Call of Mini Double Shot MOD APK 3.6.2 for Android Users (One hit kill)

Additional Information

DeveloperTriniti Interactive Studios Limited
Requires4.1 and Up
Size81 MB
MOD FeaturesOne hit kill
Updated02 Days Ago
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Triniti Interactive Studios recently released Call of Mini Double Shot, its newest mobile game. With prior versions such as Call of Mini Dino Hunter and Call of Mini Infinity, it is the series of games that made Triniti Interactive Studios renowned.

Players will be able to enter the sweeping fights with zombies who are creating havoc in the city. 

The characters’ potential stats, such as rate of fire, attack power, defense, HP, and dodge, are also available. 

General Information

Each level’s completion will earn you a maximum of three stars based on two criteria: completion time and HP loss. To complete the game, players must progress through three difficulty levels: normal, nightmare, and hell.

The combat in Call of Mini Double Shot differs from those in other games; in that, they follow the standard fighting method. Players will use two virtual levers (dual-stick) to control their character’s movement, and attack in the direction indicated. Gamers can swap between characters in a squad of up to five individuals. Gamers should pass as many levels as possible with a three-star rating. 

The diamonds obtained to unlock characters should not be squandered too quickly. Because the mobile game Call of Mini Double Shot will provide players with five characters while leveling, you should use them to unlock the maximum number of members in the group.

Background Information

You’re an RPG shooting fanatic. You enjoy free shooting modes, as well as side-by-side battles with your colleagues to eliminate the enemy. All of this will be revealed in Call of Mini Double Shot, a highly appealing Zombie shooting game.

When you join the game, you will be transformed into a fortunate hero to survive the worldwide zombie apocalypse. You must fight with your heroic partner against the savage undead to save a life. The world’s population has been transformed into hungry, cold-blooded zombies. 

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You only get two easy pistol stages at the start of the game. Unlock the others by completing missions. Unlike other popular games, Call of Mini Double Shot has a lighthearted feel, with simple but well-polished graphics and outstanding sound and explosive effects. The gaming system is simple to understand. Within a few matches, you can thoroughly influence and combat.

How to Play Call of Mini Double Shot

Call of Mini Double Shot is a zombie-shooting game with awesome 3D graphics, a gripping battlefield, and fully functional weapon upgrades. To defend the town, you’ll need to take up the machine gun and bazooka and battle alongside your friends.

In Call of Mini Double Shot, players must survive in a zombie-infested environment by fighting alongside their teammates, resisting the zombie horde, and surviving. You’re an inexperienced truck driver. If you are trapped inside, you will be forced to kill the zombies to survive. Only you and your partner can track down the root of the virus when faced with a lethal new species of bio-engineered zombies. How long will you be able to fend off the zombies?

You must choose a companion to play this game with. Because the game’s protagonist is based on two players, you and your companion will battle alongside each other. If you don’t choose him, the player will be assigned to a super-weak cop. Encourage your partner to practice and grow stronger otherwise, fighting alone will be extremely difficult.

We can play single-player (with the computer as our comrade-in-arms) or multiplayer with friends. There will be different zombie prey on each stage, and the game’s difficulty will greatly rise to the next level. To create an explosive effect, guide the zombies to the side of the oil barrel and then explode the barrel.

The majority of the game revolves around level increases. Using the map, you can enter the store, connect with your friends, and complete single-player challenge levels. In addition to utilizing gold coins acquired in the game to purchase equipment, you can also purchase skills at the shop. You can also buy new guns with money through upgrades and receive star-level achievements and extra money after completing different levels. 

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Overall Evaluations

Call of Mini, the signature work of game developer Trinity, has received great feedback from iOS and Android users. People were impressed by the game’s operations, exciting action, and violent and dynamic fight displays.

Although the level scene is adequate, it contributes to the game’s intense mood. The best way to describe the sound effects in this game is “basic yet not simple.” Just a few tiny melodies can drive the players’ emotions without spectacular background music.

Players are kept motivated by a range of weapons, costumes, and unique abilities throughout the game. Single-player gameplay is enhanced by mission battles, survival battles, and resource clashes. Finally, excellent control is the only way to ensure success. The game uses a seamless dual virtual joystick control option, with the left side moving and the right side shooting. 

You can hire a shooter to accompany you around the game, assist you with shooting, and block shots for you. The back-to-back fighting style is reminiscent of a gunfire scene from a movie. Call of Mini Double Shot takes the best parts of the Call of Mini trilogy and adds fresh gameplay to the mix, making it a worthwhile experience. This series stands out for its excellent control, high-quality graphics and sound effects, and diverse game material.

Alternatives to Consider

Mini Dino Hunter’s Call

Triniti Interactive Studio, the popular Call of Mini series creator, has released Call of Mini Dino Hunter for Android, a dinosaur shooting game with appealing aspects. It will be difficult to leave the game once you begin the battle with its unique aesthetics, appealing gameplay, and various leveling system.

Mini’s Call Dino Hunter is a popular action shooter game from the Call of Mini Series. To destroy all of the savage dinosaurs, you will have to use all available weapons and talents and combine defense and attack. As a descendant of a prestigious hunting family, you always hon your talents to meet your father’s expectations. Download Call of Mini Dino Hunter to become a dinosaur hunter and face off 30 terrible dinosaurs.

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Over 20 different types of weaponry are available in the game. There are countless levels, weapons, armor, and upgrades in Call of Mini Dino Hunter. Players will receive a bonus for checking into the game every day and completing particular missions, in addition to the main goal.

You can upgrade your weapons and equipment or purchase new ones with the money and items you earn after completing missions. Hunting by yourself will not be as enjoyable as hunting with a group. So don’t miss out on the fun Co-op mode. Experience exceptional hunting adventures by teaming up with friends or players from all over the world.

Mini Infinity’s Call

Call of Mini Infinity is a shooting game in which your job is to travel to the future and combat aliens to protect the planet Caron. Players in Call of Mini Infinity are placed in a difficult situation. Humans have discovered a new planet, Caron, but they must contend with other aliens attempting to annex it. You and your friends will form a team, offer support, and collaborate in the war against bombs and storms on the battlefield.

Shooting ability and the potency of modern weaponry are both important aspects of winning and surviving in this game. Each team will be distinguished by two colors: blue or red. Each stage includes unique duties such as planting bombs on enemy bases and defending against waves of enemy attacks. 


On the iOS platform, there are far too many shooting games where you can massacre zombies like crazy. The Call of Mini Double Shot Mod Apk has been reviewed. Aside from the stunning graphics and weapons, we can also play this game with our friends. There are almost 500 levels to complete, each with its own set of difficulties and thrills. Download it now and enjoy its unlocked features.

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