Bus Simulator 17 Mod Apk 2.0.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money/Gold)

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DeveloperOvidiu Pop
Requires4.1 and Up
Size174 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gold
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Nobody dislikes games that allow users to drive through different roads and view the authentic scenery. Bus Simulator 17 can transport you to any location you desire, simulating the experience of driving a real bus. Wait no longer and give it a try to visualize new places and face new challenges.

When traveling across mountains and deserts, the game gives you enjoyable moments of enjoying the scenic views. Also, it is your responsibility to transport all customers to their destinations safely. You must choose passengers once the bus stops.  

General Information

With so many games available on the App Store these days, it can be challenging to decide which ones are worth your time. But, Bus Simulator 17 is a great game to enjoy. It allows you to take on the role of a bus driver, who drives through congested city streets and transports passengers from one location to another. You can also collect all school-going children via school buses. Lastly, obey the traffic rules once you are on the road. 

Take a seat behind the wheel of a city bus and prepare to take on the role of a genuine bus driver in one of the most captivating simulation games. Bus Simulator 17 is a game for everyone, regardless of age or profession. During the game, while you are getting your passengers from point A to point B, you must take care of the vehicles around you. 

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Have fun driving on the beach, in the mountains, at the airport, or even in space. What’s more, guess what? You can drive various modes of transportation in the game and enjoy the thrilling endeavors. 

You can enjoy the physics and maneuverability in the game. The realistic itineraries based on the city and nation will amaze you. Not only that, but everything, from the rain to the slick roads, headlights, horns, and street lights, appears natural.

Overall Evaluation

Everyone enjoys the game, especially when the details and images are crisp and realistic. Since the gamers enjoy the most challenging roads, different buses and routes and incredible sound effects, the game needs to be updated regularly. Apart from the city center and motorways, they desire to explore diverse regions, like the countryside and the outskirts.

When driving on the highway and dealing with heavy traffic, never take your eyes off the mirrors, especially the rearview mirror. This is because of the dangerous weather conditions, which may impede your driving performance on the road. According to the gamers, the overall game is interesting and addictive; however, it would be more realistic if there was a button to open the doors. 

There are some issues in the game, such as the Cloud saving feature which doesn’t seem to work at times. Because this condition prevents gamers from saving their progress online, the developers must investigate and correct this issue. Last but not least, maps should have been included in the game, especially in snowy locations.

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Currently, there are simulators for trains, trucks, farms, forklifts, and buses. So, why don’t you get Bus Simulator 17 for Android right away! The 17th edition in the long-running series of simulators lets you drive around pre-determined courses with different vehicles. When you drive across various routes, you feel like a real bus driver. On the other hand, all cities are divided into four zones: countryside, industrial, suburban, and central.

Your sole aim is to complete them all and create your personalized routes. Is it intriguing enough for you to investigate further? The game is a driving simulator that doesn’t include police cars or racing adventures. During play, we recommend using various bus models, like articulated coaches, double-decker buses, school buses and others, to get to your destination on time. 

You’ll be able to participate in the online Multiplayer Mode where you can play with friends and other gamers. You can choose from various game types, such as daily missions and free driving. If online play isn’t your thing, there are many offline options, including career mode, free rides, bus company management and route creation. 


The graphics appear to be genuine and good enough for players to demonstrate their driving abilities on the roadways. When you glance inside the bus, you’ll see how well-designed the interiors are. Furthermore, the menu system is designed for ease of use and simplicity, making it simple for players to handle everything from guiding the bus to changing mirrors.


Download and play Bus Simulator 17 Mod Apk without further delay. The best part about this game, according to us, is the layout, which is built so that anyone can enjoy it to the fullest without any difficulty. It’s also ideal for individuals who enjoy driving in the city.

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