, you can choose from various real-life squadrons, including the United States Rangers, the United Kingdom SAS, and Canada’s JTF2s. Each group has its personality and set of strengths. Thousands of gun combinations, perks, tactics, camouflage, armor, and support equipment are all available in the game. You form a team based on your strategy, and you attack based on your calculations. To beat your foes, you must carefully examine the map for access sites, adequate travel routes, and good cover. 

Command the soldiers to beat on the door, fight in gun battles, and cleanse each room with challenging opponents. Because of your practical experience, you’ll need a sharp intellect to devise effective strategies. The game features a variety of formations, most of which are well-known in the real world. You create the perfect combat force by assembling your squad and customizing your battle settings.

With over 60 distinct types of weaponry, the game offers a wide array of weapons. You can make thousands of wonderful unique combinations right here. The game lets you outfit your special forces with the greatest gear, such as gas masks, goggles, camouflage, helmets, vests, etc. 

You should also employ a select lock, violation fee, UAV, and defibrillator to turn the tide in battles. Breach & Clear: Tactical Ops features three game modes and over 90 missions. Select the appropriate form based on the requirements, such as the Canadian Army JTF2, the US Seals, or the US Squadron. Each task force team will have a unique set of skills and qualifications.

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To win, you must become familiar with the map, plan your battle, and engage with your opponents. To build powerful squads, you devise the appropriate strategies, update strong trainers, and use the right characters. Thousands of weapon combinations are available in the game’s arsenal, and each soldier is trained in a specific combination of talent, tactics, armor, and supplies. You get to personalize everything.

Drones and UAV Explosives are potent items that can alter the tide of battle in difficult conflicts. You must remember that success is a team effort; thus, every soldier matters and every choice is critical. You map attacks from the right entry locations and tactical paths to hide/encircle the opponent as you plan your operations.

The game delivers incredible conflicts like in the real world, thanks to the input of Special Operations Forces. You’ll see a wide range of ground-breaking tactics and some incredible weaponry and equipment. All of the shootings occur in real-time, which necessitates a high level of focus.

Breach & Clear: Tactical Ops gives you command over a squad of four soldiers. You must strive to lead a team of people to fulfill various assignments. The more levels you finish, the greater the difficulty. You can choose from a wide range of super weapons, totaling more than 40. To create the most comprehensive combo, you purchase accessories and improve weaponry.

You should not utilize one individual to attack all foes because you are fighting in formation. You must coordinate members to encircle attackers in a specific location to lessen the damage. Receive numerous presents if you achieve complete success. Terrorist Hunt, Bomb Defusal, and Escape Plan are three different gameplay modes in the game.

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The Escape Plan permits you to join the elite Special Forces in Freiburg, Germany, at a critical time. Visit various locations, ranging from many woodlands to intricate bases. Terrorist Hunt features lethal snipers, well-armored units, and formidable armies equipped with quick handguns. The game also includes a bomb defusal mode (Bomb Defusal), in which players must discover and remove bombs within a specified amount of time. The relentless barrage of enemy attacks prevents any new quests from being started.


Tactical Ops: Breach & Clear includes a simple control method that is highly useful. You begin the game with a choice of four elite soldiers, which can be Army Rangers or Navy Seals. To win, you must control each member through tactics.

The bonuses are used to upgrade your weapons and train your characters. It’s important to remember that strategy is crucial in this game. You can’t win by acting spontaneously; you need to move at the right moment and in the right location, following the proper strategy. You can correct errors and reorganize the correct moves at any time (usually seconds). In general, the control method is simple and easy to understand. Simply tap your phone’s screen as if you were moving soldiers to control everything.

Sound and Graphics

Breach & Clear: Tactical Ops features incredibly realistic 3D graphics and engaging gameplay. Many particular details regarding rooms and trees will be visible. On a squad of four special soldiers, you see the realism of weapons and equipment. Likewise, each mission’s scenario is meticulously crafted, evoking a strong sense of urgency.

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Many features, such as abandoned buildings and dead soldiers, are visible in your surroundings. The 3D graphics are often well-developed, with lots of detail and textures. Bullets, bomb explosions, and distinctive character cries create an immersive soundscape.

Alternatives to Consider


Try “REDCON,” a fun action-strategy game. To defeat enemies, you construct a fortress system and choose the target to employ the appropriate quantity of ammo, strength, and manpower. You give orders to your team to perform repairs, control machines and defend against formidable foes. You have complete control over the construction and customization of your war fortress and the exploration of a vast and thrilling arsenal of weapons.


Tactical Ops: Breach & Clear allows you to develop your tactical military skills. Make use of all of your skills, such as creating, organizing, and commanding your army. Create realistic squads, collect weapons, master squads, and fight in epic battles.

To defeat formidable opponents, the game requires extensive tactical methods. You assemble your Special Operations squad, devise advanced operations, and execute them. The game has authentic forces such as the United States Rangers, the United States Navy, Canada’s JTF2, etc. Prepare to face various foes, apply amazing tactics, and hone your talents.

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