Call of Mini Dino Hunter MOD APK 3.2.5 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperTriniti Interactive Studios Limited
Requires4.1 and Up
Size108 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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If you’re a fan of the Jurassic shooter genre, you’ll love this fantastic mobile game by Triniti Interactive Studios Limited. Dive into the game where you’ll be able to take on the dinosaur with ease if you use your trusted guns, reliable equipment, and outstanding skills.

In the game, you’ll face a series of epic Dino hunting challenges while visiting a variety of unique locations. Choose from a range of weapons before unleashing them on the fearsome dinosaurs. In your ultimate Dino challenges, you’ll face off against a variety of enormous creatures.

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The game occurs when huge monsters emerge from the old forests after thousands of years of seclusion. As a descendant of a great hunter family, you find yourself both responsible and motivated to go on a hunt against these fearsome beasts. Not to mention that their heinous acts are beginning to terrorize the rest of the world.

Grab your weaponry and hunter gear and prepare to engage in epic battles with huge creatures. Dive into epic battles with massive bosses, each with its own set of powers and abilities. You can slay the monsters by combining the formidable weaponry you have in your arsenal with your ultimate hunting skills.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Fun Gameplay 

To begin with, shooter enthusiasts will find the game enjoyable due to its well-designed characters and their agility. Players can quickly and casually become acquainted with the exhilarating and enjoyable action. To fully immerse yourself, use the easy touch controls and dramatic combats.

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Pick Up a Variety of Weapons With Different Abilities

The game also has a large weapon collection, with 32 dazzling weaponry for both ranged and melee combat. You’ll find the game to be highly diverse and dynamic because each weapon has its unique qualities and powers. Feel free to utilize these weapons as you progress.

Enjoy Thrilling Boss Battles 

Players in Call of Mini Dino Hunter will have to complete a series of epic dinosaur hunting missions. Defeat nefarious dragons in huge hunting stages, nefarious battle bosses, and more. As you enter into the ultimate shooting experiences, explore and experience amazing action. Plus, with over 24 terrifying enemies to face, the game will never become less difficult as you continue.

Individuals With Specialties

Call of Mini Dino Hunter features a variety of characters that you may choose from. You’ll be able to easily switch your strategies and approach to the game because each of them has their own skills. Choose from five distinct characters and use their talents and abilities to combat various adversaries.

Customize Your Characters 

Explore the extraordinary skills to customize your character as you become completely engrossed in the awesome gameplay. You have the option of selecting from 50 powerful skills to personalize your characters. As you introduce Android gamers to their ultimate Dino shooting games, have fun with each of them.

Your Hunter Journey Will Take You on a Series of Spectacular Quests

Gamers in Call of Mini Dino Hunter will enjoy engaging gameplay with wonderful quests, thanks to the game’s interesting tasks. Take on over 50 different quests with varying levels of difficulty. You’ll begin your ultimate monster hunter challenges here, starting with the smallest monsters and working your way up to the gigantic ones.

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Take On the More Fearsome Dinosaurs

Additionally, the game introduces Android gamers to their extensive dinosaur collection, which includes over 32 different vicious dinosaurs. In thrilling battles, you’ll find yourself pitted against them. You’ll need to utilize the appropriate techniques to cope with these monsters because each dinosaur has distinct qualities, skills, and combat styles.

Make Your Weapons and Enhance Them

The game includes over 50 collectible items that can be used for various purposes. To make your weapons, go to the Forge and use the resources you’ve collected. Alternatively, you can invest in ultimate weapon upgrades to ensure that you have access to the most powerful and capable weapons.

In Co-op Battles, You Can Enjoy the Game With Your Friends

Gamers in Call of Mini Dino Hunter will also have access to the exciting co-op multiplayer mode, which will add to the game’s appeal. Here, you can team up with your friends to fight the adversaries in exciting co-op fights. Have a good time as you form alliances and execute ingenious strategies to defeat your foes.

Earn Special Rewards by Completing Several Achievements

The game also includes over 50 distinct accomplishments to fulfill and special trophies to acquire. Use it whenever you want to boast to your friends. Call of Mini Dino Hunter also allows gamers to obtain their daily awards if they are interested in the goodies. 

It’s Free to Play

Despite having these fantastic features, the game is now available for free on Android smartphones. You can download and install Call of Mini Dino Hunter for free from the Google Play Store.

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With Our Mod, You Can Have Infinite Money

If you find the in-game purchases and advertisements to be restricted, you’ll find our patched version of the game a lot more appealing. You’ll be able to enjoy infinite money, ad-free gameplay, and other benefits with it. It’s as simple as downloading and installing the Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod APK.

Sound and Video Quality


Become thoroughly engrossed in Call of Mini Dino Hunter’s deep and exciting visual experiences, particularly during the combats. Enjoy the stunning visual effects, tremendous explosions, smooth animations. Not to mention that the low-resolution graphics will allow you to enjoy smooth and enjoyable gameplay on your mobile devices.


Along with stunning graphics, the game has powerful and memorable sound effects that will thoroughly immerse you in the game. Immerse yourself in the conflicts while having complete control over every detail.


Fans of Call of Mini Infinity, Call of Mini Zombies 2, and other similar games will undoubtedly enjoy this fantastic shooter, especially those who enjoy dinosaur themes. You’ll have even more reasons to start playing now that the game is unlocked and available for free on our website.

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