Free Call of Mini Infinity 2.6 for Android Users (MOD Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperTriniti Interactive Ltd
Requires4.1 and up
Size14.2 MB + 88.1 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated3 Days Ago
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Assist your comrades in battling the dangerous aliens in this huge interplanetary shooting game. Land your army on a new planet in space, begin constructing bases and defend against enemy attacks.

Pick up your favorite weapons and unleash deadly shots toward the adversaries in this unique and “cute” shooter game. Unlock unique benefits and equipment that will give you an edge over your opponents and make use of them to assist you in achieving your goals.

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The game is set in the distant future when humanity has advanced to unimaginable technological levels. This provides us with the ability to explore the universe while also live a happy life. However, it creates a great deal of strain on our planet, which has suffered due to unending industrial activity.

This necessitates humanity’s search for a new home, where we can re-establish our population. Fortunately, around 35 years ago, an exploration fleet discovered and located Caron, a new planet with similar living circumstances to Earth. As a result, a re-inhabitation plan has been devised to relocate to our new planet promptly.

However, there are many difficulties which we will have to face. Even though the planet is still young and lacks life, many aliens regard it as their fantasy world. As a result, an interplanetary conflict erupts between civilizations. 

Your mission as the leader of the expedition army from Earth is straightforward: establish your headquarters, strengthen your fortifications, and conquer the planet. To launch our re-inhabitation plan, we must gain control of the entire globe.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features:

Play a Fun 3d Shooting Game

It’s been a long time since Android gamers have had access to such a fun 3D shooter experience. Call of Mini Infinity, on the other hand, introduces you to all the intriguing aspects of classic shooter games and more. Once you’re in, the seamless and engaging gameplay, as well as addictive game modes, make it nearly impossible to put your phone down.

Battles That Are Thrilling and Exciting

In Call of Mini Infinity, you’ll be engaged in thrilling combat. Thanks to the smooth and convenient touch controls, you can wander about and strike down your foes with your potent weaponry. As you fight your way across the planet, you’ll face a variety of alien foes.

There Are Dozens of Various Weapons, Each With Its Own Set of Abilities

Android gamers have access to one of the future’s most incredible weapons. You can utilize it to eliminate your foes with ease. Each weapon has its own set of abilities and uses that you can cater to while fighting off aliens and other species. 

Gears and Equipment That Will Aid You in Dealing With the Enemy

The game presents a plethora of useful gear and equipment for heroes in Call of Mini Infinity. You’ll find these incredible pieces of gear quite useful, especially when dealing with formidable opponents. They’ll provide you with undeniable advantages over opponents at your level.

Take Advantage of Your Special Abilities and Skills to Defeat Your Foes

In addition to your weapon and equipment collection, Call of Mini Infinity allows players to use each hero’s unique powers to aid them in battle. With a wide range of abilities, you’re free to choose the ideal heroes for your needs. You can also discover new skills, which will provide you and your team with incredible buffs while fighting. Choose extraordinary abilities to learn and tailor your combat style. 

Multiple Maps for Different Game Situations

During the game, your army will get trapped in many battlefields across the planet as you spend time exploring and fighting alien opponents. You can compete against them on a range of various maps, each with its own set of terrains and landscapes. 

Participate in Fascinating Co-op Missions With Your Friends 

Call of Mini Infinity allows players to participate in fun multiplayer co-op missions with friends. You can team up and take on more tough challenges. As you go, you’ll be attacked by hordes of alien soldiers and their bosses.

Compete Against Players From All Over the World in Spectacular Online Battles

If you wish to take online challenges, you can compete against Internet gamers from across the world. In it, you’ll face off against the best shooters in real-time PvP shooting gameplay. Enjoy seamless and engaging shooter challenges.

Take On the Guild’s Addicting Challenges

Call of Mini Infinity includes addicting Guild gameplay, which allows you to join a current guild or establish your own. Here, you can form your ultimate Guild with incredible companions, and you’ll have the power to conquer the entire planet as a group. As you progressively establish your reputation as the best Guild in the world, take on fascinating challenges.

With Our Mod, You’ll Be Able to Play the Game Entirely Unlocked

Have our mod installed on your Android devices if you wish to have complete control over the game. Download our Call of Mini Infinity Mod APK from our website and follow the on-screen instructions to install it properly on your devices. You can then have unlimited money and accessories.

Video and Sound Quality


The game introduces players to a rather inviting graphic style with the soldiers. Furthermore, the engaging combats do not contain excessive brutality, making the game more appropriate for all ages. Most importantly, while Call of Mini Infinity boasts excellent 3D graphics and stunning visual effects, it is also quite light on resources, making it suitable for gamers with low-end devices.


Call of Mini Infinity provides gamers with authentic and exciting shooter experiences that are rarely found on other mobile devices, thanks to its powerful and accurate sound effects. Furthermore, the fantastic soundtracks will keep you engrossed in the game for hours.

Install the Call of Mini Infinity Apk With Obb Data File on Your Smartphone, but Do Not Start the App.

/SDCARD/Android/obb/ Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/ Make sure the file is in the folder.

Restart the game if necessary. Enjoy!

Download the Newest 2.6 Android Apk for Call of Mini Infinity

If you’re tired of the same old 3D shooter games on the market, or if you’re looking for something fresh to play alongside your favorite games, Call of Mini Infinity is a perfect alternative. You will not be disappointed by the addicting combats, flawless controls, and in-depth gameplay to explore.

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