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Ball Blast is a shooting game in which you must break down large color blocks into smaller ones and destroy them. It’s a basic game that anyone can play. This game does not necessitate logical reasoning, professional abilities, or prior knowledge. It’s just a fun game that helps you improve your eye and finger reflexes. The game’s 2D images are highly appealing, even to young children. 

Let’s learn more about this game by looking at its details.


As you might expect, Ball Blast is a game that can provide you with a short burst of entertainment. This game is more concerned with the user experience than with the attractive concept.


Easy Gameplay 

Ball Blast is an essential game ideal for youngsters as young as three years old. To strike the color balls above, all you have to do is move the cannon at the bottom of the screen to the left and right. At the same time, you must keep the color ball from colliding with the cannon. The gold coins will splash out when the color ball is broken. The game’s simplicity proves to be one of its most appealing aspects.

One Game Mode

This game comes with a single game mode in which you have to shoot the ball and gather gold. It is not a game you can play for a long time because it will get tedious, especially for adults. It is, nevertheless, particularly suitable for youngsters under the age of six.

Appropriate Level of Difficulty

The score is not as challenging as Angry Birds, or simple as Sand Balls. In this game, the color balls will be numbered according to the levels you have completed. This also determines the game’s difficulty because it takes longer to destroy giant balls.

For example, you need one shot to kill the number-one ball at level 1. However, after one shot on level two, the ball will split into two number-one balls. You’ll also need to take two more shots to destroy the ball. Similarly, to eliminate larger balls at levels 3,4,5,6 and above, you’ll need to take more shots and spend more time. Furthermore, the more balls there are, the greater the chance of being hit and losing a life. 

You’ll also notice that the background design changes with each level. This function is similar to the Picachu game, which rewards you with unique photographs as you complete a level. 

Too Much Advertising

The most irritating aspect is that the advertisement has a more appealing image and sound impact than the game. So, you cannot pause or ignore it. Instead, you must wait roughly 30 seconds before continuing to play.

Sound and Visual Quality


This is a two-dimensional game, which means that the graphics are simple. The balls are monochrome and range in size from small to large. In addition, the game’s background is softly made with pastel colors. There are no snatches or mistakes in any of the game’s movements. 

Only one type of cannon and three background designs are available in the free edition. For the paid edition, you’ll have additional options, including more than 20 distinct artillery kinds and more than 30 various background designs.

There Are No Sound Effects

There are no sound effects in this game. Instead, you’re limited to two options: no sound or vibration. It’s fine if you’re searching for a few moments of relaxation on the bus, subway, or at the office. However, the lack of sound makes it considerably less appealing.

We’re not sure why, but the game’s creators can include sounds and allow users to mute or change the volume. It is not difficult and can add to the game’s appeal. Also, it will be more attractive for kids. 

The Last Word

Overall, we believe that Ball Blast is a fun game that can be played while you are relaxing or in transit. It is ideal for you to get some downtime between two meetings or lessons. With its colorful balls and wonderful graphics, this game will provide peaceful and enjoyable movements.

This is a game for “everyone,” but it is not a game for professionals. This game is meant to be enjoyable and less challenging. So, if you’re looking for something with better visual experience, this isn’t the game for you. Download the game and enjoy its unlocked features.

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